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Hi beautiful! Come learn about all things hair and watch me react to some epic hair dye fails!

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I'm Moving To LA... Maybe

I'm Moving To LA... Maybe

Пре 2 дана

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  1. Candy Cristobal

    Candy CristobalПре 23 сата

    I live in LA, I think I would like to move to NY after watching this video lol

  2. Caroline Paulson

    Caroline PaulsonПре 23 сата he tippsy?

  3. MsEyelinered

    MsEyelineredПре 23 сата

    Brad, there are so many places you could live. Like there are so many cool cities in America with people with unique style and they aren’t in LA. There’s places with nature and places with urban life. Like why are NYC and LA the only choices? LA is a cesspool rn, the centrality of celebrity/Hollywood/“being famous” culture eats people alive, go anywhere else. Your soul is worth more than that. Speaking as a Californian, lived in LA for a long time.

  4. M A R I A N E L A

    M A R I A N E L AПре 23 сата

    Loved this video 😍

  5. Shannon Zurbrugg

    Shannon ZurbruggПре 23 сата

    It would be awesome to have you here

  6. nismo510

    nismo510Пре 23 сата

    Worst timing ever the city is falling apart and everyone is leaving. Try Arizona it's the new California.

  7. Sunshine M.

    Sunshine M.Пре 23 сата

    I have seen other creators, the real ones who always stayed true to themselves, move to LA because that's where everything is, it's where everyone goes. Right? Wrong. It's fun for some people, but I've seen how it can take a genuine, passionate person and apply such pressure to be like "popular influencers" that their mental health suffers. As a result, they aren't able to maintain the schedule they had or even lose passion for their art. Moved to LA and got smothered by it. It's incredibly sad.

  8. __awe_dree__

    __awe_dree__Пре 23 сата

    Right when I’m moving to NY. Okayyy I see u sis 👀

  9. Vanessa Lockhart

    Vanessa LockhartПре 23 сата

    WTF is this? Scene? Huh?

  10. Ginny Jones

    Ginny JonesПре 23 сата

    He needs to host a new make over model show!

  11. Talia Shakur

    Talia ShakurПре 23 сата

    And first of all .. you know you just need to stay in NYC bc we curse a lot 😭😭 no one else would understand it’s just our thinggg

  12. Talia Shakur

    Talia ShakurПре 23 сата

    You better nottttt. Stay stay stay in NYC pleaseeee! If you want to go over there to stay a while in LA fine 🙄 but we need you hereee in NYC!! Who would we be able to go to when we need our hair slayed!

  13. Wolf Tempt

    Wolf TemptПре 23 сата

    you should be a pastor that hyped me up

  14. Kirby Kreates

    Kirby KreatesПре 23 сата

    Why don’t you live half the year in LA and half the year in NY? Maybe rent out ur place in LA when ur not there? Idk 🤷‍♀️

  15. anaïs kmayal

    anaïs kmayalПре 23 сата


  16. Ginger Snaps

    Ginger SnapsПре 23 сата

    Oh my God, I would be so excited if you lived in California! You have to do meet and greets! I would travel from the Bay Area to see you! PS if you want to see some fashion I would check out San Francisco! It’s not New York but it definitely is not LA either

  17. Kayla Walker

    Kayla WalkerПре 23 сата

    Theres so so so many neighborhoods in LA all w different vibes so if you get bored in one you can always try another

  18. blackrosebeuty1

    blackrosebeuty1Пре 23 сата

    Hey Brad can you do a wash and go video the girls SLAY IT 😁

  19. Ashley N Harof

    Ashley N HarofПре 23 сата

    I wish you would blog more, very entertaining

  20. Connie Cruz

    Connie CruzПре 23 сата

    Can you do blue shampoo and 20vol developer to tone?

  21. La Cg

    La CgПре 23 сата

    Lmao as a NYer I can totally attest to being a walker! I can walk from Upper west Side to LES no problem, or even walk Midtown to Queens. Girl we PUMP! Get out of our way.

  22. Turshie Time

    Turshie TimeПре 23 сата

    You both are so adorable and funny! Love it!

  23. Vanshika Khatri

    Vanshika KhatriПре 23 сата

    Brad Mondo vlogging is everything ❤

  24. Jade Surber

    Jade SurberПре 23 сата


  25. dominick lucido

    dominick lucidoПре 23 сата

    You're going to start posting videos on mushrooms like "the world is yours. Manifest it." LA Baby


    JEILYN GONZALEZПре 23 сата


  27. StephDuddy

    StephDuddyПре 23 сата

    I would be bi coastal. Now that's living

  28. cooper starr

    cooper starrПре 23 сата

    Do I need to remind you that you are a New Englander? We are suited to life on the East coast and have a duty to carry on our culture😉

  29. Stella K

    Stella KПре 23 сата

    Tempted to recommend San Diego instead... except we have even less to do aside from the beach

  30. jaclyn weber

    jaclyn weberПре 23 сата

    Don't move to LA, it's got tons of fires meaning breathing is hard and with the droughts they are experiencing lately it's only going to get worse. If you move to our west coast move to Seattle. You got the best of everything in Seattle and it hasn't rained like it use to in years.

  31. Aurelie Kopakonan

    Aurelie KopakonanПре 23 сата

    I just got babylights and I hate them. Wish this had appeared sooner in my life.

  32. dominick lucido

    dominick lucidoПре 23 сата

    You're going to start listening to Chris Lake and reading tarot. No doubt.

  33. Arynn Day

    Arynn DayПре 23 сата

    Charlie seems so chill talking about funny things and she is just like seems not sarcastic when I think she is being sarcastic How many agree 👇

  34. Tania Quezada

    Tania QuezadaПре 23 сата

    Living for these vlogs 😻

  35. Yami Yugi

    Yami YugiПре 23 сата

    Everyone in LA seems to turn awful and I hear it’s toxic being there so idk if it’s a good idea.. Do what your heart tells you though 💜

  36. Nichole Haddon

    Nichole HaddonПре 23 сата

    Yeah... I equate hair hacks to those fake cooking hacks. And as for ironing your hair? It's what they did in the 70's. Mom got really good at doing that for her sisters.

  37. Denise Fenstermacher

    Denise FenstermacherПре 23 сата

    Brads pros and cons list is hilarious. I cant......

  38. Wilma Pagan

    Wilma PaganПре 23 сата

    Stay in New York love! ❤️

  39. Tia Rose

    Tia RoseПре 23 сата

    Dont do it

  40. dominick lucido

    dominick lucidoПре 23 сата

    I live in Belmont it's the runyon of the bay area hahaha Hella mansions windy roads. But it's the bay AND I'm not in SF :)

  41. sans

    sansПре 23 сата


  42. Laura Rosa

    Laura RosaПре 23 сата

    Live in LA during the cold months of New York.. best of both 🌍 !

  43. Alpha

    AlphaПре 23 сата

    Unselfish me: If you’re happy, I’m happy Brad☺️ Selfish me: NOO, DON’T LEAVE US BRADD!!! US IN THE EAST COAST WILL MISS YOUUU!!!

  44. Crystal Telix

    Crystal TelixПре 23 сата

    On your next visit to LA , go to Six Flags!!! Way better rides than Universal.

  45. MandiBoo XO

    MandiBoo XOПре 23 сата

    Love this content. Seeing you guys enjoy life!

  46. Gia Dixon

    Gia DixonПре 23 сата

    Me here in LA: One of us. One of us.

  47. Queen of Tentacles

    Queen of TentaclesПре 23 сата

    I lived in LA for years and haaaaated Runyon Canyon 😭 all my friends would drag us up there every weekend and it was hot and gross and smoggy every time. So overrated IMO.

  48. Peyton

    PeytonПре 23 сата

    i cant tell my skin tone because i am a living freckle

  49. Crystal Telix

    Crystal TelixПре 23 сата

    As a Los Angeles native, I feel attacked by your cons list. 😂

  50. Andrea Jackson

    Andrea JacksonПре 23 сата

    I hope you get your own reality show…. Manifesting for you boo

  51. Jasmine Roybal

    Jasmine RoybalПре 23 сата

    I You have to dye colleens hair purple while you’re in LA‼️‼️‼️ She barely seen your message and thought it was awkward to reply after so long!

  52. Angie R.

    Angie R.Пре 23 сата

    Explore every opportunity because you only live once. Just do what’s right for you and stay fabulous! ❤️

  53. Twiggy ZigZag

    Twiggy ZigZagПре 23 сата

    You're the NY king and can't leave! (Atleast not full time)

  54. Noelle Ledford

    Noelle LedfordПре 23 сата

    LA is NOT worth it

  55. Jordan Kalla

    Jordan KallaПре дан

    Please be friends with jeffree star


    JENNIFERПре дан

    “people think you’re weird if you walk” LMAO

  57. lackeyreader

    lackeyreaderПре дан

    How about Seattle? I love Seattle

  58. ceddi spaghetti

    ceddi spaghettiПре дан

    I don't think you will be happy in LA; and I need you to be happy so you make videos that make me happy.

  59. Brea Jones

    Brea JonesПре дан

    “OMG am I being mean?” Brad I love you! You know your craft!!

  60. the girl with the sun in her head

    the girl with the sun in her headПре дан

    you would have to bribe me with a large sum of money and still carry me out kicking and screaming, to get me to move out of NYC.

  61. Nancy Andrews

    Nancy AndrewsПре дан

    No. Don't do it. Every youtuber I follow, big and small, who moved to LA had like one year of good experiences, then it sucked, and every last one of them has moved somewhere else.

  62. Rayna Berg

    Rayna BergПре дан

    You need to vlog more for sure. Love you sis!

  63. Genevieve Young

    Genevieve YoungПре дан

    Eric looks a lot like Jonathan Groff!

  64. sarah stepp

    sarah steppПре дан

    Isn’t that your brother lol

  65. Jamie Sharpe Goforth

    Jamie Sharpe GoforthПре дан

    I would give the world to move to NY!

  66. Kathleen M

    Kathleen MПре дан

    Check out Florida in the Miami area. I think that would be great for you. Lots of energy, warm, culture, and talent. It would be fun.

  67. The Fan Of Music

    The Fan Of MusicПре дан


  68. Dr. Simple Beauty 300

    Dr. Simple Beauty 300Пре дан

    Us natives hate the revolving door of people who just add to the traffic and obnoxious energy they bring because they think they’ve somehow “made it” anyway. Be bi-costal Brad….LIVE in NY and do business/fun sometimes here.

  69. Maple H

    Maple HПре дан

    I LOVED this vlog! Brad, don’t listen to anybody but yourself when it comes to where you want to live. I’ve lived in D.C, Texas, Missouri, Utah, Las Vegas, and now Florida and I’m still not sure where “home” is. We have legs for a reason, so we can move! Do what feels right. We all want the best for you! ❤️

  70. Kevin JEWELL

    Kevin JEWELLПре дан

    I had to make the same choice 35 years ago but in my case it was Paris or LA...the options were basically Haute Couture or film and videos fashion...I went for Paris and never regretted it until the dead of if you can try LA from January to May it is glorious to be in the sun in the dead of winter reigns in London/Paris/NYC ,then hit the city for springtime...You cannot leave NY from Halloween through Christmas, it is the best place on earth!!! But constant driving in LA where as I can walk out my door, go two blocks and take the best subway system in the world in Paris or catch a taxi, everything is LA you spend half your life driving ANYWHERE.

  71. Stacey A

    Stacey AПре дан

    Beautiful stay in NYC, besides Hyram will need you 😋


    JENNIFERПре дан

    “we did it joe”

  73. Jason Z

    Jason ZПре дан

    Stay in NY!!!

  74. Bread Bread

    Bread BreadПре дан

    Sread the word about god

  75. Bora Maloti

    Bora MalotiПре дан

    brad dont leave us in nyc plsssss

  76. Emily L

    Emily LПре дан

    Ok you and Eric reviewing your lunch was so cute!

  77. Imani Coleman

    Imani ColemanПре дан

    Definitely both. And what people fail to realize is most people don’t live in the city of Los Angeles but rather nearby cities

  78. Tasneem Pandor

    Tasneem PandorПре дан

    So, i got a layered haircut last week at the hair salon, but first thing tomorrow morning after I wash my hair I will be putting it in a pony on the top of my head to see if it's a straight line as i wanted a shaggy/layered haircut!

  79. LMB

    LMBПре дан

    Those sunglasses you had on in the car!! ❤️

  80. Modern daria

    Modern dariaПре дан

    Noo miami is the next l.a!!