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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo

Hi beautiful! Come learn about all things hair and watch me react to some epic hair dye fails!

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Is Your Water Damaging Your Hair?
  1. Abi Tee

    Abi TeeПре 10 сати

    4th member of Green Day???

  2. Elina Bunce

    Elina BunceПре 10 сати

    im cool to all queations :)))

  3. Stephanee Kammer

    Stephanee KammerПре 10 сати

    I saw a soccer mom with her hair like this the other day, and wondered if this hair-do was back in style. Guess so lol. I remember the day when everyone dyed their hair blonde with brown underneath, and I was not willing to fit in or bleach my hair. Kept my hair brown and dyed the under blonde. HA! Everyone ended up making fun of me but honey I stood out from the crowd and I loved it :)

  4. Helena Dohm - IG fugiprascolinas

    Helena Dohm - IG fugiprascolinasПре 10 сати

    Hahaha i've got underlayer hair and yep I studied a lot of the process before, including yours so I could do mine 😂

  5. Wizards_ Ducky

    Wizards_ DuckyПре 10 сати

    I'm sorry but why does brad now have a bokuto type of hairstyle???

  6. Ayati Subandh

    Ayati SubandhПре 10 сати

    he looks like damon salvatore from tvd change my mind

  7. Cain XVII

    Cain XVIIПре 10 сати

    I feel like Brad has gotten a LOT nicer. That last girl's end result would never have been accepted a year ago

  8. SiennaSaurus

    SiennaSaurusПре 10 сати

    Brad is so annoying and judgy

  9. Melissa Morris

    Melissa MorrisПре 10 сати

    You actually look like Jim Carrey s Riddler character in batman 😍😍😍

  10. Olga Andreyeva

    Olga AndreyevaПре 10 сати

    that was very entertaining, thank you xD

  11. Angel Nichols

    Angel NicholsПре 10 сати

    brad you should do a hair war

  12. ashley giles

    ashley gilesПре 10 сати

    Yea but native American heritage is all about the long hair

  13. Melissa Thomas

    Melissa ThomasПре 10 сати

    Brad looks like he's playing the part of an inmate in an insane asylum, lol

  14. Miss Kiff

    Miss KiffПре 10 сати

    Brads reactions are the best

  15. SiennaSaurus

    SiennaSaurusПре 10 сати

    I hate kelly and tyra because models aren’t supposed to be shouted at even tho they had a decision tf and fuck social media

  16. Clara-Ines Flores

    Clara-Ines FloresПре 10 сати

    wait if you see in the first video there is sound but it is muted lol

  17. Bubbles

    BubblesПре 10 сати

    First girl is a damn pro. At least by my standards.

  18. Randomness by Sydney

    Randomness by SydneyПре 10 сати

    Sir I have to say your eyeliner is *chefs kiss*

  19. Janine Ford

    Janine FordПре 10 сати

    I so love brad sorry about your pops you are doing a great job in your life more videos with your brother you guys crack me the fuck up sending love to Janine

  20. Romina 10

    Romina 10Пре 10 сати

    you look like the queen of hearts

  21. Bubbles

    BubblesПре 10 сати

    Man chunky highlights with black under hair was my jammmm in early 2000's

  22. Nicole Wilk

    Nicole WilkПре 10 сати

    this video made me so happy everyone knew what they were doing good job brad

  23. Eszter Tóth

    Eszter TóthПре 10 сати

    You look like a mad scientist space astronaut. lol

  24. alliah cortinas

    alliah cortinasПре 10 сати

    not me bleaching the under layer of my hair and then seeing this..

  25. April Smith

    April SmithПре 10 сати

    OMG girl 2 looks like a punk baby Madonna in an awesome way

  26. Crystal Snow

    Crystal SnowПре 10 сати

    Brad you should react to Edvasian destroying his hair by bleaching it but somehow it always looks really good

  27. Noah Szabo

    Noah SzaboПре 10 сати

    nobody: brad mundo letting tendo do his hair:

  28. Dana Walli

    Dana WalliПре 10 сати

    why the *Fok* do these teenagers do their make up better than any professional makeupartist. WTFFF!? in their age I just wore a fkng eyeliner

  29. Jennifer Muñoz

    Jennifer MuñozПре 10 сати


  30. Lupe Crux

    Lupe CruxПре 10 сати

    Brad you look like Jim Carrey as the Riddler from Batman, please wear green next week

  31. Asahi Azumane

    Asahi AzumaneПре 10 сати

    Brad looks like Tendo!

  32. destine blane

    destine blaneПре 10 сати


  33. merel janssen

    merel janssenПре 10 сати

    I love the IT vibe btw

  34. KenzieHurlock

    KenzieHurlockПре 11 сати

    I'm honestly so jealous girls who have naturally dark hair because they can easily pull of dark to light looks. Sure my hair lightens fast, but when I color it dark the light roots coming in look bad.

  35. meghan7474

    meghan7474Пре 11 сати

    You look like if Proto Zoa from Zenon was wearing a straight jacket in a loony bin in space 😂 But it’s a look!

  36. Nicki Nova

    Nicki NovaПре 11 сати

    I love watching you videos. I went from black and green to light orange and pink within 5 days and used all the things I learned from you.

  37. mc valentine

    mc valentineПре 11 сати


  38. Lisa G

    Lisa GПре 11 сати

    Dear Brad Mondo, your videos are soooooo fun and entertaining and soooo educational. I’ve learned so much and enjoy your videos more than anything else youtube thinks I want to watch lolll I’m dying to try try your purple dye, I wish it was around when I used to do dye underneath my hair bright colors all the time. I bleached it til it was gray and it fell out 🤣🤣 If these videos were around back then that would not have happened! Oh well! Love youuuu!!!

  39. merel janssen

    merel janssenПре 11 сати

    I did blonde on top and black on the bottom. Like a weird cruella, this was in 2014. Everyone loved it but now I work in court and I can't really mess with my hair anymore so sad

  40. Stella

    StellaПре 11 сати

    living for the clown hair vibes

  41. Katji Romero

    Katji RomeroПре 11 сати

    My idea of horror: Freddy, Jason, and Michael with a bag of chainsaws. Brad: omg block dying! I can't look!!

  42. Staci Lyn

    Staci LynПре 11 сати

    Brad's giving me Keith Ledger's Joker vibes here

  43. # 774

    # 774Пре 11 сати

    Red for palestine we love to see it 😍😍

  44. Gina Luster

    Gina LusterПре 11 сати

    The issue I have is that the roller doesn't stay tight against the head..... It's so frustrating.

  45. Julianne Dionisio

    Julianne DionisioПре 11 сати

    i wish brad would talk about asian hair more. Cause 20 vol. makes me look like an ompa lompa so i use 30/40 vol. (dont judge it what works for me and my hair is not damaged 😝)

  46. tannaz taba

    tannaz tabaПре 11 сати

    your eyelinerrrr😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. V-vetta Vetta

    V-vetta VettaПре 11 сати

    I have a question! Sooo my hair is platinum blonde but my roots are coming in and I kinda wanna dye the top black but I don't wanna put a permanent dye on incase I wanna bleach again. Soooooo is there a decent brand that I can use that will wash out without filling the hair >_< so WHEN I bleach again it's not a disaster lol

  48. N H

    N HПре 11 сати

    #freepalestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  49. sabinaxo

    sabinaxoПре 11 сати

    Brad serving Wolverine vibes with this hairstyle today

  50. Leslie M

    Leslie MПре 11 сати

    I remember when this was called the peekaboo lol

  51. KenzieHurlock

    KenzieHurlockПре 11 сати

    One thing that drives me nuts is so many people think toner is universal, it's not. I always ask them what level if blonde they are wanting before making a recommendation.

  52. Rhianne Barnsley

    Rhianne BarnsleyПре 11 сати

    All these girls every time without fail: ohhh noo I hope Brad mondo doesn’t seeee thissss and react to itttt 👀🥺👀

  53. KenzieHurlock

    KenzieHurlockПре 11 сати

    I did this to my hair. Black on top and a purple to blue melt underneath

  54. Madelaine Sjostrom

    Madelaine SjostromПре 11 сати

    11:15 OMG! I am in love! The satin needs to be steamed, but it is so classic, like a greek goddess!!

  55. Madelaine Sjostrom

    Madelaine SjostromПре 11 сати

    8:55 The two piece is so cute! You look like Princess Repunzel! You should trade it in for a larger skirt, though the top fits really well!

  56. Ashlee Jackson

    Ashlee JacksonПре 11 сати

    The robot moment 😂❤️

  57. Alexandra Delbaere

    Alexandra DelbaereПре 11 сати

    Am I the only one who thinks Brad looks and acts as an exact copy of Caesar Flickerman from The Hunger Games? The laughing in the beginning!!

  58. Garance M

    Garance MПре 11 сати

    you look like a pokemon villain and i'm living for it

  59. Fair Strife

    Fair StrifeПре 11 сати

    You have to take a lot of care to maintain your dreads. She has *mold*. Probably never even washed her hair. Her hair was more matted than locked. Let's not even go over the cultural ties locks have since nobody wants to ever talk about that 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  60. Em M

    Em MПре 11 сати

    Your hair today is giving me will Ferrell zoolander vibes and I kinda dig it on you 😏

  61. Pandia 427

    Pandia 427Пре 11 сати

    I have fluffy wavy hair and I use a diffuser, a curl cream, light styling spray, and some argon oil. 😚

  62. Sarah Wendel

    Sarah WendelПре 11 сати

    Ooooo we're giving the mayor from The Grinch vibes today

  63. C Lenzen

    C LenzenПре 11 сати

    I always love that rainbow and black color abstract ✨

  64. Ana Mark

    Ana MarkПре 11 сати

    I thought I messed up big time but it looks pretty decent after drying! That was a real good guide ❤

  65. sherylann0508

    sherylann0508Пре 11 сати

    I wanna see Brad in 2160p

  66. Cherry Crush

    Cherry CrushПре 11 сати

    You can add turmeric to get yellow and get more dimensions to your color.

  67. Beverly Blossom

    Beverly BlossomПре 11 сати

    My moms hair turned out perfect! Thx😘🥰

  68. Claire Brown

    Claire BrownПре 11 сати

    "AND HERE IS YOUR BRAD MONDO AWARD FOR THE BEST" Bleaching Hair sectioning Home fringe cut Toning Bright colours From dark to light From light to dark Rainbow colours *please add more categories * BRAD MONDO AWARDS SHOULD REALLY EXSIST!!

  69. Akiyu Choedon Rusar

    Akiyu Choedon RusarПре 11 сати

    Yesterday was my birthday and I was so happy when this uploaded :) My parents got me XMONDO hair dye and my hair turned out AMAZING! I dyed it green and I can't stop looking at myself. The quality is undeniable and i wanted to say, thank you Brad Mondo for lighting up my day 😁

  70. Christa Datwyler

    Christa DatwylerПре 11 сати

    Hunger Games extra!

  71. Melinda Valle

    Melinda ValleПре 11 сати


  72. *Sofa_the_Soap *

    *Sofa_the_Soap *Пре 11 сати

    Isn’t anyone going talk abt the fact that Brad kinda looks like Satori Tendou👀

  73. K'la Beth

    K'la BethПре 11 сати

    Absolutely love your intros, you sure make a girl feel good about herself, which isn't often! Love you Brad!❤

  74. K-LEE

    K-LEEПре 11 сати

    Wow that first girl did such an amazing job , she should be a hairdresser 👌😊

  75. Anouk

    AnoukПре 11 сати

    bestie this EYELINERRRRR

  76. BabyBlueSteel13

    BabyBlueSteel13Пре 11 сати

    Poor girl need new friends! This seemed like a joke to them. No idea why she would trust a bunch of teenagers to BLEACH her Black hair!

  77. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonПре 11 сати

    The last woman had every right to walk out without paying. Actually, they all did. But that last one was absolutely horrendous. We need to out those people out of business. Brad should fix their hair, but NEVER GO TO THE WORST RATED HAIR SALON! It's NOT worth the outcome just for a damn video!

  78. Nandini Shrivastava

    Nandini ShrivastavaПре 11 сати

    Well at least someone called me beautiful but if he saw me in real life even he would call me ugly 😂

  79. Rose-Marie Lundholm

    Rose-Marie LundholmПре 11 сати

    I think this hair style looks like Pennywise /The queen of red hearts which actually are both villans so maybe that's why you think you also look like a villan hahaha

  80. Caterina Cere

    Caterina CereПре 11 сати