Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo

Hi beautiful! Come learn about all things hair and watch me react to some epic hair dye fails!

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  1. Claire H

    Claire HПре 9 сати

    Brad, where do you go when you walk away for your intro?

  2. Nicole Lockwood

    Nicole LockwoodПре 9 сати

    It’s crazy how much her hair looked like ramen

  3. H S

    H SПре 9 сати

    Ahhh thanksss❤️❤️❤️

  4. Rainbow Bea

    Rainbow BeaПре 9 сати

    Brad gives me serious Kurt Hummel vibes!

  5. Susanna L

    Susanna LПре 9 сати

    Okay ... wait.. Delivery to Finland or Denmark? Can you only get this from your website or is there somewhere else I can get it (like European webpage)? I feel like I almost have to try this.

  6. Ashley Tapp

    Ashley TappПре 9 сати

    I followed this tutorial and it actually worked! I am surprised and so happy that it turned out so great :)))

  7. Moni ka

    Moni kaПре 9 сати

    don‘t scrunch my hair in a towel 🥺

  8. Rachel Gonzalez

    Rachel GonzalezПре 9 сати

    I got so excited to see these results! I ran so fast. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ Wavetech is currently sold out. 😢😢

  9. Skylar Russell

    Skylar RussellПре 9 сати

    I got one for Christmas prior to ever seeing or knowing about TikTok videos using this product. This brush has quite literally changed my hair game forever. Would HIGHLY reccomend

  10. R B

    R BПре 9 сати

    for first girl, that guy saw her intention was to film and make nasty faces at him. good for him for fuckin her up lol

  11. 3mutable6air9

    3mutable6air9Пре 9 сати

    I don’t know I get really annoyed at people who are just so mindless and chaotic when they do their hair. Like... why? It’s your hair, at least TRY ffs. That first girl is just so ugh. Get a grip!!!

  12. Ginger

    GingerПре 10 сати

    The one time Brad didn’t LOVE the mullet 😂

  13. Meg Michelli

    Meg MichelliПре 10 сати

    Splat hair dye and bleach was the WORST experience of my life. I gasped when she pulled that out LMAO

  14. J. Strömberg

    J. StrömbergПре 10 сати

    Now why did I get an AD for at home color on this- literally a woman saying "I always dye my hair at home, it makes for such a glossy and healthy looking hair!" Like- yea it was brown dye... but like? I'm not sure this is... the place?

  15. shayne elizabeth

    shayne elizabethПре 10 сати

    He’s working that sweatshirt so hard it’s fucking hilarious.

  16. Alanna

    AlannaПре 10 сати

    Trying to break the habit of washing your hair everyday is rough. I felt like a junkie waiting for my next hit of shampoo while my hair was transitioning.

  17. dumpling ୨୧

    dumpling ୨୧Пре 10 сати


  18. Kayla Enstad

    Kayla EnstadПре 10 сати

    2021 that definitely looks like a face shield 😂

  19. Stephy Curlsss

    Stephy CurlsssПре 10 сати

    All girls atm- I’m not too bothered about the video I know it’s going to be good because BRAD MONDO REACTED TO IT 🤪❤️

  20. Becca S80

    Becca S80Пре 10 сати

    Try leave in conditioner... I use aussie and tresame... please let me know which one you believe does the best... my hair touches my butt so leave in conditioner are my life...

  21. Krutika

    KrutikaПре 10 сати

    He looks like gay version of damon Salvatore

  22. Breanna Fikes

    Breanna FikesПре 10 сати

    I have this and I love it, it works wonders on my hair!

  23. Xena Bogdan

    Xena BogdanПре 10 сати

    I’ve had mine for over a year and I will never use a blow dryer again

  24. Camryn Shelton

    Camryn SheltonПре 10 сати

    The title of this video was shortened before I clicked on it, it said “Hairdresser reacts to people dying” 😂😂

  25. jeonggukies my hero academia

    jeonggukies my hero academiaПре 10 сати

    disturbia: just dance 4

  26. NikNiks

    NikNiksПре 10 сати

    Jasmine looks like Solange. And she has the beautiful long hair. I have hair just like hers I wish it would grow that long. I agree with Brad I hardly do my own hair because it takes so long I wash it once a month.

  27. Dez Howard

    Dez HowardПре 10 сати

    Brad i am black and i don't now if this is going to work on my hair i mean i have red and brown hair but pls tell me uf it is going to work on my hair Love you thx

  28. Karla Hurni Christensen

    Karla Hurni ChristensenПре 10 сати

    Me thinking “i don’t Wang a garden in my hair” mondo “I KNOW YOU ALL WANNA HAVE A GARDEN IN YOUR HAIR!” Lol love your video’s

  29. Macca 1975

    Macca 1975Пре 10 сати

    They kept calling that 5' 7" tall? That's not tall? Lol

  30. Brick WALL

    Brick WALLПре 10 сати

    It DOES look better black, but it's Morticia Black.

  31. Katie White

    Katie WhiteПре 10 сати

    Mica might be beautiful, but it's often mined using child labor. I hope XMONDO sources ethical mica. :(

  32. Ivonne Puga

    Ivonne PugaПре 10 сати

    I have it, I use it on low because I got burned a few times! :) but I really like it, for the times I really don't want to use a round brush and a hair dryer, and I always use a glove :D

  33. Brick WALL

    Brick WALLПре 10 сати

    Oh, dear. Now there's the asian girl with blonde hair. Asian women are beautiful WITH DARK HAIR, NOT blonde. If she can afford dental veneers, she can't afford a salon??

  34. Rebecca Kincade

    Rebecca KincadeПре 10 сати

    Brad is the reason I bought actual hair cutting scissors and hair thinning scissors. Because I’m attached to my hair and I have trust issues.

  35. Jennifer Langley

    Jennifer LangleyПре 10 сати

    Brad... I need your hair color! Can you please help me ❤️❤️❤️😘

  36. Brick WALL

    Brick WALLПре 10 сати

    Most people have NO CLUE on what they are doing at home. Then they go back and forth to Sally's and spend $$ when they could have just have gone to the salon in the first place! Most people who bleach their hair way light or darken it like Morticia hate it anyway and want their own color right back anyway......

  37. Hailee Losser

    Hailee LosserПре 10 сати

    I’ve had mine for months. Everytime I use it I get a complaint! Never fails me

  38. Hibiscus N.

    Hibiscus N.Пре 10 сати

    Praying for you, the viewers, and subscribers. John 3:16 "For God so love the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

  39. JaycieMari

    JaycieMariПре 10 сати

    Before I dyed my hair for the first time, I binge watched Brad Mondo so my hair wouldn’t fall out

  40. Martha Minerva

    Martha MinervaПре 10 сати

    B O N E S T R A I G H T

  41. Brick WALL

    Brick WALLПре 10 сати

    I've noticed that people who are not naturally dark haired look really weird when they dye it that way. REALLY weird. Most hair color companies say to stick within a couple shades of your natural color and that looks best on most people.

  42. Natalie Bluntslunt

    Natalie BluntsluntПре 10 сати

    Brad is cracking me up In this

  43. Genie TPWK

    Genie TPWKПре 10 сати

    I died my hair with koolaid once and it turned out so bright even though I have dark hair. But I did it a different way. All I did was warm up water on the stove and mix in the koolaid. Then I separated it into two mugs and divided my hair into two ponytails. I dipped the two ponytails into the two mugs and waited for 15-30 min. And I think the reason the purple turned green was because her hair started off yellow. Purple is a close color to blue and blue and yellow make green.

  44. Marilyn Michelle Strong-Koontz

    Marilyn Michelle Strong-KoontzПре 10 сати

    I've had psoriasis since I was a kid, and coal tar shampoo is amazing. Carcinogenic in overuse, but amazing. I just wish it helped my psoriatic arthritis, too. I'm too young for this crap. Lol. (Not really. You can develop the arthritic inflammation form of psoriasis pretty much whenever. And it suuuuuuuuucks.)

  45. flammin

    flamminПре 10 сати

    i have virgin naturual curly hair and it's super dark. I'm super board with it but scared and i really wanna dye it. what colour should i dye it lmao. my skin is brownish and kind of orangey-tan

  46. Fiya Lone

    Fiya LoneПре 10 сати

    Ok he said not hair candy which is understandable but what about the actual hair biotins ? Like SpringValley etc ?

  47. tammi

    tammiПре 10 сати

    did u seriously just tell that girl she is not asian ?? how about we don’t tell people what they are & are not .. just because she is white passing doesn’t mean she isn’t asian

  48. Brick WALL

    Brick WALLПре 10 сати

    I just love you, Brad, but the dippy girl who is talking in the background is annoying and UNWANTED. Please leave her out of your videos. She is NOT funny.

  49. Kelli Wallace

    Kelli WallaceПре 10 сати

    her mom did a great job

  50. P D

    P DПре 10 сати

    Excuse meeeee BRAD MONDO..... WHAT HAIR DYE HAVE YOU USED WANTING TO GO DARK TO THAT & need 2 knowwww 😍😍😍😍

  51. Mecca White

    Mecca WhiteПре 10 сати

    “They can’t kick her out after that” I’m deaddd lmao 😂

  52. Mariam Iqbal

    Mariam IqbalПре 10 сати

    I wish you had a makeover show!

  53. chevon1920

    chevon1920Пре 10 сати

    I have one of these and it works great but I CANNOT get my roots dry with it. I dry and smooth the ends and then water drips down from my roots and frizzes it out again

  54. P D

    P DПре 10 сати


  55. a weirdo by heart

    a weirdo by heartПре 10 сати

    im gonna need you to make more im trying to have my curlys pop and rn yall out of it

  56. Kiylah Miller

    Kiylah MillerПре 10 сати

    wtf is a “chapparoonie”😂😂😂 I love you so much

  57. Erin Rohman

    Erin RohmanПре 10 сати

    Been using henna my whole life and you don't need to cure it or use any kind of coffee or lime juice in it, you can just mix it and put it on your hair, shes just being a little extra

  58. Jami Lynn Creates

    Jami Lynn CreatesПре 10 сати

    So what about when you have half a head of 1a hair, and half a head of 2c-3b?

  59. Teresa Juan

    Teresa JuanПре 11 сати

    Omg your so funny 😂 I love you brad mondo. You changed my life, thank you so much 😘💗

  60. Ashley Usher

    Ashley UsherПре 11 сати

    i want your merch

  61. ċяʏ ѧɞȏȗṭ ıṭ ıṭ'ṡ ɢȏȏԀ ғȏя ʏȏȗ

    ċяʏ ѧɞȏȗṭ ıṭ ıṭ'ṡ ɢȏȏԀ ғȏя ʏȏȗПре 11 сати

    I love Nicole lmao I remember being so confused when the other girls where freaked out by her because I was like "wym she's great"

  62. misomaniac 05

    misomaniac 05Пре 11 сати

    The most wholesome gay man on the internet love him

  63. Lauren Martin

    Lauren MartinПре 11 сати

    For being a frizzy/wavy/thick hair girl -this is game changing! I have been recommending this for 3 years plus. I actually have a Lanage one now and it’s smaller which is great for my now shorter hair. Works just as well!

  64. Erin Rohman

    Erin RohmanПре 11 сати

    Ugh you didn't do it right

  65. Lexa Silvestre

    Lexa SilvestreПре 11 сати

    I'm even more confused right ow 🤣 I think I look better with gold but i do prefer silver on me, so I don't know🤔🤔

  66. Aria Burke

    Aria BurkeПре 11 сати

    I've done this before, or mabey it was a different tutorial. But it worked! I used orange tho.

  67. emwhaa

    emwhaaПре 11 сати

    I'm gunna get drunk and give this a go😂 This is my life now, thanks Covid 🙃

  68. Peasful8

    Peasful8Пре 11 сати

    So wait, detangle the hair before putting in ANY product? I like putting in a leave-in conditioner to help detangle the hair. Should I do something different?

  69. Susan Johnson II

    Susan Johnson IIПре 11 сати

    Girl! Just get a halo extension and wear extensions until ur hair grows back to a length you like. And thin ur bang a little. Your still beautiful! It'll be ok!😊👍

  70. Maggie Mae

    Maggie MaeПре 11 сати

    But what about their eyebrows in the baby bangs? Them things would be GONE sis

  71. Isabella - Rhodes Nesbitt - Haynes

    Isabella - Rhodes Nesbitt - HaynesПре 11 сати

    Those are some serious Claudia Winkleman bangs😂😂

  72. Frankie Barrett

    Frankie BarrettПре 11 сати

    I've had it for over a year and I hate it. The heat has bent my bristles and it smells like burning plastic/ hair every time. I regularly clean out the hair that gets caught around it. PLUS I have horrible breakage on the top of my head near my part. I used to love it and now over a year later I hate using it.

  73. Joy Wilkins

    Joy WilkinsПре 11 сати

    Also Brad: Y'ALL PISS ME OFF 😭✨💕 I LOVE IT 😂

  74. Joy Wilkins

    Joy WilkinsПре 11 сати


  75. Leela H

    Leela HПре 11 сати

    Brads outfit made my day 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 😂❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

  76. Chryssa T

    Chryssa TПре 11 сати

    The real reason why people ask you for skincare because of Hyram :) You are very cool. People like you because of your authenticity.

  77. bit of everything

    bit of everythingПре 11 сати

    Brad straight from the toxic video shoot airplane

  78. Leela H

    Leela HПре 11 сати

    It’s not funny but I can’t stop laughing. Brad gave me everything I needed this morning with his comments. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤣🤣🤣

  79. Bon Jovi

    Bon JoviПре 11 сати

    I've experienced two things with having natural red hair: "Omg I love your hair, don't ever dye it" and ginger jokes. No souls, freckles, etc

  80. Jennybear h

    Jennybear hПре 11 сати

    Last girl looks like penelope garcia lol