Hairdresser Evaluates Top 10 Movie Hair Moments

Hi Beautiful! Today I give you my opinion on all kinds of hair looks thought movies over the decades. So many looks such little time!
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  1. Faith Clem

    Faith ClemПре 4 дана

    bruh it EFFIE

  2. Kelsee Jetsel

    Kelsee JetselПре 5 дана

    Who else was cringing every time he said Ellie and not Effie??? 😂😂😂😂love you brad!

  3. Madi D.

    Madi D.Пре 6 дана

    Every time Brad says “Ellie” I want to cry😂 I love him but I die when i heat it

  4. Stephanie Bjornson

    Stephanie BjornsonПре 9 дана

    Ellie? Lol

  5. KWvH

    KWvHПре 10 дана

    I am not going through 1000+ comments to see if anyone else said it, but did it bother anyone else that he went with the Hairspray remake and not the original...??

  6. Dark Wolf

    Dark WolfПре 11 дана

    Brad I love your outfit.

  7. Elle Marie

    Elle MarieПре 11 дана

    Can you react to afros? I would watch an hr long video of just afros

  8. Hope Carmack

    Hope CarmackПре 11 дана


  9. Louise Johnson

    Louise JohnsonПре 12 дана

    Elizabeth Taylor did look beautiful as Cleopatra. If you put aside the fact that Cleopatera(spelling?) would have been black.

  10. Verena Balbach

    Verena BalbachПре 14 дана

    I hope for the *iconic Anime Hair Moments*. But this video would be 10 hours long. But I'm totally obsessed with all the Hairstyles from Haikyuu. I love the "opposite frosted tips" from Shinsuke Kita. Love it so much!

  11. Shan Burgess

    Shan BurgessПре 14 дана

    All Hunger Games fans are screaming at their screens "IT'S EFFING EFFIE!!"

  12. caraleigh100

    caraleigh100Пре 16 дана

    I feel like Brad is reacting to movie hair looks and he looks like he is in a movie today... well a while ago...

  13. Christina Campbell Books

    Christina Campbell BooksПре 17 дана

    I always loved Cher's hair from Clueless! Her style was impeccable too 🖤

  14. Person

    PersonПре 18 дана

    Me: **sad he didn’t include Edward scissorhands**: 👁💧👄💧👁

  15. Jada Michelle

    Jada MichelleПре 20 дана

    I was hoping he would react to the princess diaries hair scene and see if he went wahh.

  16. Jacqueline Lopez

    Jacqueline LopezПре 20 дана

    You should have included Padme Amidala from the Clone Wars.. now that was some hair moments💇🏻‍♀️

  17. emzipemz

    emzipemzПре 22 дана

    Effie not elli

  18. 0

    0Пре 22 дана

    Brad looks like a Jojo character

  19. Sailor Arwen

    Sailor ArwenПре 25 дана

    For me the list should include Emmy Rossum in Phantom of the Opera and Keira Knightley in The Duchess.

  20. Kloki

    KlokiПре 25 дана

    was anybody else triggered when he said ellie trinket🤣

  21. Kayla D

    Kayla DПре 26 дана

    Not you putting the white washing of Cleopatra.

  22. Josh Beerepoot

    Josh BeerepootПре 26 дана


  23. Suzie Bielinski

    Suzie BielinskiПре 26 дана


  24. thelast Of the machines

    thelast Of the machinesПре 27 дана

    Really Brad? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Depp? Literally one of the worst remakes in history and that's the Depp character you chose? Not Edward Scissorhands? Not even Jack Sparrow? 🤨

  25. MerBlade

    MerBladeПре 28 дана


  26. Cathleen Salazar

    Cathleen SalazarПре 28 дана

    Enjoying the video and then he introduced "Ellie" Trinket....

  27. Caro Land

    Caro LandПре месец

    I was like "Ellie? Who the fuck is Ellie?" It's Effi!e! 😭😂

  28. Bat Mama

    Bat MamaПре месец

    I love how “20s brad” Apperently isn’t gay 😭 and has a criminal wife

  29. Scotti Bee

    Scotti BeeПре месец

    Why did no one correct him on calling Alicia Silverstone Cher? lol

  30. Vanessa Aguilar

    Vanessa AguilarПре месец

    I wonder what he thinks about the hair of that girl from the Grinch 🤔

  31. Lindy Lane

    Lindy LaneПре месец

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! love your comments on the movie hairstyles 🥰 Hair can definitely make a character, you should make more videos like this 😀

  32. Shelby Henderson

    Shelby HendersonПре месец

    We need a part two!! Let’s talk about Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias playing a hairdresser with hair so high to the heavens!!

  33. Mary Doran

    Mary DoranПре месец

    Part 2 pleaseee

  34. Ciara Kelly

    Ciara KellyПре месец

    I’m a natural auburn and want to do the Charlie look with neon orange, but I don’t know if it will look good

  35. Lauren White

    Lauren WhiteПре месец

    Is nobody going to mention the way he said ‘bravo’ at 2.03 ? Sounded like an old English Olivia twist😂

  36. Courtney Ann

    Courtney AnnПре месец

    Was toning hair a thing in the 60s?

  37. Xayhri

    XayhriПре месец

    Effie not Ellie lol 😂

  38. eda kanari

    eda kanariПре месец

    Seeing him cover historical and vintage hairstyles it's so much fun there are so many weird and wonderful hairstyles out there that would just be so which one for him to react to - maybe reactor some historical or vintage RSclubrs hairstyles

  39. Christen Sapnas

    Christen SapnasПре месец

    The Duchess! Talk about big hair, hats, variety, and then the wig on fire 🔥

  40. cara kenny

    cara kennyПре месец

    *kinda off topic* i’ve got a wee bit of a problem i wash my hair everyday (bad ik pls don’t come at me) but it’s usually frizzy and gets greasy really really fast (i tried to train it but i have a super greasy scalp) i just need some tips on how to make the grease and frizz go away

  41. Dia Staugh

    Dia StaughПре месец

    Do more of these

  42. Oh, it’s not me

    Oh, it’s not meПре месец

    7:26 “very ahead of its time” yeaa for a cleopatra look 🤣

  43. Kristine Liljemark

    Kristine LiljemarkПре месец

    Beginning of 102 dalmations is when her hair was sleek.

  44. Kyu

    KyuПре месец

    What about Narcissa Malfoy? Everyone nowadays is wearing the same type of dark hair/bleached hair combination she wore back in 2009-2011! Her hair is so iconic! And same with Bellatrix, I really think her hair represents her personality, the Black sisters are two legendary characters 💗💗

  45. 123abc

    123abcПре месец


  46. Destinee Solangelo

    Destinee SolangeloПре месец

    *ELLIE*: AnD mAy tHE OdDs bE IN yOuR FaVoUR

  47. Pia Rossel

    Pia RosselПре месец

    In the first clip of Johnny Depp and in some photos he looks EXACTLY like Frances McDormand, in particular, her role in Burn After Reading- anyone else seeing this?

  48. Sammy Grace

    Sammy GraceПре месец

    Is anyone else REALLY distracted by the one link in his chain being out of place...?

  49. Kylie James

    Kylie JamesПре месец

    EFFIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I love the hunger games lol

  50. Vonnie V

    Vonnie VПре месец

    The Breakfast at Tiffany's hairdo was definitely supposed to be a little messy and likely something she did herself. She was a party girl with limited funds. It's exactly what I loved about the movie

  51. stop the potato

    stop the potatoПре месец

    Brad: Ellie Me: Who Brad it's Effie lol

  52. Erica Taylor

    Erica TaylorПре месец

    Brad Talking about hairspray : she caught the attention of the audience Me: AND ZAC EFRON

  53. Kimberly Morgan

    Kimberly MorganПре месец

    Seriously though, the original Hairspray with Divine and Riki Lake was amazing!

  54. Jada Bell

    Jada BellПре месец

    excluding Queen beyonce, wheres the black queens?

  55. Whats-My-Fandom

    Whats-My-FandomПре месец

    You look adorable!

  56. Orangenkraft

    OrangenkraftПре месец

    Ah yes. White Cleopatra. So iconic ...

  57. Ur Mom

    Ur MomПре месец


  58. Del Fig

    Del FigПре месец

    When am I creating a camp look for you to create a hair look to?

  59. Grace Heydinger

    Grace HeydingerПре месец

    I feel like Brad mondo has never actually seen the hunger games

  60. Adam Napier

    Adam NapierПре месец

    Ellie....bye 🙃

  61. •Crazy Brit•

    •Crazy Brit•Пре месец

    Video Idea: You should rate the WandaVison hairstyles

  62. Zintle Godana

    Zintle GodanaПре месец

    You forgot Oprah's hair in Winkle through time. I think it deserves a part two.

  63. natalie b

    natalie bПре месец

    Anyone else annoyed that the Star Wars character’s part isn’t straight in the photo Brad uses or is that just me?

  64. Lively Scorpio

    Lively ScorpioПре месец

    Audrey Hepburn is my all time favorite Actress 💖

  65. Sydney Kurzawski

    Sydney KurzawskiПре месец

    ELLIE TRINKET???? Who else spit out their drink? Brad needs to read the hunger games

  66. Qatrunnada Hanifah

    Qatrunnada HanifahПре месец

    You should rate all Johnny Depp and/or Helena Bonham-Carter characters hair

  67. Kathy H

    Kathy HПре месец

    Tracy's hair is your pretty standard 60s bob tho

  68. Z_xxx

    Z_xxxПре месец


  69. Carlie Power

    Carlie PowerПре месец

    They definitely had hair pieces in the 60s! My Mum said my Nana used to use them to get the Beehive look! And if they didn't have hairspray, they used sugar and water 🤣

  70. Cho TheFlash

    Cho TheFlashПре месец

    I'm a little sad you didn't talk about the GOLDEN wig of Effie :'D

  71. itskoda90

    itskoda90Пре месец

    I'm 30 am I too old for slit dye ?

  72. Kelly Gagne

    Kelly GagneПре месец

    That was really entertaining. :)

  73. Briana Smith

    Briana SmithПре месец

    Cleopatra was not white

  74. Lilyflower

    LilyflowerПре месец

    EFFIE trinket is awesome

  75. Hope Isbitts

    Hope IsbittsПре месец


  76. Brittany Frasier

    Brittany FrasierПре месец

    Too bad Cleopatra was a brown skin woman and the hairstyle was all braids with jewels

  77. alluriana santiago

    alluriana santiagoПре месец

    Fun fact: Carrie Fisher hated the Princess Leia buns they made her wear for the movie and the slave Leia costume in the Return of the Jedi movie.

  78. Alexus Sweet

    Alexus SweetПре месец

    The fit gives off ✨burlesque✨vibes

  79. Derek Johnson

    Derek JohnsonПре месец

    Hey Twad Moondoo! Mary had a little lamb, It grew into a sheep. Not finished that yet but I am sure it rhymed and that and laughter would be compulsory. My Mum used to say to always wear clean underwear incase I got run over so I always have. Until a few weeks ago I was run over by a bus and when I looked at the open fracture wound on my shin I shat myself anyway. And pissed them. I don't know about you but I cannot wait until the shops start using Easter-centric puns like "eggscellent" and "eggsciting". That'll keep me going until the "spooktacular" sales in October for Halloween. Life is one long fucking thrill ride I can tell you.

  80. Kristen Long

    Kristen LongПре месец

    Brad, her name is EFFIE Trinket! Not Ellie.

  81. Stephanie Ward

    Stephanie WardПре месец

    Effie Trinket

  82. Brea Ana Napie

    Brea Ana NapieПре месец

    Princess Leia's hair reminds me of the Hopi Native American tribe.

  83. Brittany Montague

    Brittany MontagueПре месец

    Roman Holiday over Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Cant change my mind. 💁‍♀️

  84. Jenn Rex

    Jenn RexПре месец

    When are you getting more hair color in stock?? 🥺

  85. Kyna Marwah

    Kyna MarwahПре месец

    Effie did not have too much money and was not extra either...that was literally normal for the Capitol where she belonged!

  86. Nina Gaitan

    Nina GaitanПре месец



    DEELICIOUSПре месец

    I'm having the Cher hair!


    DEELICIOUSПре месец

    THIS is content!!

  89. Twiggyay

    TwiggyayПре месец

    I don't give a shit about hair. ... But i love watching, and i love Brad Mondo.

  90. April Russell

    April RussellПре месец

    You should check out PrettyPastelPlease. Her name is Alex and she does a lot of hair dyes videos and the most recent video she mentioned you and how she hopes you dont see the video and yell at her haha

  91. Sasha Cantuna

    Sasha CantunaПре месец

    Brad do another one of the please!

  92. nollyfkennedy

    nollyfkennedyПре месец

    did you change the thumbnail?

  93. Jem B

    Jem BПре месец

    Louis Alexandre Raimon was the hairdresser for Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra! He won a couple of awards that were the hairdressing equivalent to the Oscars. Apparently Audrey Hepburn and Liza Minnelli were also clients of his.

  94. sara bourland

    sara bourlandПре месец

    Did he mean Effie

  95. Kooky Kook

    Kooky KookПре месец

    effie effie effie effie

  96. Kooky Kook

    Kooky KookПре месец

    Close enough, its Effie YASSSS I AGREE WITH EFFIES HAIR

  97. Jessica Escareno

    Jessica EscarenoПре месец

    Lol who’s gonna tell him that Ricki Lake was Tracy in hairspray first?

  98. Astrid Warner

    Astrid WarnerПре месец

    I loved Mia Farrow's hair in Rosemary's Baby when she walks in with that beautiful super duper short Vidal Sassoon haircut. Also Rooney Mara's hair in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I always wanted Lisbeth Salander's hair.

  99. Marne Gustafson

    Marne GustafsonПре месец

    Holly is AUDREY....Audrey Hepburn....ICON !! ,

  100. Bryanna Hammond

    Bryanna HammondПре месец

    Effie not Ellie LOL