Hairdresser Reacts To Bizarre Balayage Techniques

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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch people show off their weird and bizarre balayage techniques to hopefully learn something new!
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  1. Jodi Stanton

    Jodi StantonПре 21 сат

    That first video was bs at the end because they showed 3 other girls like their hair was the one that got done.

  2. Artisan Shrew

    Artisan ShrewПре 3 дана


  3. Lief guest

    Lief guestПре 3 дана

    Brad: it’s definetly not ugly Me: it’s meh

  4. Caet Provost

    Caet ProvostПре 3 дана

    Since y'all are hair queens I have a question. So I have like dirty blonde hair with a little bit of red but very minimal, I've been bleaching my hair but I don't want to keep bleaching and I just want my natural color back or close enough that I can let it grow. Even blending the blondes together like an ombre / balayage would be fine. Is this even possible? Helppppp

  5. Sarah Boothe

    Sarah BootheПре 4 дана

    Jesus loves you so so much and died so you could be forgiven and go to Heaven with God. Have a blessed day💗

  6. Betty Stroh

    Betty StrohПре 4 дана

    Braddddd you are GORGEOUS in that color and the hair and the eyes!! Stoppit!! Beautiful man 🤘💛

  7. Desiree Garcia

    Desiree GarciaПре 7 дана

    Try it on me lol

  8. Molly McKinney

    Molly McKinneyПре 8 дана

    For some reason brad reminded me of Cinderella I this with the blond hair and blue top

  9. M&S slimes ,challenges and more

    M&S slimes ,challenges and moreПре 9 дана

    I have been avoiding watching this because the thumbnail grosses me out 🤢

  10. Lacey Grainger

    Lacey GraingerПре 9 дана

    Brad literally looks like a blonde Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries oml

  11. Abril Zz

    Abril ZzПре 9 дана

    The shirt reminds me of Mr. Belvedere from American Pie🥧

  12. Not Rosie

    Not RosieПре 10 дана

    I feel like they add more work just to charge more 🤣

  13. opineso fine

    opineso fineПре 10 дана

    Why can’t u rinse with cold with light and dark? I do it and the light pieces don’t disappear. 🥶

  14. Laura Kluger

    Laura KlugerПре 10 дана

    his videos are my new addiction someone come help me

  15. Dark Wolf

    Dark WolfПре 11 дана

    I need those boots.

  16. Tay Original

    Tay OriginalПре 12 дана

    Those boots are fire 🔥 The whole fit is bomb 💣😍

  17. Elise Tate lll

    Elise Tate lllПре 12 дана

    Brand Mondo you so adorable. Those boots are the shit! Love it all!

  18. Thamara Azul

    Thamara AzulПре 13 дана

    Only one who noticed that he said “half of the time, a third even” and well a third is more than a half?

  19. Derya Özfidan

    Derya ÖzfidanПре 10 дана

    ⅓ is less then ½ :) (½=50% ⅓=33%)

  20. Jessica Wyman

    Jessica WymanПре 13 дана

    Can't wait for the purple to be in stock so I can live my best extra life 💜

  21. lynettebr

    lynettebrПре 14 дана

    A lot of hairdressers charge by the hour. I think the first one was one of those hairdressers

  22. caraleigh100

    caraleigh100Пре 16 дана

    I love your shirt...bluetiful color!

  23. Tarot London

    Tarot LondonПре 16 дана

    Brad in Blue, You do you... LOVING it.

  24. eru

    eruПре 17 дана

    loooooove the outfit!!! ughh so jelly of those blue eyes with the blue top!! just so fab

  25. Jamie

    JamieПре 20 дана

    Brad: “It’s definitely not ugly 😄” Me: 😬😶👀

  26. Lotus Flower

    Lotus FlowerПре 20 дана

    Brad, give me the power to finish this job!

  27. Shari Slaith

    Shari SlaithПре 22 дана

    FYI, that was a rubber frosting cap. Us older stylists learned how to use these back in the 1970's-1980's. Some people still use them for more even color processing.

  28. Kiara Rice

    Kiara RiceПре 22 дана

    I want that sweater

  29. Shari Jean

    Shari JeanПре 23 дана

    Can you do a video on how to do a shadow root on brown hair?

  30. Jennifer Gasmen

    Jennifer GasmenПре 23 дана

    Brad Mondo is literally the only hairdresser that doesn't judge other peoples techniques etc. The only reason I support and love watching you're videos! LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

  31. Lacey Reddekopp

    Lacey ReddekoppПре 23 дана

    @bradmando how old are you? This technique is from 2000. Literally, I graduated in 2003 and this was what we did in high school, same cap!!!!

  32. LexThePit18

    LexThePit18Пре 24 дана

    Brad you're literally the reason I'm going to hair school next year😍😍🥵

  33. Robin Ritter

    Robin RitterПре 25 дана

    I wonder if he has a neat closet or a messy closet


    TZUAMOUR SHIH TZUПре 25 дана

    This was so fun to watch him evaluate other stylists techniques I’d like to see this sort of thing again although I’m happy to see Brad doing anything cos he’s freaking gorgeous he could just sit there and I’d be very happy 😋

  35. Cristen Sanchez

    Cristen SanchezПре 26 дана

    He said.. when I was younger🤣🤣 hunny you still so young and so darn accomplished and talented all with a personality to boot 🙌🙌💕

  36. starsunmoon

    starsunmoonПре 26 дана

    Hi BEAUTIFUL !! **( BRAD!!)

  37. Random Roblox

    Random RobloxПре 27 дана

    Brad be looking fine :o

  38. Taylor Fiorentino

    Taylor FiorentinoПре 28 дана

    The thumbnail looked like a monster 😂

  39. Blaire of Hylia

    Blaire of HyliaПре 28 дана

    What to do for a trans girl with a big male pattern forehead? :x

  40. Ja Suppen

    Ja SuppenПре 28 дана

    Ive never seen so many commercials, all Mondo vids have tons of commercials now, need to find someone else to watch now. 😢

  41. xrainbowmintx

    xrainbowmintxПре 29 дана

    Can you please react to ch527kerosene, her hair transformations are amazing!

  42. More of That Channel

    More of That ChannelПре 29 дана

    If they charged per hour it makes business sense. But not customer considerate. And they had to curl it to,,, why? Hide something? I sometimes wish I were stupid.

  43. Ruby Beard

    Ruby BeardПре 29 дана

    The sound affects you made really got me 😭

  44. Alyssa Dana

    Alyssa DanaПре месец

    “Clothing just makes me happy” YES I sold w the real real and bought w them. A Great company ❤️❤️

  45. Mireya Perez

    Mireya PerezПре месец

    Is your color line good for curly hair?

  46. Epic TwinkaHo1ic

    Epic TwinkaHo1icПре месец

    This top though 😍🤩 dayum Brad where do you shop at!!?? 😫

  47. nancy messner

    nancy messnerПре месец

    In love with your track pants ! Do you guys ship to Canada 🇨🇦

  48. Nightshade Kelly

    Nightshade KellyПре месец

    I think the first one was done like that purely for views on the internet

  49. Danielle Vaitekunas

    Danielle VaitekunasПре месец

    I did order from your clothing line and let me tell you I love love LOVE MY hoodie brand mondo!!!

  50. Shrimpy

    ShrimpyПре месец

    The pony tail method, did I miss something? She went from red with blonde highlights to black with red highlights? 🤨

  51. Amber Johnson

    Amber JohnsonПре месец

    I think he showed the technique with the bleaching, and the final result, not the colour he did in between after the bleach.

  52. Sasslette

    SassletteПре месец

    Ha ha ha That cap is how they used to do streaks back in the day!

  53. Alicia Gilberry

    Alicia GilberryПре месец

    I’m so Nosey . I was allll in that girls phone 🥴😭


    GAGES STAGEПре месец

    1:31 Yes on those shoes!

  55. istheresauce

    istheresauceПре месец

    2:46 you're welcome

  56. Anonymous one

    Anonymous oneПре месец

    He says, oh I have this cute outfit on. . .OK wheb doesn't he have a cute outfit on?😊

  57. Unknown Villager

    Unknown VillagerПре месец

    I stg the second one, 8:40 isn't any different

  58. claymore roomba

    claymore roombaПре месец

    I don’t understand any of this but cool

  59. Trip Amvs

    Trip AmvsПре месец

    just needa say mans colour is blue

  60. Emily A. Martinez

    Emily A. MartinezПре месец


  61. Emily A. Martinez

    Emily A. MartinezПре месец


  62. Fruity Liana

    Fruity LianaПре месец

    I’d love to review videos on RSclub but unsure if I’m allowed to just get videos like you do? Do you have to ask permission?

  63. Beatrice Harris

    Beatrice HarrisПре месец

    Wardrobe flex 👏🏾👏🏾

  64. Hope Ard

    Hope ArdПре месец

    The first one triggered my triptophobia 🤢

  65. Miresde Rewaswe

    Miresde RewasweПре месец

    The ubiquitous show particularly ignore because june intracellularly pat toward a tender tense sandra. powerful, screeching crow

  66. merel janssen

    merel janssenПре месец

    Please don’t buy Alexander wangs stuff, he’s actually a disgusting guy, I would recommend you do a little research to know who you’re supporting, I don’t think you’ll want to after learning about his disgusting actions especially towards young male models

  67. Shamyra Shaheed

    Shamyra ShaheedПре месец

    “I mean it was cute...“

  68. Yanet B

    Yanet BПре месец

    Life of hair is everything

  69. Juliana Cerqueira

    Juliana CerqueiraПре месец

    It's so funny see you react to the cap in the first video, cause it is soooo common here in Brazil, almost everyone gets a highlight like that

  70. Whats-My-Fandom

    Whats-My-FandomПре месец


  71. Haven Burrell

    Haven BurrellПре месец

    So no one else saw that door close by itself

  72. CaarolinaaES

    CaarolinaaESПре месец

    Someone did the first method on me and the person who did it completely damaged my scalp with whatever he was using to take out the hair, every single strand was hurtful to me. Never again

  73. Ani Engberg

    Ani EngbergПре месец

    Am I the only one stuck thinking about how jaw-droppingly gorgeous the person at 12:36 is? I mean, not just the hair but look at that amazing bone structure!

  74. Kate B

    Kate BПре месец

    Lol well after watching your videos for a year i finally got up the courage to let another stylist do my hair . A balyage my roots and a dark blonde .... i now have orange hair with brassy sandy blonde towards the ends lol 200 dollars later lol those bleach fail videos ain't looking so bad brad ! Lol

  75. Lucas King

    Lucas KingПре месец

    I don't understand why people tease while bleaching? Like what's the idea behind that

  76. Angela Srd

    Angela SrdПре месец

    I'm sorry I can't really pay attention to techniques, when Brad looks so amazing. Like seriously the baby blue shirt and that colour on his hair is awesome.

  77. Vanessa Bernal

    Vanessa BernalПре месец

    Brad Mondo very much serving us Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer 😍

  78. The Goat

    The GoatПре месец

    I love you brad mondo!!!!

  79. Keri Robicheaux

    Keri RobicheauxПре месец

    I was a hairdresser (Still am!) and am very proficient with a cap. We didn't use foils until later. To remove the cap, Brad, after it is rinsed, and the color does not need any toner, you use some conditioner on the hair and comb it through. Then you remove the cap. It slides off. Then rinse the conditioner out. Easy! I was a master with those caps although no one really does them anymore as the foils work better in the long run. Secondly, the last color job was strange. He did not need to bleach her hair and frankly, it looks fried. Although the end result was interesting, I do not think his technique to accomplish that was good. He bleached her hair very light for no reason.

  80. Jae. S

    Jae. SПре месец

    Omg brad your hair color is my hair goals😩😭 I just chopped 13” of old blonde using your video so I can have all virgin hair for this storm color eventually. NOT AT HOME tho don’t wanna end up on one of your fail videos 🤣

  81. Geri Game

    Geri GameПре месец

    14.50. I think that he is using the blondme bleach with toner. Cos their range u can mix the bleach and toner together and they do have a pink toner too.

  82. Adelina Televca

    Adelina TelevcaПре месец


  83. Julia Blackwell

    Julia BlackwellПре месец


  84. Ale

    AleПре месец

    I love ur hair color, can you tell me which one is plssssssssss

  85. Nicole Thompson

    Nicole ThompsonПре месец

    ok forgive me but I see literally no difference in the last clip

  86. xgreydovex

    xgreydovexПре месец

    Can I just say, I love you, but absolutely hate this thumbmail. It makes me want to claw my eyes out.

  87. Twiggyay

    TwiggyayПре месец

    I'm not even gay, but that's hot.

  88. Molly Newcomb

    Molly NewcombПре месец

    i think you already did this but you should react to 5 minute crafts again

  89. Kamila Yadgarova

    Kamila YadgarovaПре месец

    I don't care what you say cause Brad Mondo says I'm stunning

  90. EC A

    EC AПре месец

    The third one looked really odd to me. It looked like a bad home dye job.

  91. k k

    k kПре месец

    Brad put some gray ,silver color on your Xmondo colour

  92. Ilex X

    Ilex XПре месец

    I have a trio of pintail combs that have the funky teeth that allow you to get the look of a weave without the work. Got them off Amazon. I like them, but they seem to work best on either super straight hair, or fine fine fine hair. They are excellent for framing the face - softens those baby hairs like a champ. Question, are you working on silver xmondo color now?

  93. Thyyyyyyyyy

    ThyyyyyyyyyПре месец

    I knew the first one was Brazilian 😅

  94. Presley Hogan

    Presley HoganПре месец

    Brad you look good in that shirt also I need to see your closet

  95. Teresa Schnabel

    Teresa SchnabelПре месец

    i'd love a hair do by brad mondo

  96. Paula Pope

    Paula PopeПре месец

    Gah! The last time somebody used the cap to pluck hair through it, I spent the whole time nearly in tears because my scalp is too sensitive for all of that plucking.

  97. Faith, Love & Loyalty

    Faith, Love & LoyaltyПре месец

    Hi Brad! What do you recommend for dry scalp treatment?

  98. Jeanna Saunders

    Jeanna SaundersПре месец

    I think you found your colour. DAMN! that baby blue

  99. Erica Woodhams

    Erica WoodhamsПре месец

    Brad hi! Just wondering what cosmetology did you go to???

  100. Akshata P

    Akshata PПре месец

    Oooh random thing but could you react to Kiu he is a hair dresser who does amazing jobs fixing some hair disasters

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    YeollowПре месец

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