Hairdresser Reacts To Curly Girl Hair Routines

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people try out my product 'Wavetech Wave Foam'. I love seeing what people think about it and the amazing looks they create with it.
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  1. Brad Mondo

    Brad MondoПре месец

    Thanks for all your continued support on xmondo products! I love you all so much!! 💙🥰

  2. Bright Bird

    Bright BirdПре 10 сати

    Hi Brad! I was reading in the comments that this product is more for loose curls and I was wondering if you were developing anything for black/mixed girls who have tighter curls that are closer to 3c’s and 4’s? I would love to buy some of your products to try for myself but I’d hate to spend that much for it to not work out for my hair type. In my profile picture my hair is straightened but I have naturally coily 4b/4c hair type.

  3. Ariana G

    Ariana GПре 5 дана

    Hey Brad I hope you see this post can you do a video about how to get the nature curls back? (naturally I had beautiful curly hair but now since a bit more then one year I got no curls..!! I'm really sad and I also cuted them to get them back but nothing...)

  4. DinkyInky2

    DinkyInky2Пре 5 дана

    I wish I could use more of your products, but I'm severely allergic to salicylates, which make most of them no-gos. I absolutely love Glitterati though. Hope you can formulate some salicylate free products in the future, as this curly girl would love to try more. Also, can I say I want that scent as a regular daily wear perfume? It's S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.

  5. Betty Rogers

    Betty RogersПре 5 дана

    I totally look beautiful when I'm in the hospital

  6. carley phillips

    carley phillipsПре 8 дана

    @Rachael Hamill ...I have fine wavy hair that isn't super thick and this is by far the best product I have ever used. I definitely reccomend it.

  7. A.D. Lawrence

    A.D. LawrenceПре 5 сати

    @BradMondo, now I totally want to try this on my 2C waves! I can’t wait until it’s back in stock!!!

  8. Animefan 1234

    Animefan 1234Пре 6 сати

    I have curly hair will it work for me I haven’t finished the whole vid so I haven’t see anyone with curly hair I only see wavy

  9. Animefan 1234

    Animefan 1234Пре 6 сати

    Not me crying bec it’s sold out

  10. Christine Ingersoll

    Christine IngersollПре 7 сати

    Hey Brad, I just received my salty spray, and wavetech set, and I ordered the volumizing foam. Got it all today, super fast shipping!!! Thank you!!!! Just wondering if I should use the volumizing foam first, or the wavetech foam first? Thanks!

  11. Chy Shay

    Chy ShayПре 7 сати

    I've actually been seeking out advice on my hair if any would help. My hair is currently 3ft+ and I have natural curls, I've always just brushed them out and ended with a giant puff ball that I'd throw into a bun. I haven't seen said curls in over a decade and wanted to be able to embrace the curls and my natural hair. How would I go about doing this, efficiently, without spending loads of money? I don't use any sort of heat on my hair but the underneath has had some previous/recent coloring. Also, I've noticed it curls more towards the middle and ends of my hair and not at the top, due to the weight of my hair, is there a way I can fix that or would I have to cut it?

  12. Twilight

    TwilightПре 8 сати

    I would use it if I saw more of people with 4b and 4c hair using it and it looks amazing.

  13. Mrs Bakhat

    Mrs BakhatПре 9 сати

    I have straight hair. Did it work on it like it work on the first girl hair? Someone please tell me ???

  14. Susanna L

    Susanna LПре 10 сати

    Okay ... wait.. Delivery to Finland or Denmark? Can you only get this from your website or is there somewhere else I can get it (like European webpage)? I feel like I almost have to try this.

  15. Rachel Gonzalez

    Rachel GonzalezПре 10 сати

    I got so excited to see these results! I ran so fast. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ Wavetech is currently sold out. 😢😢

  16. a weirdo by heart

    a weirdo by heartПре 11 сати

    im gonna need you to make more im trying to have my curlys pop and rn yall out of it

  17. Niamh Foran

    Niamh ForanПре 16 сати


  18. Nina

    NinaПре 20 сати

    I wish I could hire someone to do a curly routine on me at home. I have wavy hair with a hint of curl, but whenever I do this I mess up.

  19. Grow Your Groceries

    Grow Your GroceriesПре дан

    Hi Brad, can you please do more videos on natural curls (ie: how to enhance and look after 4c curls) that aren't about making them strait. My other half has 4c hair and I can't find any other professional hairdressers talking about how to look after them.

  20. lindsay ramos

    lindsay ramosПре дан

    I’m confused, what if I used to have curly hair but my hair person cut it wrong so they disappeared, what do u do if I want my curl back or maybe even just waves

  21. Princ3ssDarkAngel

    Princ3ssDarkAngelПре дан

    Lol, the product is out of stock. Rip me.

  22. Cosette

    CosetteПре дан

    I want to try this so bad but it’s sold out 😭 please restock 💕

  23. madison guidry

    madison guidryПре дан

    I am that friend like the background person lmao

  24. madison guidry

    madison guidryПре дан

    I love how much you love your fans lol I love you

  25. madison guidry

    madison guidryПре дан

    I need this in my life omg you have NO idea

  26. madison guidry

    madison guidryПре дан

    Sadly, sold out.. 🥲 but congrats Brad! That’s amazing!

  27. chelsey garrett

    chelsey garrettПре дан

    Hey the wave tech is sold out beach every time I go to buy it it's sold out.

  28. Kimberly Jaymes

    Kimberly JaymesПре дан

    My hair is naturally a little psycho without product. I definitely am going to try this.

  29. princess lewis

    princess lewisПре дан

    me clicking on this video because im a black girl looking for new products to define my ACTUAL NATURAL CURLS me only seeing white girls : 😐

  30. Princess Leah Israel

    Princess Leah IsraelПре 54 минута

  31. Taiyaba Zaheer

    Taiyaba ZaheerПре дан

    Start selling Wavetech in India. Please Brad! Curly/wavy hair products sell like hotcakes here as so limited brands are available.

  32. Lovely_Ma Nubian

    Lovely_Ma NubianПре дан

    I love Brads videos he's so charismatic and happy and kind. He obviously makes a damn good product, those ladies hair looked absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see what else he comes up with next! My fingers are crossed that it's going to be curly cremé/custurd (never mind the spelling if it's not right 😅)and shine line next! ☺️🤞🏾 #liveyourbestlife

  33. Lopamudra Mitra

    Lopamudra MitraПре дан


  34. Silvia Sheppard

    Silvia SheppardПре дан

    Please please please get a retailer or Shipping to New Zealand!!!! We are far away from all the beautiful products of yours!!!

  35. Alya Yusef

    Alya YusefПре дан

    I have wavy hair, but when I try to do a routine like them..... I look like i just got out of a cave after 30 years (way too greasy, and frizzy AF)

  36. Jasmine Brown

    Jasmine BrownПре 2 дана

    This looks so awesome Can you use wave tech on 4c and 4b hair

  37. Melissa Franklin

    Melissa FranklinПре 2 дана

    I want to see what their hair usually looks like! If you have numerous, tight, little curls, will it make your curls bigger/looser? I kind of want my curls bigger and looser.

  38. Lizbet PCB

    Lizbet PCBПре 2 дана

    Everything I want is ‘sold out’. I feel sadish. I might cry.

  39. Chasity’s Artistry

    Chasity’s ArtistryПре 2 дана

    People need to understand there is a reason to why is specifically made for wavy hair because obviously heavy creams Nd leave ins are too heavy and would weigh down the waves clearly those products are strong enough to hold 4a 4b and 4c hair i don’t see y you can’t buy where they sell it specifically for your hair type but hate on brad for making a product that’s best for hair that dosent curl as well w other products just saying

  40. Kerrie garnz

    Kerrie garnzПре 2 дана

    I wish I had curly hair xx

  41. JohanneNJA

    JohanneNJAПре 2 дана

    I cross my fingers, that you get world wide delivery someday, or at least EU. I would love to use your products! Love from Denmark 🇩🇰

  42. Semper Fi Yorkies

    Semper Fi YorkiesПре 2 дана

    FYI I don’t get frizz with a diffuser.

  43. Deanna Lynn

    Deanna LynnПре 2 дана

    Just curious if you have to have thick hair for the product to work? These girls look like they have really thick hair. Does it work on shorter hair? I'm going to buy a bottle and try it out. Just wanted to get a heads up. Thanks!

  44. Kye

    KyeПре 2 дана

    Hi Brad, can you do a video on man perms. Mostly.. like i need brad help. Just got a perm and i love it, but i need good pointers from a pro! Thanks for your help!

  45. Semper Fi Yorkies

    Semper Fi YorkiesПре 2 дана

    Using that much you’d go through a bottle WAY too fast. FYI - the scent is overwhelming.

  46. Natalie Bankuti

    Natalie BankutiПре 2 дана

    Hey Brad! If my hair is naturally straight could i still use this product? I braid my hair after every shower while its damp and put sea salt spray in it to get the wave to stay but i want to try wave tech and see if that helps it wave better?

  47. Dien 010

    Dien 010Пре 2 дана

    Hi Brad, I live in the Netherlands and i can’t order your product😔 I really hope that we can also order your products from here, because i really need to try them for my curls🙏🏼 I’m amazed by the results I see in your videos😍🤩 Pls let me know when you’re ready for Europe 🇳🇱

  48. Emily Schroeder

    Emily SchroederПре 2 дана

    Okay I think I’m convinced I need to try!!

  49. Lindsey Holbrook

    Lindsey HolbrookПре 2 дана

    I love this product for my wavy hair. One of my favorites

  50. Taheerah Rochelle

    Taheerah RochelleПре 2 дана

    every black girl knows to use a wide tooth comb. you know what u doing

  51. Nico Pico

    Nico PicoПре 2 дана

    These products would probably do good on my hair. I got fine thin hair with some wave and curl to it.. one thing I want to know is how to get lift in the roots when air drying .. cause I tried air drying before but it seems to go flat and not so much lift to it like when I blow dry it.. when I blow dry it I have tons of wave and lift to it .. I also have a cowlick in the front that curls up and gives it a lift in the front... so any advice 😊

  52. Kezia-Alexis Mullings

    Kezia-Alexis MullingsПре 2 дана

    I really wish there were different curl pattern types to show the truth benefits of this product... maybe next time

  53. Lucie Kopecká

    Lucie KopeckáПре 2 дана

    Why don’t you ship to France? 😭💙

  54. Absolutelyflabulous2302

    Absolutelyflabulous2302Пре 2 дана

    Yay, I’m so glad you support the wide tooth comb technique. Been doing it for years and think it definitely makes the curls more defined.

  55. K-Mille

    K-MilleПре 3 дана

    Será que funciona no meu cabelo?

  56. Lydia Flores

    Lydia FloresПре 3 дана

    I've been wanting to try this for my curls and finally decide to and its sold out. Now we wait..... 😐

  57. Tania Morales

    Tania MoralesПре 3 дана

    02/27 my birthday!!! Also.... WHEN WILL EVERYTHING BE RESTOCKED!!!! 😫 I want to grab some things for myself and my Bestfriend but a lot of the things I want are sold ouuuut......

  58. KANDii93

    KANDii93Пре 3 дана

    I love he said BDSM. WE SEE YOU BRAD! 🤣

  59. Antheaxe U

    Antheaxe UПре 3 дана

  60. Anna Mascaro

    Anna MascaroПре 3 дана

    the first girl was everything

  61. Mary Tullis Tabor

    Mary Tullis TaborПре 3 дана

    Please sell your products on Amazon 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  62. Mariah Wilson

    Mariah WilsonПре 3 дана

    First off I love you Brad and your videos, which I have been watching for quite some time now! I didn't see too many women of color in this video trying out your products, and since we have very different hair types and texture I was wondering if it would also work on me (Black girls)? Hopefully he sees this comment (although unlikely), because I want to start a channel of my own and what better way to do so than reviewing products from my favorite person on the internet! And to all who reads this, stay beautiful and have an amazing day!😊💛

  63. Tommie Garcia

    Tommie GarciaПре 3 дана

    Tried to buy it and it's sold out 😩😩

  64. Ma. Clariz

    Ma. ClarizПре 4 дана

    I hope that I could get THAT here in the PH♥♥♥

  65. Amanda Gibson

    Amanda GibsonПре 4 дана

    @Brad Mondo I have tried soooo many products and have failed to find something that works well enough to stick with, aside from deva curl. Then... that thing happened, and we're not going to talk about it 😑🙄. TRIED to try wavetech... sold out the last 3 times I went to order. 😭😭😭

  66. Josie Kleven

    Josie KlevenПре 4 дана

    He says I look beautiful today. Me: In a hoodie and sweats.

  67. Gabby Roman

    Gabby RomanПре 4 дана

    How is your cat eyes on point !😍

  68. indie aesthatic

    indie aesthaticПре 4 дана

    Can't wait to put it on my hair lol

  69. Elena Robles

    Elena RoblesПре 4 дана

    SOLD OUT BRAD? I need.

  70. Ciara Broughton

    Ciara BroughtonПре 4 дана

    I love Emma

  71. daisy's field

    daisy's fieldПре 4 дана

    She definitely doesn't make it much funnier lol to be honest i dont even know who your camera girl is or even if that's what shes doing and i find her annoying. JMO...

  72. Rowida Gamal

    Rowida GamalПре 4 дана

    wait a minute, are you putting a pink eyeshadow!!

  73. Marissa Lynne

    Marissa LynneПре 5 дана

    It has silicone in it though?

  74. Isabelle Voor

    Isabelle VoorПре 5 дана

    Brad mondo: Love your natural hair Also Brad Mondo: Color that sh*t

  75. Maja

    MajaПре 5 дана

    Not shipping to Norway.. My curls are crying 😭💔

  76. Neema Venance

    Neema VenanceПре 5 дана

    Hey love your products and want to try it but I'm in Tanzania No money your big fan

  77. Kayla Kong

    Kayla KongПре 5 дана

    OMG!! After seeing this video, ugh! Where have I been?! I just placed my order for the Wavetech as well as quite a few other hair products...😅😅...I can't wait for it to arrive!! Will update you all as soon as I get my hands on these products and try it out! So excited!!

  78. Mimi Rooney

    Mimi RooneyПре 5 дана

    What comb is that? That the first girl used to distribute the foam?

  79. Monika Johnson

    Monika JohnsonПре 5 дана

    OHHH my word her hair looks SO GORGEOUS

  80. Alison Lafargue

    Alison LafargueПре 5 дана

    Hello someone can help me please I’m from France and I would like to buy his products and it’s seems that I can’t purchase it from his website because it’s only ship to Canada UK and USA

  81. Army Forever

    Army ForeverПре 5 дана

    I only use heat dryer only like 6 times in my whole life.

  82. Nessa Flom

    Nessa FlomПре 5 дана

    brad brings comfort 🤍

  83. Amy Rose

    Amy RoseПре 6 дана

    When will you ship to New Zealand??? 🥺

  84. Angelica Saco

    Angelica SacoПре 6 дана

    Omg. Living for these products! I actually tried the salty xmondo from my friend and now I have decided to buy my own products with wave tech and salty. Thank you, Queen of Hair!🤩💖

  85. Crystal Flores

    Crystal FloresПре 6 дана

    As soon as I saw the results for the first review i bought this product. Ive been watching you for so long! Im so happy and proud of you!

  86. Freya Starks

    Freya StarksПре 6 дана

    awww brad i was so excited to try your products that in the middle of this video i bought the wave tech foam before i saw your 10% off :(

  87. Darlene 1_26

    Darlene 1_26Пре 6 дана

    Ok I'm going to try this. Got the bundle. If I have any problems you're going to come skydiving and perm my hair for free right? Lolololol. Love ya Brad,

  88. addy labossiere

    addy labossiereПре 6 дана

    Okay soooooooo, please we need curly hair products. Like some 3a 3b curl products

  89. addy labossiere

    addy labossiereПре 6 дана


  90. Beeru

    BeeruПре 6 дана

    We need a worldwide shipping that just not fair :c

  91. Arne Baeyens

    Arne BaeyensПре 6 дана

    Oh I love these, I want to try them too! Could you please make shipping to Europe available for the xmondo products?

  92. Ireland Morton

    Ireland MortonПре 6 дана

    BRAD i am a biracial girl with tight curls that are extremely damaged from bleaching a year ago and the color looks horrible; brassy. Would you recommend going straight in and dying it a dark brown color from natural instincts or should i do something else first

  93. Lucy Serrata

    Lucy SerrataПре 6 дана

    Now I HAVE to buy this!

  94. Emma Wood

    Emma WoodПре 6 дана

    I found this in time to get the discount! I've always has such a hard time trying to tame my hair and I have high hopes for this! 🤞🏼

  95. Victoria Kutnik

    Victoria KutnikПре 6 дана

    so brad... why are all but one of these videos white girls. They totally have curly hair and love that they're in it but we really need to see poc in this as they tend to have curlier, as well as coarser hair... does this product work for them...

  96. Cody G

    Cody GПре 6 дана

    We love Emma. Just saying lmao

  97. Chasity’s Artistry

    Chasity’s ArtistryПре 7 дана

    I just bought 3 products wave tech glitterati & electrified volumizing foam 😍😍😍😍

  98. Grace Rothlander

    Grace RothlanderПре 7 дана

    Do you have any tips for girls with super dry and curly hair?? My hair needs serious help 😭😭

  99. Lilyanna Marie

    Lilyanna MarieПре 7 дана

    Hey Beutiful the only one who tells me that. And LOVE the hair dye have been wearing it for so long it really lasts

  100. koala 5575

    koala 5575Пре 7 дана

    man I could see my sisters hair after using this she has the most natural curly hair and struggles to find products to work , but sadly cant get it in south africa :'(

  101. Bre Francis

    Bre FrancisПре 8 дана

    I just wanna buy it all ughhhh I hate not getting hours because of the pandemic.😅 Tax return time Im ordering EVERYTHING.😂😂

  102. Keyla E

    Keyla EПре 8 дана

    as someone in the curly hair community these are pretty mediocre results, i mean go look at manesbymell

  103. Mira Mira On The Wall

    Mira Mira On The WallПре 8 дана

    I feel so stupid, I just ordered this product and forgot to use the discount code! 😣

  104. Ashley Louise

    Ashley LouiseПре 8 дана

    Brad please offer shipping to Australia! I just tried to order all of your products and when I checked out it said no shipping to Australia :(

  105. Sara jacobs

    Sara jacobsПре 8 дана

    ok what about the next morning? unless you wash ur hair everyday?

  106. Gaming Panda

    Gaming PandaПре 8 дана

    I have very tight curls and African American hair I can't control it

  107. JennaKlaire

    JennaKlaireПре 8 дана

    @bradmondo. Where are you? I will come to your salon to help me with my curls. Hey I could use a road trip or plane trip