Hairdresser Reacts To People Bleaching Their Hair Till It Falls Off

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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people bleach their hair so many times that it becomes mushy, gooey, gross and falls off.
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  1. Brad Mondo

    Brad MondoПре месец

    Thanks again to Harry’s! Click here to redeem your Trial Set for just $3! Let me know what color razor handle you got in the comments below!

  2. Gayle's Videos

    Gayle's VideosПре месец

    Green because it’s my favorite color

  3. clarissa andrews

    clarissa andrewsПре месец

    I will have to add this to my list. My boyfriends been away at china for business since the beginning of November. Annnnnnd I decided to grow all my f*cken body hair out to review all the razor companys. Wooooo! So excited to shave soon!

  4. Annmary Clitson

    Annmary ClitsonПре месец

    Do edvasian plis

  5. Ena Korać ex Šofranac

    Ena Korać ex ŠofranacПре месец

    Going to a hairstylist would be less expensive at the end and at least they would have the result they want!!!

  6. Molly4444

    Molly4444Пре месец

    Can U plz bring Eric back

  7. Life with Aare

    Life with AareПре 27 минута

    Tell me how I just saw the person in the first videos tiktok yesterday......

  8. Ashley Wilcox

    Ashley WilcoxПре 6 сати

    This outfit is very David Rose

  9. Alexa M

    Alexa MПре 8 сати

    Your hair in this video Brad 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  10. LexOrcha X

    LexOrcha XПре дан

    i watch these bc these are my worst fears lol

  11. Grace H

    Grace HПре дан

    Brad: hey beautiful! Me: laying in bed in an old sweatshirt and a double chin 👁👄👁

  12. Sam Anderson

    Sam AndersonПре дан

    I did a bad bleach job on butt length hair 😢😢 shaved the lot off

  13. Sierra Salvino

    Sierra SalvinoПре дан

    Me as a cosmo student sitting here finishing brands sentences 😂

  14. Hayley November

    Hayley NovemberПре дан

    The way he says ‘agaaaiinn’ hahaha

  15. Hayley November

    Hayley NovemberПре дан

    And his faceeee 😂

  16. Slave Called Shiver

    Slave Called ShiverПре 2 дана

    Seven times? Seven times??? Wow. Dude blasted right past my record. I bleached my hair 3 times once in high school. I knew it would do a ton of damage, I just really didn't care... about... well, anything (at the time). I thought THAT was bad. Sevennnn????? I'm glad he chopped it off because holy god. He was sporting straight straw on his dome.

  17. Cry Rose

    Cry RoseПре 4 дана

    The whole structure has been compromised Lmfaooooo

  18. Honeydew

    HoneydewПре 4 дана

    Ohhh nooo chilllddd!! Thats some reasons i have hair issues. Since my last hair salon experience i never went back to a salon again and now im in need of TLC! N here i am enjoying yo reaction to nightmare hair lmfao

  19. DominosAndHearts

    DominosAndHeartsПре 5 дана

    Watching this whilst about to bleach my hair the 4th time in 3? Weeks 😬 this time just spot bleaching though haha (black box dye to blonde)

  20. ionela cavallaro

    ionela cavallaroПре 5 дана

    the blonde on the guy looked sooo good!

  21. Parker Walker

    Parker WalkerПре 5 дана

    i actually got my eyebrow slit! thank you for noticing 😌

  22. Dawn Marie D

    Dawn Marie DПре 5 дана

    Color correction is the most expensive service right? Or no?

  23. hey lol *waiting*

    hey lol *waiting*Пре 6 дана

    this makes me not want to bleach my hair 💀😍

  24. Alex B.

    Alex B.Пре 6 дана

    Just to add to Harry's: they're cruetly free. My and my husband using our rasors and thye great for his and my skin equally!

  25. Darth Vader

    Darth VaderПре 6 дана

    aww i love these intros, i always feel so bomb afterwards

  26. PK Blondie

    PK BlondieПре 6 дана

    Why is he not just doing the roots and then toning. Geez bro. Learn.

  27. Samara Nalley

    Samara NalleyПре 6 дана

    Brad: you are glowing✨ Me: it’s just oil😂

  28. Ashley Reid

    Ashley ReidПре 7 дана

    Brad is giving me David Rose vibes with this sweater I love it! Love this look. Yikes on these bleaching fails but again I love how Brad can still find the positive side and be so sweet.

  29. Kayla Gadsby

    Kayla GadsbyПре 7 дана

    Brad Ross --> No explanation needed

  30. Kpop Stan

    Kpop StanПре 7 дана

    Brad:hi beautiful *Me w a giant pimple on my chin* Me-brad dont lie i understand😭

  31. Amy Bainbridge

    Amy BainbridgeПре 7 дана

    Brad doesn’t wear the same thing twice. How does he live in NYC with that wardrobe?!

  32. Amy Bainbridge

    Amy BainbridgeПре 7 дана

    You can’t hate your sponsor so I don’t believe any of the BS but I know you gotta get paid. So I don’t blame you

  33. Little_dino

    Little_dinoПре 7 дана

    Permanent box dye, came out of my hair, with 2 days... besides the fact that it didn't stay in my hair in the first place

  34. Meli na

    Meli naПре 8 дана

    I have a question: I bleached my hair blond and then red but I’m sick of it I wanna go platinum blond what should I do btw the red is pretty washed of loll

  35. Ara Ferg

    Ara FergПре 7 дана

    I'm no professional, but I would do what Riso Roy said but wait a few days to a week before doing it, just to give your hair time to breath. Then again, I have 4C hair and have never bleached, dyed, nor straightened my hair so I could be wrong lmaoo

  36. Riso Roy

    Riso RoyПре 7 дана

    You could use dye remover or bleach bath to remove the color

  37. Meli na

    Meli naПре 8 дана

    I’d love to see brad showing us how to bleach hair the right way

  38. Firee Mellon

    Firee MellonПре 9 дана

    Brad’s hands rlly look different from the front camera... i love you brad

  39. cherishtheday222

    cherishtheday222Пре 9 дана

    The last girl just needs to put in some box braids. Let it grow out. She'll be fine.

  40. Tari Tangeo

    Tari TangeoПре 9 дана

    What i learned from brads video is to just go brighter shade of brown if you wanna keep ur hair.

  41. KALEIDO jess

    KALEIDO jessПре 9 дана

    The first silver look is everything. I’ve always loved bold colours like that.

  42. Stacey Cleaver

    Stacey CleaverПре 10 дана

    The first bloke's facial expressions annoyed me more than they should have!!!

  43. Malamaca

    MalamacaПре 10 дана

    Ok so I'm from Austria and i don't know what a developer is? Is it the actual bleach? What do you do with a developer? What's the german word for it

  44. Celestia Ludenberg

    Celestia LudenbergПре 11 дана

    I bleached my hair but forgot to record it well time to start over

  45. Dark Wolf

    Dark WolfПре 11 дана

    Oh no I'm nervous for them.

  46. Simply Cynical

    Simply CynicalПре 11 дана

    I like that the shoutout for this video has *the same color palette* lol i love ur videos

  47. Fwy

    FwyПре 11 дана

    Its Noxh on the thumbnail!

  48. Thandi King

    Thandi KingПре 12 дана

    i love the way u greet me i love it

  49. Not Your Daughter

    Not Your DaughterПре 12 дана

    yes brad i did do something different 😎 i bleached the hell out of my hair and now i got a split dye

  50. Erik Farley

    Erik FarleyПре 12 дана

    why do I want to see him in a full beard.. :0

  51. Alexandra Patricia Hawkins

    Alexandra Patricia HawkinsПре 12 дана

    No no you’re the beautiful one hunny 😩❤️

  52. Juana Mora

    Juana MoraПре 13 дана

    Here because it was cut off on snap and I wanna see what happened to the girl with the pink 😅

  53. z

    zПре 13 дана

    Yo i wanna dye my hair red but I’m so flipping scared if i do smth wrong like I’ve watched brads Videos for a while now but i still think i need a lil bit more knowledge abt dying my hair-

  54. Rebecca Ruiz

    Rebecca RuizПре 13 дана

    Anyone else text ? 😁

  55. Gabsie

    GabsieПре 14 дана


  56. Danielle Brunelle

    Danielle BrunelleПре 14 дана

    Yeah I fried my hair... now I’m trying to figure out good items to help fix it

  57. Ashley Martinez

    Ashley MartinezПре 14 дана

    What did you do to your hair here exactly? It’s looks really good. Shadow root? What color/brand of toner. It’s beautiful. I want this

  58. cosmina logojan

    cosmina logojanПре 15 дана

    i love how he said they! respecting those pronouns

  59. Ridli King

    Ridli KingПре 15 дана

    Brad I just wanna say it makes me happy to hear your compliments in the beginning of your videos. Thank you so much!

  60. Neslihan C.

    Neslihan C.Пре 15 дана

    I love the way he greets his subscribers so much. I feel appreciated, immediately ❤❤

  61. brenna lang

    brenna langПре 15 дана

    the first 5 seconds of the video: me: *sitting in pyjamas drinking milk* ahaha nooooo

  62. Shiloh A

    Shiloh AПре 15 дана

    Snapchat only showed one of these so I had to find the full video

  63. Tozrz Toxic

    Tozrz ToxicПре 15 дана

    Do you as much as I love you doesn’t look like you’ve been in the sun heaps did you need to go surfing you get your old look back you have it but you need to get tan L you

  64. Cheri Kozie

    Cheri KozieПре 15 дана

    I love You ,and happy Easter!

  65. Fanny Lindström

    Fanny LindströmПре 15 дана

    I have dyed my hair so many times that they have fallen out

  66. Katherine Christensen

    Katherine ChristensenПре 15 дана

    Hello beautiful people 😍

  67. Myalynn Grant

    Myalynn GrantПре 16 дана

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  68. vXnerdyGachaXv ‘

    vXnerdyGachaXv ‘Пре 16 дана

    I’ve bleached my hair 48 times- it sounds fake but no- 🥳

  69. Jayden Hamilton

    Jayden HamiltonПре 16 дана

    see this is why when i was in my stages of doing fun colors i did the fun colors then decided going into hs i needed to stick with black and that’s what i’ve done- my natural hair is black so it suites

  70. caraleigh100

    caraleigh100Пре 16 дана

    With this type of title you just know that all of the videos are all going to be bad. Eeeeaaaaaghhhhhhh

  71. lizzie

    lizzieПре 16 дана

    Brad I’m dying this is so funny. You watching the first guy is sending me.

  72. Can't Say

    Can't SayПре 17 дана

    ... I'm never dyeing, bleaching or cutting my hair again.

  73. jay

    jayПре 15 дана

    That’s what they all say...

  74. Can't Say

    Can't SayПре 16 дана

    @Francia Renee everyone makes mistakes, you're okay 💕

  75. Francia Renee

    Francia ReneeПре 16 дана


  76. वसु

    वसुПре 17 дана

    yes Brad I've been binge eating junk, and the glow is just perspiration out of being a couch potato, love you❤💖❤💖🥰

  77. Ary

    AryПре 17 дана

    Me wanting to bleach my virgin, jet black hair watching Brad like, "I can't mess it up that bad, right?"

  78. ana sotnas

    ana sotnasПре 17 дана

    Is Brad Mondo calling me beautiful AaaAahh

  79. Cristal Chacon

    Cristal ChaconПре 17 дана

    I love how supportive you are Brad!! Love it!

  80. D K

    D KПре 18 дана

    Can’t believe after 8 bleaches there was still hair...looked cute in the end luckily. Sheesh.

  81. Mia AG

    Mia AGПре 18 дана

    Smh second girl got the grey I wanted and she said it used to be purple smh

  82. Luci_In_The_Sky

    Luci_In_The_SkyПре 18 дана

    I bleached my hair until it legit felt like damp rubber bands. For anyone who’s curious as to what over-processed hair feels like, that’s how I describe it. I put oil on it and didn’t wash it with shampoo for months and eventually, it somehow kind of repaired itself. Lol. Never again.

  83. Bekky B

    Bekky BПре 18 дана

    The oh my god dance 😂😂

  84. Iesha Bling Boss

    Iesha Bling BossПре 18 дана

    Hey beautiful!!! You are looking fabulous, as always! Just want you to know you are amazing😘

  85. Sarai Solorio

    Sarai SolorioПре 18 дана

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  86. Jah’leya

    Jah’leyaПре 19 дана

    No ones gonna talk about his attempt to do that dance😂 it was amazing ✨and his laugh😅

  87. myra warden

    myra wardenПре 19 дана

    I dyed my hair a couple hours ago its so pretty omg i love it

  88. *Lilly Flower*

    *Lilly Flower*Пре 19 дана

    Brad: “don have different colors all the time Also Brad: *has new hair color every month*

  89. Céline Ulurak

    Céline UlurakПре 19 дана

    Why is she using dish soap

  90. Poppy

    PoppyПре 19 дана

    I bleached my hair so often. Like 4 times or more per day. 1 time per week. The maximum was with 12% bleach😂😂 and my hair never fell off lol

  91. Becky Austin

    Becky AustinПре 19 дана

    I've noticed that you're very tempted when it comes to hair so I haven't dyed my hair and like 5 years or longer and I need a whole new look could you help me out¿?????????? PLEASE 🙏 yes I guess that's a challenge LOL

  92. jordan bray

    jordan brayПре 19 дана

    i literally had to shave my head cus i burnt it off with bleach lololol

  93. Cee Ell

    Cee EllПре 19 дана

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  94. Jackie Kraus

    Jackie KrausПре 20 дана

    The unwieldy satin inevitably repair because journey immunocytochemically unlock but a utopian hallway. gaudy, hallowed self

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    Antonella DreyerПре 20 дана

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  96. -Zara -

    -Zara -Пре 20 дана

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  97. Kaylie collins

    Kaylie collinsПре 20 дана

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  98. dingoskye

    dingoskyeПре 20 дана

    I always use a bathing cap instead of foil, because its re-useable

  99. Marta Darder

    Marta DarderПре 20 дана

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  100. Julia Lumina

    Julia LuminaПре 20 дана

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  101. Delaney

    DelaneyПре 21 дан

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  102. krysbakemancovers

    krysbakemancoversПре 21 дан

    Awwww I’ve tried Harry’s actually and the razor burn was horrid for me personally. Idk what yall men do to keep that from happening on your face, but I need that kind of blessing cuz I just can’t with their razors.

  103. Rébeka Martin

    Rébeka MartinПре 21 дан

    Can you please help me before i do those mistakes too? i want to be blonder but don't know what could suits me best I need your help!! please Brad help a girl out.. i love you with all my heart btw:)

  104. faggotswag

    faggotswagПре 21 дан

    this is my favorite thing ever just seeing brad watch a bunch of teenagers and young adults fuck up their hair

  105. Chloe Ryan

    Chloe RyanПре 21 дан

    What hair colour does brad have here ?? Like a grey or light browny blonde ?? I want that colour !

  106. D O

    D OПре 21 дан

    I have been a hair stylist for over 30yrs, So I can relate to Brad’s reactions. I just love you Brad, you are so real and honest, and I just think you are so gorgeous!!! You really have a good thing here, don’t ever stop educating people!!! I love watching your videos! You da bomb!!! 💇🏻‍♀️✂️

  107. Amalia Rincon

    Amalia RinconПре 21 дан

    Hi Brad, I love your color of hair you are having that's how I want my hair to look currently trying to go grey or should I say salt and pepper without bleaching.

  108. Sofia Cabrera

    Sofia CabreraПре 21 дан

    And this is why I do to a professional to get my hair dyed

  109. My Rezz

    My RezzПре 22 дана

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  110. Christina Lowry

    Christina LowryПре 22 дана

    I used to do my hair myself and I would think I did such a good job then I started watching brad and I haven’t even tried to do it myself cause I realize how much I was really doing wrong. I’m coloring my hair for my gender reveal and I’m going to a salon to have it bleached and I’m having my sister in law put in the Demi permanent color for me so I can be surprised, I’m not fucking around with my hair anymore

  111. Larissa

    LarissaПре 22 дана

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