Hairdresser Reacts To People Coloring Their Hair With Sharpies

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch people attempt to color their hair with sharpies. The results were actually kind of shocking...
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  1. paola renteria

    paola renteriaПре 22 минута

    The second guy was yelling at the screen and for what?? He was so intense 😂😂 even his tan is intense man

  2. Lizzy Wizzy

    Lizzy WizzyПре 2 сата

    Why is no one talking ABOUT THE 3 GIRL

  3. Darth MineCart

    Darth MineCartПре 2 сата

    This is so good lol 😆

  4. Heather Winberg

    Heather WinbergПре 3 сата

    Brad: Why is he screaming at me??? Me: Why is he ORANGE??

  5. Erin Amos

    Erin AmosПре 4 сата

    Sharpies are also pretty expensive. So they might as well just buy actual color

  6. Suanne Ali

    Suanne AliПре 4 сата

    There is a reason why they don’t use sharpies in the aerospace industry. Sharpies contain an acid that can eat away aluminum. Xylene might be considered “organic”, but it can eat away styrofoam just like acetone. No one ever mentions the other stuff like ethanol or ethylene glycol in sharpies that can possibly cause a massive skin irritation. I mean, I don’t mind watching others attempt it, but I wouldn’t do it. Btw a large pack of sharpies can cost $20 US. Why not just buy a dye? No pliers or blowing needed.

  7. Bianca Robles

    Bianca RoblesПре 4 сата

    Brad mondo you are being tagged in your fan group for this on Facebook you should really help her out “My mom is battling cancer. When she was on chemo, she lost all of her hair. It’s grown back some and she hates it. She’s also a huge fan of Brad Mondo. He makes her laugh and feel some happiness. What would be a good way to try and get her seen? Do you think he would come to us to do something with her hair to give her a confidence boost and a happy dream come true?” I would attach the photos but tiktok won’t give me that option. I commented on a lot of ur vids on fb until it restricted me. The photos are there for u to see. Please I feel for this woman and I have no relation to her I’m just trying to help out another person that is having some major internal battles in her life right now.

  8. Virginia Clower

    Virginia ClowerПре 6 сати


  9. Art

    ArtПре 7 сати

    The one guy looks like an Oompa Loompa

  10. FrauYaU

    FrauYaUПре 8 сати

    Why is that guy so orange?

  11. TheAngryChinchilla

    TheAngryChinchillaПре 9 сати

    The sebastian kid is so spastic, he acts like he's on meth. Like breath man, it's just hair. And also, he says his hair is falling out, runs the hairbrush through his hair, and you can see there's no clumps on the brush. Like really dude? Gtfo here. If you're gonna lie, at least make it believable. Although, the orange spray tan makes me think he just doesnt understand what other people know is fake.

  12. Kaidance

    KaidanceПре 9 сати

    Sebastian Bails being here makes this video feel like a Brad Mondo Kurtis Connor cross over

  13. Lenka Vlčková

    Lenka VlčkováПре 13 сати

    Brad watching Sebastian is a whole vibe

  14. Meghan_ Shew

    Meghan_ ShewПре 14 сати

    LOL Brad having to toddler explain why his hair turned green 🤣😂🤣 .... 🔵+⭐=💚


    CALLIN4MARIIIAПре 17 сати

    Lmao @ your reaction when the second person came on. “What the hell was that”

  16. meredith miles

    meredith milesПре дан


  17. Briana Istre

    Briana IstreПре дан

    It’s Sebastian Balls! And you can laugh at him. He’s made highly questionable videos about sexual assault “pranks” and physical abuse “pranks” against his girlfriend. He’s basically trash.

  18. fabulouzD

    fabulouzDПре дан

    Why would you use a 40 volume developer? 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  19. myneoangel

    myneoangelПре дан

    You can get a box of hair dye for the same or less price... I just don’t understand this 🧐

  20. Nurse Jenna

    Nurse JennaПре дан

    I could only get through the first one. That second person needs to relax. Jesus.

  21. Ali Perez

    Ali PerezПре дан

    “I literally look like a carrot” 😂😂😂

  22. Desirée R

    Desirée RПре дан

    "I look like a carrot" 😂 I fucking DIED. Dead, I'm dead. 😂😂😂

  23. Random Person

    Random PersonПре дан

    Sebastian knew what he was doing. It was for the literal shock and drama. I dislike him so strongly

  24. Thunderous Mastermind

    Thunderous MastermindПре дан

    That sebastian character looks like an oompa loompa haha no shade but lowkey its true 😂

  25. Thunderous Mastermind

    Thunderous MastermindПре дан

    Can you imagine gettin that sharpie ink on ur face skin haha juss use black hair dye wtf lol that was so much work for no reason hahaha

  26. Rylan Conner

    Rylan ConnerПре дан

    I love that Brad didn't say a word about sebastians spray tan and how he looked like an oompa loompa after his shower

  27. The Burdened Societies

    The Burdened SocietiesПре дан

    wtf was that 2nd one and why is he so orange..

  28. Wes Johnson

    Wes JohnsonПре дан

    Jesus loves you 🌷🤩

  29. Daniela Takacsova

    Daniela TakacsovaПре дан

    Sebastian scared me when he sayd tooday

  30. Daniela Takacsova

    Daniela TakacsovaПре дан

    The first video is of tori

  31. Skylah

    SkylahПре дан

    I love Brad, I've been watching his video's for years and I recently started bingeing Brad's videos again. I don't know why, but it seems like his overall vibe has changed. He just seems way more mellow and like he his energy isn't as present. Not at all saying this is a bad thing per se, I'm just sharing my observation is all

  32. Ann Scd

    Ann ScdПре дан

    Why did I expect them to do this the way they would draw on paper. I was really thinking how are they going to cover their whole head strand after strand with the small tip of a sharpie

  33. Hꪖཞꪶꫀꪗ Qᥙỉຖຖ

    Hꪖཞꪶꫀꪗ QᥙỉຖຖПре дан

    And Sebastian needs an award for his acting... and one for being the most LIVELY ORANGE EVER. (Don’t question why I’m using this account to leave comments. Just - shHh.)

  34. RBG GANG

    RBG GANGПре дан

    Wth was that 😂😭😭

  35. LuxurCr3 Tv

    LuxurCr3 TvПре 2 дана

    Sharpes ughhh u have to use alcohol n hot water just to rinse it off ur hands the rinse out the hair processsssssss owfffff

  36. Talor Sheffield

    Talor SheffieldПре 2 дана

    Why did the boy who put to much fact tan on’s hair look like zhc’s hair

  37. Annabelle Harden

    Annabelle HardenПре 2 дана

    sebastian reminds me of a male jojo siwa 😳

  38. Kirrilly Early

    Kirrilly EarlyПре 2 дана

    I love your hair😁😁

  39. Arina Mhamad

    Arina MhamadПре 2 дана

    Brad mondo I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 🥺😭❤️

  40. Chris Geroleto

    Chris GeroletoПре 2 дана

    BUUUT 😂 I think that the 40vol in Sebastians Video actually did maybe pushed it over the edge and the breakage was real I MEAN he put straight 40vol developer on his dang overlightened Hair. And it wasn't actually that yellow when he started, I rather think that the Developer distorted the Pigment and ate away on it, so most Blue colors fade to a greenish color, so that's what he got in the end. But heeey he runied his hair 😂 10/10 there for that And yes he's the most dramatic Person ever I think i just know him from your Video here, but boi his Videos seem to be cringey and loud 😂

  41. kalina marie

    kalina marieПре 2 дана

    Anyone else bothered by how the first girls middle part wasn’t even, even 😓

  42. Go To Gabby

    Go To GabbyПре 2 дана

    Why does the first girl look like vamperina

  43. Kristina Olson

    Kristina OlsonПре 2 дана

    md what if u did it wrong will it fall out just like bleaching ur hair wrong

  44. Kristina Olson

    Kristina OlsonПре 2 дана

    but the smell will ur hair smell like that tho

  45. makayla is goateddd

    makayla is goatedddПре 2 дана

    “hair Gods” 😂 no such thing

  46. Tesse’s Life

    Tesse’s LifeПре 2 дана

    I’m sorry brad but i was dyeing my hair with black box hair dye while watching this

  47. MacKenzie Sturm

    MacKenzie SturmПре 2 дана

    Brad just gave a Master Class on the difference between “extra” and “dramatic” for Sebastian’s video and I am HERE FOR IT 🙌🏻😂👑

  48. cece zurbrigg

    cece zurbriggПре 2 дана

    I love his shirt

  49. inihc

    inihcПре 2 дана

    I don't know who Sebastian is but Brad's commentary made my week

  50. Libby Rose

    Libby RoseПре 3 дана

    Brad i love your nailsss

  51. Ashley Landrum

    Ashley LandrumПре 3 дана

    Brad lured me in with his “hairstylist reacts” videos, but I stayed for the pep talks I get at the beginning of every video 😂

  52. Kamdyn Diischer

    Kamdyn DiischerПре 3 дана

    Sebastian really said oompa loompa

  53. Basma Ismail

    Basma IsmailПре 3 дана

    I am watching this at 3 am

  54. Gracie Rankin

    Gracie RankinПре 3 дана

    When Sabastian was crying I was laughing 😂 Am I a bad person?

  55. Annabella Stevens

    Annabella StevensПре 3 дана

    why do i have the 1st girl and the 3rd girls conditioner

  56. Annabella Stevens

    Annabella StevensПре 3 дана

    but like i feel like this works better with blondes..

  57. LexOrcha X

    LexOrcha XПре 3 дана

    Brad is so lovable

  58. Sydney Greene

    Sydney GreeneПре 3 дана

    Please don’t joke about having PTSD, it’s not fun to live with and it’s not a joke 😞

  59. Sherry C

    Sherry CПре 3 дана

    Wow I can’t believe how good her hair turned out and what kind of markers did she use? If she really what it did a good job with her hair it would’ve turned out really good

  60. Sherry C

    Sherry CПре 3 дана

    Why are the top of his hands white and the bottom tanned you’re supposed to put tanner on the top not the bottom and you wash your hands after applying self tanner or use a mit!

  61. Sherry C

    Sherry CПре 3 дана

    Yes you are supposed to use conditioner why he use developer? After you use self tanner you need to wash your hands just saying!

  62. Devllbeat

    DevllbeatПре 3 дана

    That's what i came here fooor , Brad Reaction to Sebastian xD and im happy to see how he destroyed his career respectfully nfjffjhdv

  63. Monse Coronado

    Monse CoronadoПре 3 дана

    I have the same hello happy pillow as tori

  64. Lovely Leaah

    Lovely LeaahПре 3 дана

    The sebastian guy annoyed me, why are you orange with pink cheeks 😐🧍🏾‍♀️

  65. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki KenПре 3 дана

    5:27 the fun part starts here how he instantly killed his loud intro🤣🤣🤣

  66. Addison Moss

    Addison MossПре 3 дана


  67. Vybing with Lady Lucs

    Vybing with Lady LucsПре 4 дана

    Dwl the guy in the neon color tho 🤣🤣

  68. Skrikz Draws

    Skrikz DrawsПре 4 дана

    God, the second guy is so obnoxious 😬

  69. Luna Preischel

    Luna PreischelПре 4 дана

    "Why is he screaming at me... what did I do?" The fact he said that with a straight face had me laughing for 5 minutes straight

  70. Ashley Mullings

    Ashley MullingsПре 4 дана

    I replied that second video like 10 times😳wait wasn't it blue wait wft just happend😲😱

  71. Bella Mae Mae

    Bella Mae MaeПре 4 дана

    Brad Mondo is my idol 👐💅

  72. Kailee Green

    Kailee GreenПре 4 дана

    "I look like a carrot" well maybe you shouldn't dye your skin orange sir

  73. Carebear R

    Carebear RПре 4 дана

    Why I'm here bad stuff you sad

  74. Hawaiiqt

    HawaiiqtПре 4 дана

    No hate to the dude but the guy in the second video is like 90% of the youtubers now dramatizing everything to make people click for views. I don’t know youtube isn’t what it was 10 years ago. Luckily brad is the same and we love that! 🥰

  75. Valeria j Trindade

    Valeria j TrindadeПре 4 дана

    I live tori she is actually great at dying hair and she also dyes her boyfriend's hair and it turns out great

  76. Meechie Baby

    Meechie BabyПре 4 дана

    This 48-year-old mom of 2 boys, ages 10, and 4 would almost, *almost* give her right arm for a makeover. My hair is waaay past my tailbone and hasn't been cut in 2.5 years. Lol! #MomLife

  77. Natacha Josue

    Natacha JosueПре 4 дана

    As soon as I saw the results Me: Why so serious Sebastian?

  78. Andrea López

    Andrea LópezПре 4 дана

    Could Sebastian be Trump's lost son? 🤔

  79. Christina

    ChristinaПре 4 дана

    I actually really loved the color it came out on the first girl. Like a lot lol.

  80. niña bonita

    niña bonitaПре 4 дана

    The orange guy looked like an umpaloompa from the original charlie and the chocolate factory😂

  81. Tlaizsa Grant

    Tlaizsa GrantПре 4 дана

    I really wanted him to react to McKenzie Marie

  82. Medina__anideM

    Medina__anideMПре 4 дана

    He even colored his face why

  83. loopygurl2

    loopygurl2Пре 4 дана

    The last girl looks adorable!

  84. Life is the step before death.

    Life is the step before death.Пре 4 дана

    The second guy looks like Donald trumps identical twin but his hair are leaves

  85. Eve Brown

    Eve BrownПре 4 дана

    Black isn't a color, in that case it's 'all' colors. Depending on the brand they use blues, greens or even 'browns' to get the mixture black color. This is one of the first things we learned in Chemistry. We took some special paper (I think, it's a long long time ago) and our pencils to see the prisma spectrum, and black really is a freaking rainbow.

  86. Kody Boye

    Kody BoyeПре 4 дана

    Science lesson @ 8:46 made me LOL.


    JASON SARAMAKПре 4 дана

    I’m gay so I’m allowed to say this. His blonde hair and cut looks like a butch lesbians

  88. Eshita Goel

    Eshita GoelПре 4 дана

    Are we just *not* going to talk about Brad's outfit? Like sisssss that is so fierce, giving me 80s ballroom vibes like HOT

  89. Barbara Sharwood

    Barbara SharwoodПре 5 дана

    Sebastian looked like a oompa loompa

  90. *Pheobe1 Kanobe*

    *Pheobe1 Kanobe*Пре 5 дана

    Mackenzie is prolly thinking what have I influenced these children to do

  91. becca lee

    becca leeПре 5 дана

    brad im sorry if you watch his videos you lose so much hearing thats why im kinda deaf :)

  92. Martina

    MartinaПре 5 дана

    *orange guy shows up* Trump... is that you?

  93. Nicole Babyface &Tattoos

    Nicole Babyface &TattoosПре 5 дана

    That guy was the orange-iest orange ORANGE I have ever seen and his PALMS WERE CRAZY DARK ORANGE! Wtf....use a mit.....and stop screaming.....and using fake tan.....and where were your tears when you were crying???? Ugh. Not a fan of offense. He clearly has a fan base, so get your coin man....but you aren’t my cup of tea.

  94. Tobio Kageyama

    Tobio KageyamaПре 5 дана

    My mom dyed my hair for me once. I was skeptical at first, but everything Brad says to do my mom does correctly. She used to dye her hair, so I’m really she’s educated in the hair dyeing department

  95. Eva Victoria

    Eva VictoriaПре 5 дана

    “This blue type consistency” Who’s gonna tell him that blue isn’t a consistency?

  96. lostinourfictionalworlds

    lostinourfictionalworldsПре 5 дана

    Why is this Sebastian so orange? I have to say it, it reminds me of Trump.

  97. lostinourfictionalworlds

    lostinourfictionalworldsПре 5 дана

    I wan't to colour my hair so bad

  98. AvaSparkles

    AvaSparklesПре 5 дана

    Don’t say you have PTSD if you don’t have PTSD

  99. ❲ Swooshie ❳

    ❲ Swooshie ❳Пре 5 дана

    Just looking at Sebastian reminds me of donald trump.

  100. Zudio Audio

    Zudio AudioПре 5 дана

    Why when brad is reacting to sebastian he acts like a tired mom on her period lol