Hairdresser Reacts To People Dying Hair Blonde To Bright Red

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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some poeple dye their hair bright red at home using only box dye. The results were shocking to say the least.
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  1. Kristinadk

    KristinadkПре 12 сати

    I think the 2nd girl believes her hair will only be red temporarily because it's "semi-permanent" ..probably thinks it'll wash out to her blonde again lol which is why she thinks she didn't "dye it"

  2. Angel Leighann

    Angel LeighannПре 18 сати

    I love how he expects the worst and the end results are awesome lol I’m telling you Box dye isn’t that bad but black box dye is but yeah :)

  3. Kelly Halwood

    Kelly HalwoodПре дан

    I don’t understand how people don’t section 😹 like I’m pretty sure my mom who’s been box dying her hair for YEARS still sections to this day

  4. AYA TV

    AYA TVПре дан

    lov e youuuu

  5. Gloria Sol

    Gloria SolПре 2 дана

    🤣🤣 I've kept my red hair for 5yrs now. It's not going anywhere.

  6. Laura Jane

    Laura JaneПре 2 дана

    Brad is my spirit guide!! I went from waist length black box dye hair (15 years of box dye) to very light blonde then cut my own hair just above my shoulders. I fully admit and own that it wasn’t the best decision and I am by no means a stylist! However, I spent days studying Brad’s videos and adjusted my plan accordingly. The instruction, honesty and passion he puts into what he does saved me from burning my hair and being forced to shave my head. Lol Brad is ALWAYS encouraging his fans and followers to embrace themselves no matter what. I just turned 37 and I’ve never felt more fierce and sexy. I love Brad so much because he always gives honest opinions and shares his real knowledge as an outstanding stylist but I have not once watched a video where he doesn’t build someone up and try to boost confidence and support. Brad Mondo you are a true blessing to a lot of people! Xoxo

  7. Bek

    BekПре 7 дана

    When you have naturally red hair. . . 😐😂

  8. Debra Manser

    Debra ManserПре 7 дана


  9. Emily Quimby

    Emily QuimbyПре 9 дана

    No one Brad: Why are you starting at the root?!?!?!

  10. R Mcnary

    R McnaryПре 9 дана

    What’s so funny is in the middle of this video there is a commercial is for nice and easy hair color

  11. DAMAGED.

    DAMAGED.Пре 9 дана

    Brad is the friend that gives good advice and would bail you out of jail.

  12. Sarah Hatcher

    Sarah HatcherПре 10 дана

    I’m blonde but have a hair appt with my girl. I never do at home color. But this time she’s going to take me a light coppery red blonde 😩😍 so excited but nervous!

  13. LadyEvalle

    LadyEvalleПре 10 дана

    I cannot wait to go red again!!! I need to bleach my grown out roots first....

  14. Kristina T

    Kristina TПре 10 дана

    "usually people don't wanna stay with red for a long amount of time" Lol I've been doing red, at home, for like 10 years now it doesn't even fade anymore so I just do roots basically

  15. Gilberto Santos

    Gilberto SantosПре 10 дана

    I love ❤️ to see you on the RSclub channel amazing 🇨🇦🇨🇦🥂🥂🥂

  16. Ninar Issa

    Ninar IssaПре 10 дана

    9:23 The girl: very very very very Me: berry berry strawberry Iykyk

  17. Rottie 55

    Rottie 55Пре 11 дана

    66yrs old been dying my hair since I was 20. Yeah some bumps like oh shit. But always get complements on how shiny and beautiful it looks. Thanks L'Oreal

  18. Jillian

    JillianПре 11 дана

    I've had my hair dyed permanent red for a year now and still LOVE it !!!

  19. NinjaMinxie

    NinjaMinxieПре 12 дана

    I woke up once and pierced my eyebrow - my psych nurse yelled at me for it 😅 So I rather take impromptu dying my shit hair

  20. Virginia M

    Virginia MПре 13 дана

    Angela boss is so VAPID!

  21. Who This

    Who ThisПре 13 дана

    Wait why does he kinda looks like damon salvatore

  22. Elizabeth Michelle

    Elizabeth MichelleПре 13 дана

    The downside to red hair is it fades too fast even when you don't wash your hair everyday.

  23. Lina Willard

    Lina WillardПре 13 дана

    Me waking up with the urge to make bad decisions: I'm gonna pierce my tragus today. Maybe I'll dye my hair red and then pierce my helix as well. Brad waking up with the urge to make bad decisions: I'm gonna paint my nails blue today.

  24. Emalee Gillean

    Emalee GilleanПре 14 дана

    Brad: most people who dye their hair red don’t keep it for very long me, who has been dying my hair red for about 2 years: 🧍🏼‍♀️

  25. Kara Robertson

    Kara RobertsonПре 15 дана

    I've had red hair for almost ten years, use semi permanent and that shit still lasts forever.

  26. maddie

    maddieПре 15 дана

    i need brad to pick out my red color

  27. KyliaTanai

    KyliaTanaiПре 15 дана

    We live for Sunny

  28. Aso La

    Aso LaПре 16 дана

    I have naturally black hair and recently went blonde but it's too high maintenance and costs too much money so I'm thinking of going red. Lol. So any suggestions???

  29. antonio snyder

    antonio snyderПре 16 дана

    I've had red hair for like five years, I have changed it a few times but the red always comes back, it's my new natural color

  30. Breanna Fargher

    Breanna FargherПре 16 дана

    Are there any other natural redheads watching this????

  31. Riley Pichie

    Riley PichieПре 16 дана

    when I had bright red hair I dyed it w permanent over a bleached base and then refreshed w Vampire Red by manic panic and i had it for like 6 months

  32. Arwens Child

    Arwens ChildПре 16 дана

    The skin of the thrid girl is so beautiful :o

  33. Luke Ontiveros

    Luke OntiverosПре 17 дана

    I really wish the first girl would’ve done a semipermanent red to silver ombré tbh

  34. Jared

    JaredПре 18 дана

    Is there a way to go from dark brown almost black hair to ginger red temporary (for st paddy's day)? TIA

  35. kerajade brewer

    kerajade brewerПре 20 дана

    You should make a video reacting to ppl dying their hair with manic panic electric lizard! It’s such a bright neon green

  36. ωнσαηυвιѕ

    ωнσαηυвιѕПре 20 дана

    I bleached then dyed my hair bright red, and little did I know.... *the nicknames* Pennywise, Ronald McDonald, Stop sign, Bozo, ect. Ngl I laugh at em-

  37. Julia Lems

    Julia LemsПре 21 дан

    I had red hair for 2 years, and I loved it! Im now back to short blonde hair bc dying it everytime make my hair very dry feeling and took way too much time and effort.

  38. Elizabeth T.

    Elizabeth T.Пре 22 дана

    Oof... I wish I had watched this before I colored my hair! I will personally say that the oops remover works pretty well!

  39. Cris Alien

    Cris AlienПре 23 дана

    Idkw I'm thrilled to know Brad has ADHD like me. If only he knew I've been hyper focusing on his videos for months now...

  40. Florence

    FlorenceПре 24 дана

    It’s 5 am and i think ima order some hair color and go from blonde to red😂

  41. Arnold Hubert

    Arnold HubertПре 20 дана


  42. Myki Roo

    Myki RooПре 25 дана

    Dyed my unbleached hair with the L’Oréal colorista red and it stayed for over 6 months and I had to bleach my hair 4 times to get it out was not the move

  43. Kieran Celli

    Kieran CelliПре 25 дана

    When are you going to make a red dye?!?!?I want it so bad!!!!

  44. Thorn Roseee

    Thorn RoseeeПре 27 дана

    Everytime I watch you I just think to myself you dress exactly like me and it's so cool

  45. Pocky Sockies

    Pocky SockiesПре 28 дана

    I’m blonde and I plan on going red with some dark brown/black roots. Ya girl needs a change, my hair is boring and it literally pisses me off to look at it. But at the same time I’m very afraid of messing my hair up. Wish me luck.

  46. Alicia Tuyeni

    Alicia TuyeniПре 27 дана

    Are u gonna Make a video too??

  47. evilcrazzyj g

    evilcrazzyj gПре 28 дана

    Are you going to make new videos

  48. evilcrazzyj g

    evilcrazzyj gПре 28 дана


  49. Tim Green

    Tim GreenПре месец

    I think you'd be a knockout in a dark deep copper red.

  50. Xochitl Madrigal

    Xochitl MadrigalПре месец


  51. episcopi

    episcopiПре месец

    If I have a 7.0 dye on my hair and put the 6.66 over it, does it work?? 🤔

  52. Hair by Mz Magic

    Hair by Mz MagicПре месец

    Love it...everyone did such a great job💜

  53. Angela Bullins

    Angela BullinsПре месец

    Wish I had someone like you in my home town to color and style mine and my bridesmaids hair for my wedding because I know for a fact someone like you would make my day great.

  54. Ariahnna Mitchell

    Ariahnna MitchellПре месец

    Make more videos for you black audience please 😭😭

  55. Arnold Hubert

    Arnold HubertПре 20 дана


  56. mera vul

    mera vulПре месец

    I want to coloring my hair white 🥺

  57. SilkeH6

    SilkeH6Пре месец

    For the second girl: Colorista says not to put it on blonde hair, because it's supposed to be a washout formula. And on blonde it definitely is not washout.

  58. Latasha mother of 4

    Latasha mother of 4Пре месец

    Why thank you for calling me I'm sitting on the toilet going pee and watching you

  59. Nici Azrael

    Nici AzraelПре месец

    The roots are not that hot bcs. She used the olia colour :))

  60. Leigh Vermeulen

    Leigh VermeulenПре месец

    9:30 brad helped her with her prob with her forhead she doesnt hide it anymore

  61. Elizabeth Noregaard

    Elizabeth NoregaardПре месец

    Make a “super copper” to refresh my red since it fades so fast. Pleeeeeease

  62. Eva Marie

    Eva MarieПре месец

    I have been dying my hair red (bright red in summer, dark red in winter) for YEARS. Like for 4 or 5 years now. I use to be always dirty blonde with blonde highlights and I felt bored with it so I decide to go red and I have been in love ever since. I fits my personality so well and makes me feel like a baddie.

  63. alex lee

    alex leeПре месец

    When Xmondo comes out with red I hope it’s as bright as the other colors, not burgundy/maroon. I need a vibrant red that doesn’t fade orange. When it comes out I want to try mixing it with the pink! Will keep using arctic fox until Brad blesses us with the new line

  64. Darlene Gattus

    Darlene GattusПре месец

    Gorgeous 😍

  65. Darlene Gattus

    Darlene GattusПре месец

    Love her accent

  66. Arnold Hubert

    Arnold HubertПре 20 дана


  67. Daniella Garcia

    Daniella GarciaПре месец

    I have natural red hair but went blonde for years now ,im ready to go red again but not sure what red .

  68. Mickey Armstrong

    Mickey ArmstrongПре месец

    “Usually people don’t stick with red for a long time” me: been dying my hair various reds for 6 years lmao

  69. Eglantine L.

    Eglantine L.Пре месец

    Those girls always end up with shiny/silky hair...what 's the secret ?

  70. Manuela Aquino

    Manuela AquinoПре месец

    warm skin uses orangy red?

  71. Jude Lanius

    Jude LaniusПре месец


  72. Zosja Altes

    Zosja AltesПре месец

    Brad:Nobody wants to stick to the colour red My sister whose been dying her hair red for the past 7 years:😶

  73. Kelli Gardner

    Kelli GardnerПре месец

    if youre dyeing your hair at home how do you not use box dye? he doesnt like box dye but if youre doing it at home what other option do you have?

  74. Cheryl Ardis

    Cheryl ArdisПре месец

    I feel sad for these people. Red is great, but the upkeep is worse than platinum. If you want to go back to pre red, good luck. Red refuses to let go

  75. Keeley Carlson

    Keeley CarlsonПре месец

    brad called me pretty and i really needed that today

  76. Zoe Barton

    Zoe BartonПре месец

    Omg we are to much a like lol Random I know yes that’s me

  77. Talaila Jimerson

    Talaila JimersonПре месец

    Okay okay don’t come for me but this is the first time I’ve ever disagreed with Brad. Pink is only cool if mixed with a purple or blue hue. Pink is a WARM color. Not cool. Idk why that bothered me so much buuuuuuut it did.

  78. Lou Seager

    Lou SeagerПре месец

    I just went from brown to red and idk how to feel about it sooo...

  79. Gemma Erasmus

    Gemma ErasmusПре месец

    “Haaa what is this isle, what is this how dare you make me what this video of you in the hair isle tryna bring the inner demon outta me rawwwrrhhh” 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👑👑👑👑👑🍻🍻🍷.

  80. Janal Stanza

    Janal StanzaПре месец

    I am waiting for red hahaha please!!! I have virgin asian hair and this is the one color I'm waiting for

  81. Nicolas perez

    Nicolas perezПре месец

    That last girl has the worst make up ever on her face, she looks so brassie, so fake., The worst part is that she thinks she's killing it , poor thing.

  82. gab

    gabПре месец

    Do ir with pink haaair

  83. briony Ivings

    briony IvingsПре месец

    the hair dye the first girl uses has no ammonia I'm not sure if its a thing in the us but the uk have it and its amazing!!!

  84. Alex Hristova

    Alex HristovaПре месец

    But also, the last girl used HiColor, which is the "red for dark hair only" line and hers was already light.

  85. A. Thimm

    A. ThimmПре месец

    Much love babe! Thanks for always keeping me inspired ❤️💕💕

  86. Katie Grooms

    Katie GroomsПре месец

    Dude I have like level 5 hair, and one day I got bored and picked up an auburn color at CVS. I wasn’t really caring about how I applied it, because I thought given how dark my hair is, at the least, the natural highlights in my hair would pick it up. NOPE. The top of my head turned ORANGE. major hot roots. And the rest of my hair was black. .... I had to have a color correction to reds and violets which took 5 hours in the salon. Red is a PIGMENTED color.

  87. Ari Studios

    Ari StudiosПре месец

    I saw todoroki in the thumbnail. And brad mondo. I’m simple see the 2 things I like I click

  88. Charlie Fowler

    Charlie FowlerПре месец

    When your sat watching this with a box blonde hair dye on 😂 sorry Brad I am a hairdresser I promise 🙊

  89. Hair BSB

    Hair BSBПре месец

    Omg I just watched another video and I left a comment that I wanna dye my blond hair red

  90. Denise Cuzco

    Denise CuzcoПре месец

    Is box dye really that bad for your hair? And when do you dye your hair do you start at the ends and then work to the root? Any additional tips I would appreciate, my sister is counting on me dying her hair and im a little nervous lol. Any help will do

  91. Nightwing

    NightwingПре месец

    I ordered the hydro conditioner from Mondo's site! I hope it keeps my hair healthy

  92. adeline calhoun

    adeline calhounПре месец

    I love your jacket 😭😭😭

  93. Emma's ear

    Emma's earПре месец


  94. Kur Shay

    Kur ShayПре месец

    Brad Mondo needs to take over pharmacy box dye lol if at all possible to make such product

  95. Leslie Averhoff

    Leslie AverhoffПре месец

    I had my hair in almost every color possible I just missed pastels but I always go back to red and is the one that it last the most on my head this last time I've been red-headed for 2 years now I changed for a dark purple which is lovely and made me sad when everyone told that purple looks better on me than red which is my fav lol let see how much this purple would last also I'm about to try the fabulous super purple xmondo 🤩.... 😁

  96. Celinchen :D

    Celinchen :DПре месец

    Might u please produce pastel colors?😫

  97. Anna Anna

    Anna AnnaПре месец

    You should watch Top Model from Poland, they have great, modern makeovers and the most creative openings!

  98. Erin BL Paintinglady

    Erin BL PaintingladyПре месец

    Oh my goodness, the third woman was so freaking pretty! It just POPPED on her and you could tell she felt awesome! I honestly loved all three of these ladies❤️🥰!

  99. Amilly-chan owo

    Amilly-chan owoПре месец

    Yoo he has adhd? Me too :D

  100. Lía zoe Rodriguez

    Lía zoe RodriguezПре месец

    I have red hair I put it on not long ago

  101. Taylor Rogers

    Taylor RogersПре месец

    I'm fending off boredom by watching Brad's videos. I love his videos. He is so true and he doesn't hold back on giving opinions but the truth is better then lying. Now, I'm not saying Brad is rude. Far from it actually. I just love his videos and I have questions about dying my hair again. Brad, if you see this, help.

  102. Xylan Jade

    Xylan JadeПре месец

    I need Brad in my life because he's the type who would understand me. Unlike others who tell me I'm a lunatic madman who have weird urges....😂😂😂😂

  103. Kay Gabriel

    Kay GabrielПре месец

    Excuse you Brad Mondo i spent like four years as a deep fake red lol :P I love going red Love this its so fun watching him react and educate :D

  104. tlh0121

    tlh0121Пре месец

    Please, please, please make red hair color. A bright and vibrant deep red, like a blood red, because I've had red hair for years now and have yet to find exactly what I'm looking for.