Hairdresser Reacts To People Dying Their Hair Bright Orange

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people dye their hair bright orange! These transformation were epic, stunning and a little questionable...
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  1. Emi Driessen

    Emi DriessenПре 4 минута

    Thanks babe you look goregous too❤❤

  2. Tara

    TaraПре 19 минута

    Brad is my spirit animal

  3. Nishka Hana Bissessur

    Nishka Hana BissessurПре 21 минут

    4:01 "Dry as he'll, look at it crusty" 😂😂😂😂

  4. ellie and her guitar

    ellie and her guitarПре 28 минута

    not me really saying thanks brad after u said i look good today

  5. Mashela Miesha

    Mashela MieshaПре 46 минута

    😂😂😂😂 the facial expressions are KILLING ME! I love watching these videos!!!

  6. bee

    beeПре сат

    sitting here with the third round of boxed bleach in my hair dont think its going well

  7. Jessica Bailie

    Jessica BailieПре сат

    Braddddd I miss the mullet

  8. Pamela F.

    Pamela F.Пре 2 сата

    RIP Special Effects Back in the day that was my go to brand

  9. Mia Schmitz

    Mia SchmitzПре 2 сата

    This man needs help, if you could spread awareness that would be amazing, go watch his video for more details #savejisu

  10. Kayla S

    Kayla SПре 2 сата

    You should do like another scene emo one, or split hair dye, that's what I have right now but I'm bout to try n make it all one color again, wish me luck lol

  11. Dena Cole

    Dena ColeПре 3 сата

    @Brad Mondo now you know you were straight lying when you said I’m glad she’s doing section by section... those sections were the size of Texas.... no ma’am... please go see a professional and stop trusting those “color professionals” at Sally’s... I cringed this entire video!! Please brad just do their hair for them cause Sally’s is doing them diiiirrrrttttyyy

  12. PizzaQueenTV

    PizzaQueenTVПре 3 сата

    me sitting here watching this video with my faded orange hair... My time has COME.

  13. Truly Blessed

    Truly BlessedПре 3 сата

    BRAD MONDO if you read this can you please tell me how to lighten roots from dark brown to blonde when you have a pixie cut? I dont know how to pull my roots up without overlapping and I need your advice. Thanks love.

  14. Spookarella

    SpookarellaПре 3 сата

    I've gone orange. I loved it so much.

  15. Weird_Watermelon

    Weird_WatermelonПре 4 сата

    People with naturally orange hair 🤯😳

  16. Vegan Atheist- Coral

    Vegan Atheist- CoralПре 4 сата

    Wish I could dye my hair cool colors. I work in an office so I have to keep "natural" colors. So I'm sad. I want LeeLue From 5th element type life

  17. Chrystal Wade

    Chrystal WadeПре 4 сата

    "she's going for a big chop-a-rooney" 😂

  18. Merna Youssef

    Merna YoussefПре 4 сата

    About timeeeeee for these colors

  19. Mocha Princess

    Mocha PrincessПре 4 сата

    Brad's reaction sounds and faces to the 2nd vid. has me fucking cackling

  20. J D

    J DПре 5 сати

    Love watching Brad freak when the hair looks amazing and he can't figure out how!!!

  21. Kayla Lyn

    Kayla LynПре 5 сати

    “Just fold them we don’t need to FTHHT”😂😂😂

  22. Luke Howel

    Luke HowelПре 5 сати

    I JUST got the orange out of my hair, don't make me want it again lmao

  23. Caroline Ritchie

    Caroline RitchieПре 5 сати

    I’ve always wanted to go with an orange hair color but alas I’m a redhead and am cursed to look like a copper penny forever🥲👍

  24. Ava’s Awesome Animals

    Ava’s Awesome AnimalsПре 5 сати

    Is there any way you can do a video on different hairstyles for sports? If so can you start with horseback riding?(something besides a braid cause they HURT when you are riding)

  25. Ashlyn Is Me

    Ashlyn Is MeПре 5 сати

    Everyone's gonna wanna be a weasley from his new hair color line :) (my fellow potterheads know)

  26. Kennedy Montanye

    Kennedy MontanyeПре 5 сати

    Can you mix your color line

  27. Emily Runk

    Emily RunkПре 5 сати

    LOL “y’all piss me awwwwfffff” I facepalm too Brad, I facepalm too.

  28. ava cortez

    ava cortezПре 5 сати

    anyone else have virgin hair and will never dye it crazy colors but just watch brad entertainment purposes? no just me

  29. indiepunkftw

    indiepunkftwПре 6 сати

    THIS. JACKET. IS. A. SERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ashley Rice

    Ashley RiceПре 6 сати

    I’ve had the same thing happen. I had a black half and bleached it, with 20 volume (can’t use anything higher due to my skin) and it turned neon pink and the pink wouldn’t come out AT ALL. So the pink was my new hair color. It never came out I just ended up dying over it.

  31. Niyah Ford

    Niyah FordПре 6 сати


  32. Carolina Andrade

    Carolina AndradeПре 6 сати

    Hey Brad, i’m from Brazil and i looooove your videos! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. izzy bella

    izzy bellaПре 6 сати

    I've had orange hair for almost a year now. I love it!

  34. blossom63

    blossom63Пре 6 сати

    okay but we MUST talk about brad's outfit because he looks so good in this 😭❤️

  35. Mia Isabel

    Mia IsabelПре 6 сати

    Me watching this at 01:00 on the 25th in the uk like: Ugh he’s 6 hours every behind me! The colours aren’t out yetttttt!!! 😩

  36. Mc Stalin

    Mc StalinПре 6 сати

    Mondo, you better not be starting this orange trend shit, I just went black I aint about to go pennywise back and fry it all up. I aint ready.

  37. Amber Cure

    Amber CureПре 6 сати

    i know you most likely wont see this but i need your help. im a natural platinum blond and last year i died it black big mistake. i want to know the best way to get back to my natural color.

  38. Sofia Gaievska

    Sofia GaievskaПре 6 сати

    Bradddd! Watch micarah tewers cutting her hair with toe nail clippers

  39. Zalys Peace

    Zalys PeaceПре 6 сати

    Brad, I am living for your attitude in this one. 😂❤

  40. Megan Bird Williams

    Megan Bird WilliamsПре 7 сати

    Brad Mondo, thank you for this video. I'm a fan of all of them, but this one spoke to me so much. As a teacher during Covid, some of your reactions are exactly what I'm thinking on a daily basis at work. Thanks!

  41. Lucy Gonzalez

    Lucy GonzalezПре 7 сати

    So I had dye my front strains of hair blue but now I want purple but I used color remover and it didn’t got all of it so now it’s green what do I do?

  42. Sashawna khan

    Sashawna khanПре 7 сати

    Your my inspiration. Will be colouring my hair soon. 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  43. Mina Galvan

    Mina GalvanПре 7 сати

    I always wanted to dye my hair orange :')

  44. Alison Hickey

    Alison HickeyПре 7 сати

    how is brad so shady without being mean

  45. Keirra Winn

    Keirra WinnПре 7 сати

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  46. Dead Level46

    Dead Level46Пре 7 сати

    I will be able to cut my hair and I’m excited I’m going boy short and I’m so excited ekkk

  47. Alaysia Marea

    Alaysia MareaПре 8 сати

    Color oops should work on anything except direct dyes😊

  48. Matthew Hagen

    Matthew HagenПре 8 сати

    i haven’t watched in a month and now the mullet is gone 😞

  49. Aleks andra

    Aleks andraПре 8 сати

    I NEED to see Brad in that bright orange hair! Wondering if it would look FIRE🔥

  50. Aliah Miranda

    Aliah MirandaПре 8 сати

    Why are you extra funny in this video 😂😂 also you did not have to go that hard on the girl in the first video 😐🤣

  51. SweetNSourSue21

    SweetNSourSue21Пре 8 сати

    When other people call me beautiful it doesn’t always feel genuine but brad is staring at a camera and has no idea that I exist probably but when he says it it always feels genuine ☺️

  52. Eve Tanaka

    Eve TanakaПре 8 сати

    It was so funny to watch Brad suffer😂😂

  53. Ayana Mertina

    Ayana MertinaПре 8 сати

    i did 2 videos brad should see...cuz i bleached my hair at home and then dyed it at home too #quarantinelife 😂

  54. Jázmin Az animatronik

    Jázmin Az animatronikПре 9 сати

    H I N A T A S H O Y O

  55. Lmfao Lia

    Lmfao LiaПре 9 сати

    He never fails 😌

  56. Dana Karanelan

    Dana KaranelanПре 9 сати

    Now I want to get my orange hair back. 😦😂

  57. Megan Reader

    Megan ReaderПре 9 сати

    I wish you did a black so bad I would buy that so fast

  58. April Foote

    April FooteПре 9 сати

    Got a question. How do fix bright red roots? Tried dying my hair red but roots turned bright red


    ASTRID AAПре 10 сати

    ooh...she is-she is going for a big shoparouniii...tha-thats for a another video I'm gonna stop it there...

  60. 3mutable6air9

    3mutable6air9Пре 10 сати

    I don’t know I get really annoyed at people who are just so mindless and chaotic when they do their hair. Like... why? It’s your hair, at least TRY ffs. That first girl is just so ugh. Get a grip!!!

  61. Camryn Shelton

    Camryn SheltonПре 10 сати

    The title of this video was shortened before I clicked on it, it said “Hairdresser reacts to people dying” 😂😂

  62. Hibiscus N.

    Hibiscus N.Пре 11 сати

    Praying for you, the viewers, and subscribers. John 3:16 "For God so love the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

  63. JaycieMari

    JaycieMariПре 11 сати

    Before I dyed my hair for the first time, I binge watched Brad Mondo so my hair wouldn’t fall out

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    Natalie BluntsluntПре 11 сати

    Brad is cracking me up In this

  65. flammin

    flamminПре 11 сати

    i have virgin naturual curly hair and it's super dark. I'm super board with it but scared and i really wanna dye it. what colour should i dye it lmao. my skin is brownish and kind of orangey-tan

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    Kiylah MillerПре 11 сати

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    misomaniac 05Пре 11 сати

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    Joy WilkinsПре 12 сати

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  69. Joy Wilkins

    Joy WilkinsПре 12 сати


  70. Bon Jovi

    Bon JoviПре 12 сати

    I've experienced two things with having natural red hair: "Omg I love your hair, don't ever dye it" and ginger jokes. No souls, freckles, etc

  71. Jennybear h

    Jennybear hПре 12 сати

    Last girl looks like penelope garcia lol

  72. Jasmin Herrera

    Jasmin HerreraПре 12 сати

    can you do a video for Root touch ups ! Like the RIGHT WAY of doing your roots and how often it would be recommended :)

  73. Danika Enfield

    Danika EnfieldПре 13 сати

    I was going to dye my hair orange last week but I had life get in the way. Its my weekend again so I feel so lucky that brad did a video on orange color the day im dying it.

  74. jackie b

    jackie bПре 13 сати

    I did mine bright orange this really pretty red then a dark purple blue color

  75. franninchen

    franninchenПре 13 сати

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    MaríaG BarretoПре 13 сати

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    Caterina HokansonПре 13 сати

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    Jazmine EzebuiroПре 13 сати

    Brad always knows how to make me laugh & educate me 😂 found his channel last year when I was pregnant, definitely helped me out during those long restless nights. Been a fan since. Love youuu Brad💕

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    AnnaПре 13 сати

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    K KaurПре 14 сати

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  83. A C

    A CПре 14 сати

    I should have recorded me shaving, bleaching and dying my 4c hair making a rainbow mowhawk. I did Brad justice until I got to the back with the color. I did it myself and couldn't see the application so the colors overlapped but the rest of my head is gorgeous

  84. Isabel Bullock

    Isabel BullockПре 14 сати

    Here I am watching this with bomb ass bright orange hair.... That I didn't think about recording and tagging brad for some stupid ass reason

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    Sky ScraperПре 14 сати

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    Søck -Пре 15 сати

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    TikTok SpamsПре 16 сати

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  92. Aksa Ann

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  93. Aksa Ann

    Aksa AnnПре 16 сати

    The first girl might need a whole container of orange hair dye just to dye her eyelashes

  94. Kirsty Crowther

    Kirsty CrowtherПре 16 сати

    Hi Brad, I’m worried that I’m using too much protein in my haircare, can hydrolysed protein still build up and lead to breakage or is that less likely since it’s hydrolysed? Also if a protein is around half way down the ingredients list where it isn’t as potent does that give it less chance of building up and breaking the hair?

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