I Tested Every Color Remover Method So You Don't Have To

Hi Beautiful! Today we figure out the best way of removing semi permanent hair color out of your hair without as little damage as possible.
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  1. Taylormadde Moersen

    Taylormadde MoersenПре сат

    Needed this. I’m a natural redhead and decided to dye my hair maroon....my red hair did not take it at all 😭 patchy af. I look like Ariel on crack

  2. Ana Karen

    Ana KarenПре 2 сата

    Where would I get vitamin C ???helppp

  3. Natural Healing

    Natural HealingПре 3 сата

    I put clairol professional semi / demi permanent wine brown in my hair 7 weeks ago. It is now pink, I cannot get it out! don't want to bleach or use dishwashing soap.

  4. Nicole Starr

    Nicole StarrПре 14 сати

    Does the tried and true method work on virgin hair? I have pink over virgin blonde hair.

  5. psychosammeh

    psychosammehПре дан

    I need measurements for the lighter shampoo one 😳

  6. J Winters

    J WintersПре дан

    My whole head is mint green after using joico color eraser on blue about the shade of his... I'm sad

  7. Jabyne

    JabyneПре дан

    I wanna try to dye my hair back to my natural hair

  8. Jacqueline Y

    Jacqueline YПре дан

    I can’t get pink out of my hair 😭😭 I’ve used everything. It’s been 6 months!

  9. Beth Giarratano

    Beth GiarratanoПре дан

    What is the proportions of lightener, shampoo, 20V and water did you use?

  10. Jessica Shomo

    Jessica ShomoПре дан

    Brad will the last one lift out dark hair dye? I want to try and go back to pink....🙏🙏

  11. Moth Goblin

    Moth GoblinПре дан

    5:49 corpse husband vibes

  12. Allanna

    AllannaПре дан

    1 tbsp dish soap, 1 tbsp shampoo, 3 tbsp baking soda, and 20 volume developer until egg yolk like consistency.

  13. Marie Burton

    Marie BurtonПре дан

    How would you get rid of those green ends?

  14. chicken's channel

    chicken's channelПре 2 дана

    I have deep blue in my hair to and I want to change the color, so I hope this helps to find a way out to remove it

  15. Mythiclast

    MythiclastПре 2 дана

    BRAD- i have a question, if i’m using 20 developer and my hair is already green. will it turn a brighter green or just blonde

  16. Lil Sprout

    Lil SproutПре 2 дана

    Soap and bleach makes mustard gass. I wouldn't be surprised if it does the same with shampoo and bleach.

  17. Tara Kennedy

    Tara KennedyПре 2 дана

    There are quite a few color removers on the marker formulated for semi-permanent color. Punky Color has a good one. I believe it is bleach based. Phase Out is a good vitamin based one but it did not pull magenta from my hair.

  18. sisii23

    sisii23Пре 2 дана

    4:50 i think this manekin is scary

  19. dead. inside

    dead. insideПре 3 дана

    How much damage will the 4th option do to natural hair? ive wanted to bleach my hair but have always been told the it will really damage my hair permanently. Also, is there a way to dilute the damage of the bleach?

  20. dead. inside

    dead. insideПре 3 дана

    that* my bad yall

  21. sarah rubinstein

    sarah rubinsteinПре 3 дана

    I need the bleach bath formula 😭

  22. Elizabeth Vo

    Elizabeth VoПре 3 дана

    When he doesn’t tell u the measurement for the best result one😂✋🏼

  23. Hilary Sweez

    Hilary SweezПре 3 дана

    for the bleach bath one... how much of each do you use??? can you just apply it like normal shampoo?

  24. lacey sorresso

    lacey sorressoПре 3 дана

    *me, a baby stylist still coming back to brad for everything even after schooling*

  25. Ariadne Janinis-Hensley

    Ariadne Janinis-HensleyПре 3 дана

    does a bleach bath also remove freshly died black? and also what proportions does the bleach bath need(how much bleach,developer etc)?

  26. Tara ShAeffer

    Tara ShAefferПре 3 дана

    Why is he saying they did a good job when they're still blue

  27. punk dad ash

    punk dad ashПре 3 дана

    so most of my hair has grown out and my natural hair color is black but I still have my very faded and a few other faded colors in at the ends of my hair could I use the bleach bath on my entire head or only on the ends? because I wanna redye my hair pink and if the bleach bath removes color and turns the hair blonde then couldn’t I use it on like my new growth too? so dying it can be much easier?

  28. anna

    annaПре 10 сати

    wondering the exactttt same thing!! lmk if you find out :)

  29. Lillie Marsh

    Lillie MarshПре 3 дана

    i tried to dye streaks of my hair black and they went blue and idk how to get it out so rip me

  30. daisy

    daisyПре 4 дана

    very useful video. I used semi-permanent blue on my har, but now they are kind of green which I don't like. So I will try the last mix to bring back the blonde on my hair wish me luck.

  31. Mineko-kun

    Mineko-kunПре 4 дана

    Whelp, hopefully all goes well with a bleach bath for me to remove black and red (*silently praying because I also have bleach underneath it all from my green hair phase*)

  32. Sunny79

    Sunny79Пре 4 дана

    My hair is bleached then has red on it, it’s faded to a pink but I want to do a light purple/silver but I don’t think my hairs light enough for that? What should I do

  33. leona awudu

    leona awuduПре 4 дана

    what’s the best thing to use on black hair :,)

  34. Fiona Ike

    Fiona IkeПре 4 дана

    POV your watching this while trying to bleach semi permanent black out of your hair

  35. Violet

    VioletПре 4 дана

    accidentally dyed my hair w permanent dye 😫

  36. Bailey’s house

    Bailey’s houseПре 4 дана

    so does this work wit lace

  37. Alea Divine

    Alea DivineПре 6 дана

    Would this work on black hair dye?

  38. Andrea Rodgers

    Andrea RodgersПре 6 дана

    Found and have been binging your videos!! 🙌 you are hilarious and give such helpful advice for those of us doing our own hair color! I've been doing my color with foil highlights and lowlights since April 2020!

  39. Anna Procopiou

    Anna ProcopiouПре 6 дана

    Hello Brad, love your videos! Is it the same as removing dark dye from bleached hair?

  40. KribboMack

    KribboMackПре 5 дана

    Yep, it might take you a couple times depending how dark or stubborn the colour you're trying to remove is

  41. April Oooo

    April OoooПре 6 дана

    Trying baking soda, lemon and dandruff shampoo. Crosses fingers. My light brown 🟤 came out VERY dark 🖤

  42. joanacoelhoma

    joanacoelhomaПре 6 дана

    help i had bleach blond hair and dyed it black once, how can i remove it without completely frying my hair

  43. ash

    ashПре 6 дана

    I'm Hispanic and I got my long hair light blonde with Olaplex. I am going through a phase and want to dye it BLACK but I'm too scared it will not come out and I'll ruin all my expensive highlights 😭. But I'm bored of highlights. Its been three years of blonde

  44. Makayla Ward

    Makayla WardПре 6 дана

    I use baking soda developer an dish soap and it works better than bleach

  45. Blake Marie

    Blake MarieПре 6 дана

    Are bleach baths safe to do on damaged hair?

  46. Ari Grace

    Ari GraceПре 7 дана

    Color oops has never lifted ANY color from my hair at all and idk why :/

  47. Jeandre Gagiano

    Jeandre GagianoПре 7 дана

    Please, Brad, I need a green! Your colors look amazing!

  48. Maebeth Cathey

    Maebeth CatheyПре 7 дана

    What are the measurements for the bleach one?

  49. Jamie Schneider

    Jamie SchneiderПре 7 дана

    Aww you wrote my name on a shirt, I'm also very dramatic thank you but its amie not 'aime just think you forgot it's ok.

  50. Rae McAlister

    Rae McAlisterПре 8 дана

    Have you ever done the vitamin C trick? It works so crazy good! It's super drying, though, so follow up with great conditioner, or mix in with oils during treatment!

  51. Judy Sherif

    Judy SherifПре 8 дана

    i need purple permanent color but it doesn’t fade away lmk because i want to dye my hair purple

  52. amayson100

    amayson100Пре 9 дана

    Have you tried vanish color corrector? I’m not finding too much information on it, not sure what possessed me to buy it. BTW I just discovered your channel and man you are a life saver, of course I found you after I completely destroyed my hair color...It’s very important I get my hair fixed before work. The color it is right now is 10000% not tolerated

  53. harriet

    harrietПре 9 дана

    Does the vitamin C damage hair at all, aside from drying out it really badly? If I did the vitamin c treatment multiple times in a row but then used a really good hair mask and lots of conditioner, would there be any damage?

  54. Hanna Pajanen

    Hanna PajanenПре 9 дана

    How badly does The Bleach Bath destroy your hair, any favorite hair masks to be used after?

  55. Kristina T

    Kristina TПре 10 дана

    Are you coming your with xmondo super red? I've been doing my hair red forever and I wanna try your red

  56. Veronica Dominguez

    Veronica DominguezПре 10 дана

    Why are there no measurements? How much of what do I do for the bleach wash? Please I look like Ronald McDonald with red hair

  57. Emily Foley

    Emily FoleyПре 10 дана

    Brad didn't even do the mixture that most people use.🙄 Dish Soap, Baking Soda, Dandruff Shampoo, Powdered Vitamin C, and a little bit of developer.

  58. Julie Violet Madden

    Julie Violet MaddenПре 6 дана

    Ok but it still worked the way he did it, I would understand why someone would be annoyed about that if it didn’t work

  59. Emily Foley

    Emily FoleyПре 10 дана

    Colour Oops literally says on the box not to use it on semi permanent dye.

  60. RoRoq kawaii

    RoRoq kawaiiПре 10 дана

    Omg thankyou so much. I dyed my mullet to collar red (don't ask me what's wrong with me). But I do kinda like it... but want some parts blonde again(?) Haha thankyousomuchhh

  61. Bekka F

    Bekka FПре 11 дана

    Ive had green hair for like 8 months. Ive refreshed it like 3 times. I want to get rid of it without going permanent or bleaching.

  62. Gianni Fundu

    Gianni FunduПре 11 дана

    Hey ll

  63. Sunshine

    SunshineПре 11 дана


  64. ExoticWaffle

    ExoticWaffleПре 11 дана

    I love how I found this video now... Right after doing a color removal on my hair and botching it :D I expected it to happen tho🙃 I just wanted some purple off before going blue, I would never go blonde on my own because of all the bleach fail videos I've seen💀 I'll only bleach it myself if I'm gonna put color on it (like now🙃)

  65. Marley Morningstar

    Marley MorningstarПре 11 дана

    Haha I don't even have to Google anything hair related. I just have to scroll through Brad's videos until I find the one that answers my questions. 😂

  66. Tanya Jacinto

    Tanya JacintoПре 12 дана

    I love ur channel so much!!! You should do a video of lightning ur hair with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, pls.

  67. cbchick1981

    cbchick1981Пре 12 дана

    My go to is L'oreal Paris haircolor remover I love it it works great but always hard to find.

  68. Holly Allen-jones

    Holly Allen-jonesПре 12 дана

    Anti dandruff shampoo mixed with vitamin c tablets works too


    MILCA SANCHEZПре 12 дана

    Whyyy can’t I get iro iro pink out 😖

  70. Jess Appleby

    Jess ApplebyПре 12 дана

    Ok but please Brad, will any of these work for permanent colours? If this type of video has been done for permanent colours then someone please leave a link!

  71. Mary C.

    Mary C.Пре 12 дана

    I have dye that's been in my hair for about a year that I want to get rid of while lighten my natural hair, would the last option work for that? I'm also natural red head.

  72. Christina Rose

    Christina RoseПре 10 дана

    Try color oops or one’n’only color fix (just don’t use the peroxide “step 3” in the box with color fix, it’ll make the dye molecules become large again which defeats the purpose. If you want to lighten up your natural red after this, use a red hair dye that you like but also that lifts as it deposit so you’ll get a nice lighter natural looking red. Sally’s can help you. I personally like one’n’only better then the color oops red box. By far superior and removes waaaaaaaay more color deposits on both permanent, semi permanent and even wash out.

  73. Hayoshi

    HayoshiПре 12 дана

    So this is not gonna lighten up only the old bleached areas ? It will lighten my whole hair ? Cuz i have ombre style and i want to get the crazy color out only keeping the rest of my normal hair as it is . So what do i use

  74. Coriana Howard

    Coriana HowardПре 12 дана

    OK, I’m wondering what this will do to my hair? I dyed it like three months ago with box hair dye and I wanna go blonde my color is faded a lot to a dark brown with a reddish tent.

  75. RI NA

    RI NAПре 12 дана

    I have black hair dye in I don't think that will ever get out. 😃

  76. Danielle Mero

    Danielle MeroПре 13 дана

    Okay I am confusion why add the shampoo and water into the bleach mixture when its pretty much bleaching with 20 vol with extra steps? Wouldn’t it be less damaging to just bleach with a 20 instead of adding shampoo to the mixture? Just trying to learn 😂

  77. Laura Johnson

    Laura JohnsonПре 13 дана

    Vitamin c is very hard on hair

  78. FindingHollywood

    FindingHollywoodПре 13 дана

    Is the bleach bath super damaging?

  79. jscicluna

    jsciclunaПре 13 дана

    Who's here cause they caused a bad lockdown hair dye ? Me 👐 😞 can I use use the bleach bath on super fine hair?? 😬 I can't loose my hair haha 😂 getting married on 14months if this pandemic goes away 🤣

  80. Ainsley Jordan

    Ainsley JordanПре 13 дана


  81. Ellie Ollenberger

    Ellie OllenbergerПре 13 дана

    Ok my comment on colour oops!! V important lol, so in my experience it works on blue but i had pink in my hair and it turned it pen ink blue

  82. Charlotte Claydon

    Charlotte ClaydonПре 14 дана

    Isn't 20 vol developer a lightener or are we reffering to the powder bleach?

  83. Lydia Wingfield

    Lydia WingfieldПре 14 дана

    literally my hair is STAINED BLUE and i’ve tried to dye over it but NOPEEEEE!!! i need my hairdressers open desperately so they can bleach bath it for mee :((

  84. Silver & Cold

    Silver & ColdПре 15 дана

    I have Kenra 4nua Demi permanent... it won’t go away! I would love to remove it because it is way darker than it says...

  85. victoria pizano

    victoria pizanoПре 15 дана

    does anyone know how much lightener, shampoo, 20 developer and water your suppose to mix together?

  86. Buronica Haney

    Buronica HaneyПре 15 дана

    How many parts for the bleach bath?

  87. sydney williams

    sydney williamsПре 16 дана

    ok but how to stop it from smelling so bad ???

  88. Halle Fisher

    Halle FisherПре 16 дана

    Im trying to put my hair back to blonde. I need help!

  89. gen vega

    gen vegaПре 16 дана

    Hi I've watched a few videos and the dish soap 2nd one you did everyone adds developer 10 to it. Does developer damage the hair?

  90. Lovely Doll Time

    Lovely Doll TimeПре 17 дана

    POV: You used Splat hair dye and are trying to remove it from your hair.

  91. Katelyn Vasquez

    Katelyn VasquezПре сат

    @Merve Erbil

  92. Merve Erbil

    Merve ErbilПре сат

    @Katelyn Vasquez I had to cut it and dye it dark but I won’t be dying my hair for a while I hope 😂 every time I say that I end up dying it. Also thank you that’s from the app called zepeto

  93. Katelyn Vasquez

    Katelyn VasquezПре сат

    ahhh plsss next time use manic panic or good dye young!!! they’re probably the best semi-permanent dyes out there imo. also nice pfp

  94. Egotistical

    EgotisticalПре 6 дана

    @Noctis Lucius Yeah, it doesn't look bad. The application was even and it's fading somewhat decently, but as a thespian I kinda need this out by summer and I've had it August

  95. Merve Erbil

    Merve ErbilПре 7 дана

    @Noctis Lucius I bleached it once and figured it wouldn’t take it off so I cut off much as I can and then I dyed it dark brown

  96. Monique Molina

    Monique MolinaПре 17 дана

    I’m so distracted because it’s crazy how much you look like Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries!!😳😱🤯🤯

  97. Emorek Sinclair

    Emorek SinclairПре 17 дана

    Listen!!! The last option worked perfectly fine!!! Thank you!!!

  98. Autumn kookie_

    Autumn kookie_Пре 17 дана

    I also heard that clarifying shampoo helps lighten/remove hair so would it work on permanent hair without damaging it much?

  99. Autumn kookie_

    Autumn kookie_Пре 17 дана

    Would these methods still work the same for permanent hair? I would like to remove my hair colour so I can go back to my natural colour and leave it bc I’m trying to grow my length and give it a good shine & softness but I want to find a way of removing hair colour in a way it doesn’t damage my hair. (I’m having a mental breakdown because I want my natural hair colour back) 💖💖

  100. Sammie Jeanne

    Sammie JeanneПре 17 дана

    here is me with blue hair, wanting to get rid of it and go ginger :/ whyYyYYYYyY

  101. Lydia Wingfield

    Lydia WingfieldПре 14 дана

    sameeeee :(

  102. Jewel Cox

    Jewel CoxПре 17 дана

    What if my hair has been bleached 2/3 times 🥲

  103. Alexia Luna

    Alexia LunaПре 17 дана


  104. Allan Tablante

    Allan TablanteПре 18 дана

    Lightener means bleaching powder how to mix 4 ingredients LIGHTENER " SHAMPOO " 20 VOL DEVELOPER " WATER

  105. Dakota Smith

    Dakota SmithПре 18 дана

    Would emergen c packets work for the vitamin c tablets?

  106. Anita Phradichith

    Anita PhradichithПре 18 дана

    I need to know the ratio for the last formula please and thank you.

  107. Olivia Viers

    Olivia ViersПре 2 дана


  108. florentia nicolaidou

    florentia nicolaidouПре 18 дана

    Because im confused what is the name of the last one?

  109. Daniela Nunez

    Daniela NunezПре 19 дана

    I used overtone and my hair is purple I want to cry

  110. Deneena Fulco

    Deneena FulcoПре 19 дана

    I did baking soda, 20 vol, purple shampoo, and blue Dawn dish soap and my purple was gone in 10 minutes!

  111. Nicolle Medeiros

    Nicolle MedeirosПре 19 дана

    ive used color oops or ion color temover (im not sure) and it worked on semi-permanent hair

  112. Ivonnes Doings

    Ivonnes DoingsПре 20 дана

    What happens is you do this to balayage and all over your head like all the hair.