Is Your Water Damaging Your Hair?

Hi Beautiful! Today we talk about the effects of hard water on your hair. This water can really do horrible things to your hair like make it overly greasy or frizzy as well as cause scalp irritation.
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  1. Amradye

    AmradyeПре 6 сати

    What was that sound? People just giving up 🤣

  2. Your fellow Kpop Stan

    Your fellow Kpop StanПре 4 дана

    Ohh this could be the problem. I do NOTHING with my hair, like literally I treat it like a baby but it’s hella damaged.

  3. Christine Gorbatuk

    Christine GorbatukПре 5 дана

    “I did school” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Alyssa Nguyen

    Alyssa NguyenПре 5 дана

    Me: swimming in chlorine everyday for an hour or two, bleached, box dyed at home MULTIPLE times, and died black again Also me: ITS THE DAMN WATER

  5. Elizabeth Willis

    Elizabeth WillisПре 9 дана

    When u live in London with fucking hard water

  6. Erica Williams

    Erica WilliamsПре 9 дана

    I’m on deployment and we have hard water and after I shampoo it mats my hair up I’m about to cry

  7. Hunter Coy

    Hunter CoyПре 10 дана

    My well water is QAUKINGGG

  8. Dark Wolf

    Dark WolfПре 11 дана

    Love your outfit.

  9. Oswin's Little Library

    Oswin's Little LibraryПре 11 дана

    Explains how I can go a week without washing my hair at uni and how it gets greasy within hours at home

  10. jade foy

    jade foyПре 14 дана

    Please answer me, what if you have well water????

  11. starry night 彡

    starry night 彡Пре 14 дана

    what perfect timing. my hair is all dry and frizzy now AND my skin got worse too ITS SO FRUSTRATING

  12. C Abba

    C AbbaПре 14 дана

    I just put my postcode into my water boards website to check my water type. Its hard water..🙄

  13. maria herndon

    maria herndonПре 15 дана

    So Brad had a question I had covid in December and it was horrible for me I was super sick. Anyway so one of the after effects its hair loss. Well I have thyroid problems and already had some hair loss but not bad. Well due to covid my hair has been falling out in chunks! In the morning, before and after the shower and while in the shower. I'm literally balling my eyes out of how much hair I've been losing. My doctor says they can't do anything I have to wait the 90 days it's past that and then some since the "so called effected stage of side effects should be done" I'm still having issues is there anything that I can do to help me save some of my hair and or help not fall out so badly or shampoo or treatments? I already take vitamins and biotin.... I just really need some help and ideas I'm just tired of barley touching my head or not and it iust falling out in chunks...😭😭😭

  14. caraleigh100

    caraleigh100Пре 16 дана

    Nietgdysgdjsikeygdysgdj... I don’t get it :(

  15. multispork

    multisporkПре 17 дана

    My long virgin hair was so borked by hard water that I was ready to flip out and take the clippers to it. Brittle and sticky and always a bit dirty. Dilute citric acid rinse fixed everything.

  16. Bobby Luna

    Bobby LunaПре 17 дана

    Omg where I moved in, my hair was falling out because of the water so thank you God for making this video

  17. Random Acts of Video

    Random Acts of VideoПре 18 дана

    I know my water isn't hard because the water softener fixes it :)

  18. Milou Nadine

    Milou NadineПре 18 дана

    Thanks that actually helped look it up in The Netherlands. Apparently it also causes skin irritation, so I am glad I know how to eliminate that too.

  19. kshuntley1980

    kshuntley1980Пре 22 дана

    Yes to most of these 😭😭

  20. kshuntley1980

    kshuntley1980Пре 22 дана

    They already tested it & it was hard. We have a softener they said but my hair is still thinning and greasy. Looking for a filtered shower head now!!

  21. Sabrina Leal

    Sabrina LealПре 24 дана

    I might have hard water lol

  22. Elizabeth Bennett

    Elizabeth BennettПре 25 дана

    Me, having only just realized my curly hair is getting ruined after moving into a house with hard water... I wonder if Brad has a video on this... Oh look 😂

  23. Miracle Rats

    Miracle RatsПре 25 дана

    I thought I had dandruff for the longest time. Just bought shampoo and conditioner for hard water last week and it’s already SO much better. Turns out my scalp was just dry from the hard water all along 🤦🏻

  24. Maria Rios

    Maria RiosПре 25 дана

    Hard water is so real...a filtered shower head is so necessary

  25. Neighborhood Jerk

    Neighborhood JerkПре 26 дана

    Thanks for this! Didn't realize what water type does to your hair!! Ah!! This video should have more views!

  26. firefly 1152

    firefly 1152Пре 26 дана

    Brad: Hard water is bad for your hair. Me with high ph and TDS in water : 😱😱😱😱😱 It's good for my fish, though lol

  27. LearnToTakeAJoke

    LearnToTakeAJokeПре 28 дана

    My hard water could kick your waters ass!! But in all seriousness, my water sucks balls!

  28. Tamara Iljegic

    Tamara IljegicПре 28 дана

    "I'm here today to unlock a new fear for you..fear of water" sorry to disappoint you but it is unlocked my whole life 😶

  29. chai teagacha

    chai teagachaПре 28 дана

    Oh shit I have hard water and my mom won't believe

  30. Beth S

    Beth SПре 28 дана

    It's not just hard water that can be damaging. Chlorine can also be really bad. I moved to a new country and my hair almost instantly turned to crap (brittle, dull and really frizzy), which confused me because the water here is suuuper soft - some of the softest in the world apparently. But they put a TON of chlorine in it. My shower literally smelt like a pool, it's gross. So I bought a chlorine filter and my hair still isn't perfect but it's MUCH better.

  31. Itz Mei

    Itz MeiПре 28 дана

    I get so many tangles in my hair after coming out of shower...

  32. Lyli McCarthy

    Lyli McCarthyПре 29 дана

    This video get a like right off the bat for “I did school but school did not do me”

  33. 76 7

    76 7Пре 29 дана

    I have extrem hard water and my scalp is so damaged I put cortison on it, wtf!

  34. Toadette I

    Toadette IПре 29 дана

    I just installed a water signer and filtration system myself and it’s the best thing I ever did! I have virtually no frizz

  35. Rachael M

    Rachael MПре 29 дана

    Lol... I have a 5 gal refill jug and a primo pump that's like $8... It's just so cold tho... But my hair instantly turns to hay if water or product is bad... I'm mean in seconds...

  36. Head fullofmusic

    Head fullofmusicПре месец

    i freaking hate it. every since ive moved my hair appear all flat and greasy and ihhhhh. literally tried chalating shampoos, mallibu c range (didnt help at all) and diy bakingpowder shampoo etc NOTHING helps and im so mad, because i just want my volumnious hair back. cant afford a softening system but has anyone got tips for a GOOD showerhead? thanks x

  37. Neha Sharma

    Neha SharmaПре месец

    i really had the nicest, silk-iest hair as a kid until I moved placed and the water was SO HARD there my hair got sooooo frizzy and damaged.. (practically burnt thread kinda damaged).. I've moved back a few years ago and they're better now but they still get so frizzy..i hate it ughh.. also the thinning is crazy..

  38. Tiffany Miner

    Tiffany MinerПре месец

    ok ok.OK. Brad you have gotten major respect from me, your dislike of coconut oil (a miracle ingredient I swear by) did have me questioning your knowledge but the fact that you just shared knowledge that I have only ever heard from trichologist RSclubr (Afobe Atoyebi- check her out she shares huge amount of knowledge based on science aimed at hair health not just how it looks which is what most stylists are focused on. She doesn't give much advice for us wavy haired girls out there because that's not her hair type- so that's why I go to Brad). I have been through a decent amount of hair people- through RSclub, blogs, to salons and they never told me and I guess rarely know this! Which is why Afobe completely changed my hair care regimen. She completely changed it. Since with wavy 2b-c hair I can go straight or curly easily, I find it much better to use heat using ways so that I have little to no heat damage followed by a period of going natural so give variation and make sure I'm not damagong my wave. I will definitely be trusting your advice more often because of this, Brad! Been watching your videos for a while and I finally subscribed!

  39. Isla-Florence James

    Isla-Florence JamesПре месец

    Is water damaging your hair My Poor flipping hair was died red then brown then black (and btw I started with black hair ) then purple holy shit purple and now silver and now I have stayed with blonde my Idol is BTS and I have no fucking idea how they get sooo nice hair idk idk Me: .... yes

  40. Aubrey Winchester

    Aubrey WinchesterПре месец

    Idk how to answer the first question my shower faucet is white

  41. Little Mrs

    Little MrsПре месец

    My water is white ffs This video is gold!

  42. Banana Monkey

    Banana MonkeyПре месец

    Me who has curly hair yes it’s frizzy I have hard water

  43. Eshita Goel

    Eshita GoelПре месец

    Brad: Im here to unlock a new fear for you today. The fear of water. Me, a Cancer, who's loved water before she could talk, who refused to get out of the ocean and who has had numbness and stress relieved only and only by water: Okaaayyy....

  44. Eshita Goel

    Eshita GoelПре месец

    Brad being sadistic to unlock a new fear us literally made my day today. Like that evil, sadistic smile was IMPECCABLE.

  45. Alaina Atk.

    Alaina Atk.Пре месец

    Now that I live almost an hour from my parents' house, I'm convinced that the water there was awful for my skin and hair. I always seem to break out when I visit.

  46. NightlyRowen Tree

    NightlyRowen TreeПре месец

    I put a filter on my shower head finally it did make a difference skin and hair less dry then again it was city water and I hate it 🙃smells like chlorine taste of it to so no surprise I guess 😅

  47. Jammazzing

    JammazzingПре месец

    I just love would be so much fun to hang out with!!!

  48. Tyler DePalmer

    Tyler DePalmerПре месец

    Omg when I saw the softening system I was so relieved bc I recognized it immediately as I have one in my basement

  49. Dora Popovici

    Dora PopoviciПре месец

    Brad has a Backstreet Boys hairstyle, took me through memory lane :))

  50. Oriana Parkinson

    Oriana ParkinsonПре месец

    Water softeners are great, but super expensive. Most people have hard water.

  51. Aidabelle Midcalf

    Aidabelle MidcalfПре месец

    He’s so straight but so gay at the same time. How?

  52. Ashley Vick

    Ashley VickПре месец

    We have a water softener and it changed my (hair) life!

  53. pale star 8

    pale star 8Пре месец

    Ugh I hate my hard well water SO much! Not only is it damaging my hair and making it so it will never grow, but it destroys any fish that I would like to own....😡 it's very frustrating.

  54. Purple Person

    Purple PersonПре месец

    I'm crying rn because I cut my hair. I love it but my mom said "it looks stupid and everything I do it to router her." So yeah

  55. marissacongusto

    marissacongustoПре месец

    Water softeners currently though are EXTREMELY wasteful of water unfortunately.

  56. Loveleen Kaur

    Loveleen KaurПре месец

    Lol the fact I recently did lab on hard water 😂😅

  57. cami

    camiПре месец

    “I did school but school didn’t do me” *PREACH*

  58. abbie miller

    abbie millerПре месец

    lol i live in Joliet, IL the water here is awful

  59. Brian Pickford

    Brian PickfordПре месец

    So your telling me....... I could have curly hair?

  60. Michaela Murphy-Martin

    Michaela Murphy-MartinПре месец

    Me hair is naturally blonde 😏

  61. Ellie Callahan

    Ellie CallahanПре месец

    Next up : is gorilla glue a good hair product?

  62. Kristinadk

    KristinadkПре месец

    That's funny, I just ordered a showerhead filter from amazon with added vitamin C. Installing it today (It was like 40 bucks) filters out chlorine and saves 30% of water (It's also beneficial for your skin)

  63. Head fullofmusic

    Head fullofmusicПре месец

    can yiu already tell a difference in your hair?

  64. Sarah Carter

    Sarah CarterПре месец

    Love this video because a lot of people do not realize that hard water (especially well water) ruins your hair. Those of us living in Florida, or by the coast, usually deal with a well for our water source. I purchased my home with a brand new well and it ruined my hair. Made it brassy, brittle, frizzy and just terrible. I ended up buying a whole water filter for the well for my home that filters out all the iron, magnesium, sulfur and other minerals. If you can't afford this then they make special shampoo for hard water, Malibu is a great brand. Also don't buy a shower head filter...sorry Brad but that won't do anything. 🙂

  65. Ekin Pınar Ayık

    Ekin Pınar AyıkПре месец

    me livin' w hard water since i was 7... maan i am losing hair for years. i could've make an new everest from all of the hair i've lost

  66. Alora Anderson

    Alora AndersonПре месец

    His face at 2:41 😂😂

  67. Darlyn Castillo

    Darlyn CastilloПре месец

    What about boiling your water ? 🤔🤔

  68. Gear Girl

    Gear GirlПре месец

    Hey Bradiful, love you, but do you REALLY want to know what’s in NYC water? Magic for bagel making, not magical for mental health...

  69. Green Teá

    Green TeáПре месец

    “Does your hair tangle easily?” My hair is tangled And tangled in my headphones 😅

  70. Krista S.

    Krista S.Пре месец

    Ugh I’ve had hard water in my house since I was born 😩 Bless you Brad. Thank you for saving my hair!

  71. Laurie Powell

    Laurie PowellПре месец

    Greetings Brad. Are you going to replenish stock of Forcefield Heat Shield, please, please? I am longing for it. Thank you, 👩🏻‍🎨❤️Laurie

  72. Sanam

    SanamПре месец

    Yes hard water is the worst, it makes ur hair so hard. Sadly we have this problem

  73. Desiree H

    Desiree HПре месец

    everyone in las vegas has been living this reality forever. our tap water has always been undrinkable (unless you like kidney stones) and almost everyone here has a water softener/filter out of necessity 😂

  74. Iqra Hussayn

    Iqra HussaynПре месец

    big up yorkshire water

  75. Jennifer Hartke

    Jennifer HartkeПре месец

    I have been dealing with this for 2 years been to 2 different drs and a dermatologist. They couldn't figure it out! You just lifted a huge weight🥺❤🙏thank you!!

  76. rachel vreeland

    rachel vreelandПре месец

    Helpful stuff ty!!!

  77. Kiri

    KiriПре месец

    Okay yeah. The water here in Okinawa, Japan makes your hair so nasty lol. This video is fantastic.

  78. Afia Amrin

    Afia AmrinПре месец

    i would say yes for everything .

  79. KenzieHurlock

    KenzieHurlockПре месец

    Brad I love your sweatshirt. I want one!

  80. KenzieHurlock

    KenzieHurlockПре месец

    My water suds up really easily. But customers complain about hard water all the time. So idk honestly. I just sell them hard water shampoo and don't ask questions.

  81. CandyPops

    CandyPopsПре месец

    We have a soft water treatment installed at my house, I'm good.

  82. Samantha De Manuel

    Samantha De ManuelПре месец


  83. Samantha De Manuel

    Samantha De ManuelПре месец

    everything except the ,last 4 except I feel like my hair did thin but I didn't notice bc my hairs thick < /3

  84. Lizzie Eames

    Lizzie EamesПре месец

    Oh no I live in south U.K. and the water is hard 😭😭

  85. RedOphelia 13

    RedOphelia 13Пре месец

    Hard water isn't just bad for your hair, its bad for your skin too. You want tight, super itchy skin no matter how much moisturizer you use? Hard water can do that for you. The town I live in currently doesn't have terrible water but its not the best either. Two towns over where I used to live had such hard Water that it easily measured twice as hard as the national average. Had thinning, frizzy hair with a dry, itchy scalp and my skin was the same as the scalp. It was a friggin nightmare for three years. Even though the water here us so-so hard, I use argan oil after and in between washings to help keep my hair from turning to straw and I also use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

  86. dreadthedays says

    dreadthedays saysПре месец

    Great... Now I am hydrophobic and aquaphobic lol My scalp is dry and awful and I get hives. Fml Hard water can mess up your kidneys... Learning the hard way.

  87. Anna Sarniak

    Anna SarniakПре месец

    Yes, where I live my household has hard water. 🥺🥺

  88. Faith Rightout

    Faith RightoutПре месец

    Yeah I’ve been had a filtered shower head. Huge difference. For my hair and skin

  89. Emmanuelle Schultze

    Emmanuelle SchultzeПре месец

    Hello Brad, First of I want to say how much I love your videos. There is definitely something that I learn from each video even if it doesn’t necessarily apply to me and my hair. I just watched you video on hard water. Which I do in fact have. Because where I live, we have water that comes from a well and you need a water softeners I break down the water, which we have. Would it be a good idea to have the additional water filter? Also what would you recommend buying salon hair masks? I do use a few products from Redken and I like them, do you think they’re a reputable brand and what masks would you recommend for them? Also is there any additional salon products that you would recommend for scalp care/hair growth that don’t have oil in them? Sorry for all the questions but I would appreciate your insights. All the best from a long time subscriber. ♥️✌🏼

  90. Madisyn O'Quinn

    Madisyn O'QuinnПре месец

    I get my hair colored dark brown and I feel like I’m completely wasting my money, because I go to wash my hair and it turns my hair to a auburn looking color within a few weeks. Finally getting a water filter and softener and I couldn’t be any happier. (Yes I know my hair color is red and my profile picture, but that was a couple months lol)

  91. Sarah MeijerS

    Sarah MeijerSПре месец

    Rod system? For the first one

  92. Kadie-Jo Thorpe

    Kadie-Jo ThorpeПре месец

    Legit all my problems are caused by hard water. I live in London England so I literally can’t escape hard water 🥲🤣

  93. Ashton Fiser

    Ashton FiserПре месец

    Me as someone who knows for a fact that my well water is hard water, and I’ve only been using hard well water all my life: ‘I’m here and ready to take all of the notes’

  94. dawn grantham

    dawn granthamПре месец

    Good god you are so funny 🤣 love the vid


    HEY STINKYПре месец

    I looked it up, and in my area I have very hard water :(

  96. Hannah King

    Hannah KingПре месец

    I’m so glad I found this because I moved and the house had hard water and it ruined my skin and hair 😭

  97. Coco Queen

    Coco QueenПре месец

    i have hard water 😭😭😭😭

  98. Musical Makenna

    Musical MakennaПре месец

    If I wash my hair at my dads then when it dries it’s dry and frizzy but at my moms it makes it smoother.

  99. sour lemon roll

    sour lemon rollПре месец

    lmao what -

  100. Ashley Wishon Moore

    Ashley Wishon MooreПре месец

    @bradmondo So I know I have very mineral rich water but we have a well. Which causes everything my water to stain... yes I said stain our sinks and bath tub. I have started suffering from serious tangling. That being said I have hella thick hair. Like I have a side shave and the length is pretty long. Probably low back length, and when I side part you literally can’t tell that the side is shaved. I constantly break the thick elastic hair ties . I was born into a family of cosmetologists my mom is a master stylist and thought for many years and my sister, niece and sister in law are all stylists and have inquired that I use good products. And my battle with my water has been terrible. Thanks for the tips!!! I’ll be looking into all of them!

  101. Carly Barnes

    Carly BarnesПре месец

    My hair just tangles realllllyyy bad like I can hardly brush it after the shower ! Any suggestions anyone products to use after the showers or new shampoo??


    MICHELLE COOKПре месец

    I answered yes to every question... I am doing all I can do for my thin hair, I knew growing up when I got to be the age I am now that my hair would be REALLY THIN...because my grandmom and mother have REALLY THIN hair~ like you can literally see thier scalp I knew it was just a matter of time. But the hard water I have where I live sure as hell isn't helping me none either... And through ALOT of wasted money,tears and trial & error, well I'm finally almost where my hair needs to be for what I have... I need to go get it trimmed but I am so scared that they will mess it up...I'm just shell shocked you might say... But the trick with thin hair and also having horrid hard water (it's literally the color of milk in a glass ~straight out of the faucet) The trick is to make sure you find a good shampoo/conditioner with lots of hydration in it...make sure its sulfate & Paraffin have to figure out what type of shampoo/conditioner works best for your hair...Like my friend she uses the OGX Renewing + Aragan Oil Products...but for me when I tried it, thats a hard No for me ~ it was like putting glue in my hair and the shit wasn't coming out . What I have found that works best for my hair believe it or not is the Main & Tail products + I take 2 Nature's own Hair, Skin & Nails gummies twice a day damaged (thanks to JCPenny's Salon 5 yrs ago~ we won't get into that~ still pisses me off like you just don't even wanna know, Let me just say hair was soft, healthy and down to my waist and when I went to the Salon to have them color my hair blonde (because I am mostly white grey with dark brown underneath~ yes that is my natural hair color), well I left with noodle fried hair broke off above my sholders) but now 5 yrs later my hair is soft ~ feels a bit thicker and it's almost healthy again & I'm no longer getting the blisters on my head when I wash my hair...And my hair is finally growing again... You have to eat healthy, take vitamins, find the right hair care products that work for you and IF you have HARD ass water like I do...yes you have to buy tons & tons of spring water to wash your hair's just alot of work on a daily basis...

  103. Ashley Reed

    Ashley ReedПре месец

    Whew! My college had hard water. My hair was sooo dry back then