Pro Hairdresser Tries Kristen Ess Target Box Dye (I'm Shocked)

Hi Beautiful! Today I tried a product I've been seeing all over the place. The Kristen Ess Gloss in a box. I was truly shocked at the results!
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  1. Superfastjellyfish

    SuperfastjellyfishПре 2 дана

    How do you recommend painting short hair? its kind of tough avoiding your roots

  2. Jessie Memmolo

    Jessie MemmoloПре 5 дана

    Watching him only wet one section gave me stress.

  3. Michelle Stillman

    Michelle StillmanПре 6 дана

    I dye my hair a burgundy red color! We all know red fades, did you happen to notice if there was something close to burgundy in tha product?

  4. echie19

    echie19Пре 7 дана

    What can I use to lighten my hair, besides bleach 😩

  5. Sdee Arista

    Sdee AristaПре 10 дана

    Don't agree guys, doesn't seem like an add. He's giving his critique! Love how he doesn't agree to shampoo and condition after as suggested in the box. A definite no no! Such a healthier option than a permanent option! And 14 bucks is way cheaper than a salon toning session!

  6. Sunshine

    SunshineПре 11 дана


  7. Skyla Jewell

    Skyla JewellПре 11 дана

    I need that spray bottle

  8. KrystalthePeach

    KrystalthePeachПре 16 дана

    everyone saying brad is a hypocrite for hyping up these products bc he hates box dye fails to realize that this is demipermanent like he said in the beginning which is completely different from the permanent box dye that brad hates.

  9. Randi Huckabee

    Randi HuckabeeПре 16 дана

    I usually clarify and then put the toner on. I get better color grab that way 🤗

  10. Nurul Aulia

    Nurul AuliaПре 18 дана

    Thanks for always calling us beautiful ❤️

  11. Kara Quigg

    Kara QuiggПре 20 дана

    How have you never tried Kristin Ess products??!???!!!!?????

  12. Danielle Davis

    Danielle DavisПре 24 дана

    I have virgin brown hair with white/grey hairs that have joined the party. I'm hesitant to use a permanent color in case I don't like it and I miss my white greys. Would this be a good option for me to "test" covering my greys? I'm not sure if a toner/gloss can cover them? Thank you! :)

  13. Madison Gorder

    Madison GorderПре 27 дана

    I have a hair stylist so I never do my hair at home, but still Stan these videos :)

  14. Monica Pasaribu

    Monica PasaribuПре 27 дана

    Box dyes? Oh come on

  15. duck telepathy

    duck telepathyПре 29 дана

    tbh I think this speaks more to a lack of research than anything. The colors are meant to be used to add tone and shine to already similar colors, so the before/after pictures on the back of the box being “practically the same” as each other is *the point*. If you have nearly black hair and use the dark neutral brown it would look like the picture on the box - almost black hair with slight brown tones. Using them all on light hair completely misrepresents the product by using it incorrectly. Brad does poorly researched “test” videos a lot though so this is to be expected at this point (ex: his henna video is horribly executed, despite the internet having TONS of accurate henna resources)

  16. Emily peterson

    Emily petersonПре месец


  17. Alisha Danning

    Alisha DanningПре месец

    Just bought a box and I have not box dyed my hair since I was 15. Been 18 years also Been in the salon sense! And my lady is amazing. Worth the $$$$ because I go very blonde

  18. Alex Hristova

    Alex HristovaПре месец

    First, I'm still not convinced is "the power of toner". I never used toner when I was blonde and it was fine. Second, I see in the comments people questioning if this is an undisclosed ad or not. Does it really matter? What I take away from these videos is not "what brad tells me to buy", but rather someone using a product on a wig, so that I don't damage my hair if I ever decide to try the product. If it turns out like shit, well at least wasn't on me. Take them as they are - an experiment that you didn't have to suffer through.

  19. Lexi Cleveland

    Lexi ClevelandПре месец

    You guys make it sound like he “loves” this, nah he admits it’s flaws.

  20. Lexi Cleveland

    Lexi ClevelandПре месец

    Used the shampoo and conditioner from them, the one in the orange bottle that’s supposed to be for every hair type. Good stuff, didn’t take all the color outta my hair

  21. Lora Dellinger

    Lora DellingerПре месец

    Have you tried Madison Reed hair color?

  22. Shauna Watson

    Shauna WatsonПре месец

    I toned my hair with the golden hour shade as a light brunette/ dirty blond and I really liked the warm tones it gave me, and it made my hair look and feel super soft! Only last about 1 month, I’m wanting to do it again!

  23. QueenJ316

    QueenJ316Пре месец

    Why are you so cute? I love your vibe and you have taught me so much about hair 💙 thank you

  24. Melissa Wurtz

    Melissa WurtzПре месец

    Would you ever do a Narcissa Malfoy look? ps luv u k bai

  25. Britt

    BrittПре месец

    I had to stop using her products some had squalene in them which is shark liver oil. There's a vegan version but I never got a response whether it was vegan or not. We need our sharks in our water not in our products. Remember cruelty free does not mean vegan.

  26. AxylGrimmRPG

    AxylGrimmRPGПре месец

    Dont be disappointed with how the blonde turned out, you didnt wet down the other 3 sections (other than the black). So much for following rules Brad 😂

  27. katherine harley cp

    katherine harley cpПре месец

    Totally not sponsored

  28. Stephanie Boross

    Stephanie BorossПре месец

    I absolutely love Kristen Ess products. I tried this gloss and I used it wrong... lmao. I didn’t add it onto wet hair, however it still looked amazing! My only complaint was the scent. Super strong. But hair is super glossy after! I have black dyed hair and I love using this mostly for the ends of my hair that fade fast as I’m a ginger. You need to have the same color as the gloss. I never use on regrowth.

  29. HeartsideMakeup

    HeartsideMakeupПре месец

    I tried the blonde gloss too last year and i wasnt impressed. but i didnt know there were more shades! I will certainly get the plum one, its so pretty!!!

  30. chy b

    chy bПре месец

    You’d have better results with purple shampoo than that platinum toner honestly:/ definitely disappointing, but the other ones are stunning!

  31. opineso fine

    opineso fineПре месец

    Us stylists will be on stand by to help fix ur box gloss 😎 Stop advertising things we learned were bad in school brad, hair is our passion not brand deals 🤷‍♀️

  32. Martin Temptweed

    Martin TemptweedПре месец

    dark brown is almost black lol it is a lvl 3 and you got lvl6 with it

  33. tabbycat95

    tabbycat95Пре месец

  34. Eva Freeman

    Eva FreemanПре месец

    So... he was sponsored or paid by these box dyes right?

  35. losa angelas

    losa angelasПре месец

    The nine piano postnatally puncture because point concordantly employ plus a acoustic authorisation. ill-informed, fabulous belief

  36. Kristen

    KristenПре месец

    Can you do more colors from this line please?

  37. Sierra Larson

    Sierra LarsonПре месец

    Omg Brad you didn’t wet the other ones either

  38. Sierra Larson

    Sierra LarsonПре месец


  39. Arielle Binette

    Arielle BinetteПре месец

    Please I would love your honest opinion on Monat hair care products.

  40. Alicja M

    Alicja MПре месец

    Could you then in fact use a 10 volume with a permanent hair colour?

  41. Chloe white

    Chloe whiteПре месец

    How so you get it if you Don't live the United States

  42. Alexa T

    Alexa TПре месец

    I'm getting mermaid vibes from your hair and it's fantastic im so here for it

  43. jamiers1985

    jamiers1985Пре месец

    Brad. Officially starting the new quad color trend.

  44. Marissa Grimes

    Marissa GrimesПре месец

    so , back in like june/july i used one of these ( i didn’t know it was a gloss until after ). i had done the instructions to a t. the next day i ended up going to lake and got my hair wet and showered after and it had all washed out.

  45. Victoria Berryhill

    Victoria BerryhillПре месец

    When did Brad get excited over box dye. I am sorry but I will not be buying that ever.

  46. Elizabeth Nalbandian

    Elizabeth NalbandianПре месец

    I see you're gaining haters Brad. They must be mad that you've made it. ❤️

  47. omega2k_Vegan

    omega2k_VeganПре месец

    Brad, your apron is EVERYTHING! I want one👍🏼

  48. Jennifer Mcgill

    Jennifer McgillПре месец

    That campaign pic of you at the end! With the blue hair and yellow light..fuckin sexy as hell! JE-SUS!!! Love you!

  49. Coochie Man

    Coochie ManПре месец

    Brad mondo creating a hair trend with 3 splits

  50. trxpical

    trxpicalПре месец

    Brad can you use a curly haired mannequin one day and show the box dye on that???

  51. Cute Dinosaur

    Cute DinosaurПре месец

    can u do a video on how to get rid of layers Pls like so Brad can see cause I seriously need help

  52. MerBlade

    MerBladeПре месец

    I wonder how long it lasts & how easy it is to come out since it’s a “toner” also I feel like a disclaimer should be made to those people who have greys because we all know only permanent color will cover grey. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  53. Michelle Bellefeuille

    Michelle BellefeuilleПре месец

    I will let you recreate Manny’s looks on my head and be your personal model. If u see this ofc tell someone they’re beautiful today

  54. Allie Rosenberg

    Allie RosenbergПре месец

    You should make a bleach or natural colors

  55. Blue_Lunar

    Blue_LunarПре месец

    Hey I used a box dye that said semi-permanent. That dye stayed in my hair for 8 months. I kid you not, 8 months. So I don't really understand what happened. Please help me Brad Mondo!

  56. Kiki Dance

    Kiki DanceПре месец

    I think it would be a great idea for him to react people going from black to yellow lol

  57. Lisa Liza

    Lisa LizaПре месец

    Unsubscribed you over this

  58. Αθηνα Μουταφη

    Αθηνα ΜουταφηПре месец

    How long does demi permanent hair dye stay?

  59. Heidi Scaccianoce

    Heidi ScaccianoceПре месец

    I hope someone tells you “hello beautiful” as often as you say it to us. Much love xx

  60. Tosha Renee

    Tosha ReneeПре месец

    Please give me a makeover. Manny quin looks better than me rn 😭🥺.

  61. Dominique S Gallo

    Dominique S GalloПре месец

    Anyone try this on textured hair? Would love to revamp my look

  62. Shannon Hennessey

    Shannon HennesseyПре месец

    AS SOMEONE WHO HAS ACTUALLY USED THIS**** this does not change your hair color, it tints/removes brassiness and adds shine!!!! your hair needs to be wet!!!! it is an IN SHOWER GLOSS it does not stick to virgin hair well!!!! it will cling to pre-existing color and not your roots!!!!!! this is actually a great product for in between colors, but it is meant to tone, not change your hair color so it will look nothing like the box unless you have the same starting hair color as the back of the box!!!!

  63. Brittany Bozard

    Brittany BozardПре месец

    I feel the way the mannequins face looks like when it comes to all of these box dies. Those fell super flat. I honestly thought the mistake of not wetting the other sections might work to his advantage but none of these came out anywhere near what the box looks like.

  64. Amber Syring

    Amber SyringПре месец

    Wish I had the push to make me do that pink or purple of his especially because my hair is severely damaged from lifting it that I ended up having to cut 11 1/2 inches off of my hair! Help brad mondo!!!

  65. Sarah Hardesty

    Sarah HardestyПре месец

    I really appreciate how you explain things. I don't know much about different hair products/dyes and you explain it very well!

  66. Confidently Captivated

    Confidently CaptivatedПре месец

    Did this on my hair and my hair is looking fabulous! Deep rich dark brown and my baby lights are warm lighter golden brown. I’m in love. I did two boxes. I stacked them.

  67. anas Jehad

    anas JehadПре месец

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  68. clem fandango

    clem fandangoПре месец

    aren’t you supposed to say when you’re advertising something lmao sketchy af

  69. Sanem Y.

    Sanem Y.Пре месец

    This is so sponsored brad why not just say it 😭😭 say that ur gonna give it a try and that ur gonna be real about what u feel about it i bet they would still pay you 🚪🚶🏽‍♀️

  70. Serana Marie

    Serana MarieПре месец

    Jesus loves you and anyone reading this! You are wonderfully made! God bless and stay safe

  71. Kaerwynne

    KaerwynneПре месец

    I would love a video like this for gray hair! Testing various colors or color brands on natural gray hair. My mom is all gray and has enjoyed being adventurous with crazy colors - She's currently rocking purple :) Whatever advice you would have for doing all-over color for natural gray hair would be so educational!

  72. Casey Cronan

    Casey CronanПре месец

    Woah, your hair looks amazing. Bravo!

  73. Zenia the Veteran

    Zenia the VeteranПре 2 месеца

    that would be fun to have 4-tone hair like the model :) I might try that

  74. Emily Adkins

    Emily AdkinsПре 2 месеца

    Brad you should test these color shampoos out!

  75. Hippy Girl

    Hippy GirlПре 2 месеца

    Wait I’m confused by everyone thinking this is an undisclosed ad, he said the blonde looked beautiful but he was disappointed in it?? He made multiple critical points against it. Also everyone has affiliate links in their description box’s lmao

  76. Bri Inezzz

    Bri InezzzПре 2 месеца

    @Bradmondo, there’s something I’m curious about. First off Merry Christmas!!🎄But... do you re-do Miss Manequin’s hair after every color you try out on her or do you have an arsenal of Miss Manequin’s hidden in your house? 😅😅

  77. H O'Claray

    H O'ClarayПре 2 месеца

    No love for the off-camera voice. 🙄 STFU

  78. Cait Hawkins

    Cait HawkinsПре 2 месеца

    Personally I like this product for touching up an existing color rather than for a new color

  79. noonecares123

    noonecares123Пре 2 месеца

    i used this and it works but i used the black one and I still gave it on my hair . If your hair is porous be careful because it will dye your hair.

  80. Yvonna L

    Yvonna LПре 2 месеца

    I love the kristen ess toner! They do a great job of toning the red out of my hair!

  81. LT Hines II

    LT Hines IIПре 2 месеца

    He has a great black to blonde video

  82. Liza Giangrande

    Liza GiangrandeПре 2 месеца

    PLEEEASE try the pink temporary tint by Kristen Ess!!!

  83. Anna Alexandra

    Anna AlexandraПре 2 месеца

    Yas! Now that this is Brad Mondo approved, I am getting it. Thank you for the review! Also, you should create this kind of product yourself, but with more and more accurate colour results.

  84. The Artsy Panda

    The Artsy PandaПре 2 месеца

    Im not sure if you'll see this...but i want to lighten my hair and cant afford to go t a salon right now. I have a black box dye over a previous bleach and dye job that was done professionally and faded(had to dye my hair to a normal color for my job). Im scared to bleach it again, especially by myself bc of the previous bleaching and dying. The pink and purple werent lifted from my hair before dying black. I was wondering if you have any tips

  85. 100widzy

    100widzyПре 2 месеца

    Also its $30 on Amazon .....

  86. 100widzy

    100widzyПре 2 месеца

    This is so weird because has always disclosed his sponsored videos...... Well Brad not stating something is an ad is illegal now

  87. Emily Halvorsen

    Emily HalvorsenПре 2 месеца

    I use the conditioner of this brand and love it! So definitely will check out the toner when my color fades :)

  88. symvevo

    symvevoПре 2 месеца

    I created a new channel, can you support me by watching have a nice day ^^

  89. Tracy

    TracyПре 2 месеца

    Noooo you sold out dude!

  90. Embellished by Sara

    Embellished by SaraПре 2 месеца

    I might be picking up one for myself since my hair turned orange after a balayage.

  91. Paddy Edward C

    Paddy Edward CПре 2 месеца

    I find out Walmart also carries Kristen Ess’s hair products and hair colour gloss

  92. BabeRuthless007

    BabeRuthless007Пре 2 месеца

    I've literally been waiting for you to review these to buy and try

  93. Natalie Sternlicht

    Natalie SternlichtПре 2 месеца

    you forgot to wet the hair...

  94. Hannah Starke

    Hannah StarkeПре 2 месеца

    do you think the copper color would wash out of medium blonde virgin hair? asking for me, a medium-blonde who has always wanted some red tones

  95. Jenna Lakes

    Jenna LakesПре 2 месеца

    Help how do I get red tones out of my auburn hair without making it darker

  96. Amber Abbott

    Amber AbbottПре 2 месеца

    I think the platinum might be for naturally grey hair which might have some yellow tones? Not a stylist but have that yellowish grey that never blends or tones well

  97. Grace Williams

    Grace WilliamsПре 2 месеца

    I started using her whole hair line from Target and I love it. Not even going to lie. It's good stuff. Do a review on her purple shampoo! It's top notch.

  98. Sara

    SaraПре 2 месеца

    You and your videos always make me happy you are such a special person and talented keep going and smile you deserve the happiness 💕❤️💕❤️ .

  99. Michaela Ivy

    Michaela IvyПре 2 месеца

    12/21:20 I did the gloss and I am not crazy about it I got the Topax brown to tone done my brassyness from doing stupid bleaching during lockdown lol my hair is shinny but not crazy about it thanks Brad

  100. junobull

    junobullПре 2 месеца

    wait your hair is teal now! its so pretty