Pro Hairdresser Tries to Follow A Highlighter Hair Coloring Tutorial

Hi Beautiful! Today I try to follow a highlighter hair color tutorial and it was HARD. It definitely didn't come out how i desired that's for sure.

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  1. Aria Burke

    Aria BurkeПре 12 сати

    I've done this before, or mabey it was a different tutorial. But it worked! I used orange tho.

  2. taste the rainbow

    taste the rainbowПре 13 сати

    sharpie highlighters are not bright at all lol

  3. Jada Unknown

    Jada UnknownПре дан

    The whole pink, yellow, green colour scheme kind of gives off a watermelon vibe. 👀 :) me randomly starts singing watermelon sugar..

  4. Sydney Knox

    Sydney KnoxПре 3 дана

    His chuckle SENDS me!!😂 brad I love youuuu🥺🥺❤️

  5. vandana beekie

    vandana beekieПре 3 дана

    Why does her hair look like the joker and his girl

  6. Bee Tastik

    Bee TastikПре 4 дана

    I need that prince Albert necklace!

  7. Piglet The Gecko

    Piglet The GeckoПре 4 дана

    Conspiracy theory: Brad is being forced to do this which is why we don’t see who is behind the camera and Brad is going insane

  8. Shailyn Kromm

    Shailyn KrommПре 5 дана

    I’ll just say this Mackenzie is a liar that wants attention

  9. Lucy Lestrange

    Lucy LestrangeПре 5 дана

    0:55 the little laugh omL-

  10. Lucy Lestrange

    Lucy LestrangeПре 5 дана

    0:53 *

  11. Hennessy

    HennessyПре 6 дана

    Love you kenzie

  12. Bubble tea

    Bubble teaПре 6 дана

    It should be ok I ate a sharpie before and I'm perfectly fine

  13. Ella Davis

    Ella DavisПре 7 дана

    It might be cuz you left it for 1 hour

  14. Ss.x 1

    Ss.x 1Пре 7 дана

    I think it doesn’t work beacause it’s not real hair

  15. Cristina Hemlin

    Cristina HemlinПре 7 дана

    Haha love when you talk, you're so funny!! 💖

  16. Lana Mason

    Lana MasonПре 8 дана

    Maybe leave it on for like 3 hours

  17. Doris St.Ville

    Doris St.VilleПре 8 дана

    That's so funny . proceeds to smack the dummy

  18. Sharose h

    Sharose hПре 8 дана

    This doesnt look safe. Wouldnt that color seep into your head? And she could have gotten the sAme colors from regular dyes

  19. jessica bower

    jessica bowerПре 8 дана

    when he doesn't do it from the bottom up 😳

  20. Trinity G

    Trinity GПре 9 дана

    I rilly like the pink... I think it's cute!!

  21. 1295candi

    1295candiПре 10 дана

    So did she just lie and use real dye?

  22. Naomi Williams

    Naomi WilliamsПре 11 дана

    Next thing you know they’ll be doing the same thing with glow sticks

  23. Kenma Kozume

    Kenma KozumeПре 11 дана

    This is 13 minutes and 19 seconds of Brad Going crazy

  24. Taylor Snow

    Taylor SnowПре 11 дана

    "Just regular poisoning i guess" i cackled

  25. Isolde Rayman-Moore

    Isolde Rayman-MooreПре 11 дана

    idk why i thought he was gonna do it to himself BKFASHFKJKJ

  26. Sunshine

    SunshineПре 11 дана


  27. Sydney S

    Sydney SПре 11 дана

    8:03 oh yes i ham

  28. Sydney S

    Sydney SПре 11 дана

    0:53 i don't know what this is but it's kind of relatable in a weird way. just me? thought so

  29. Anoud Sahlawi

    Anoud SahlawiПре 11 дана

    At first, i genuinely thought he was going to try it on his own hair.

  30. iiistarxsiii

    iiistarxsiiiПре 11 дана

    Red failed into orange she did yellow faded into blue

  31. ImSoLament

    ImSoLamentПре 12 дана

    “I have knife.” 😂 He’s so innocent.

  32. Tia Babcock

    Tia BabcockПре 12 дана

    i did my hair half neon green and half black before and for the green, i used sharpies and conditioner and it lasted like 9 months and it could have gone more but i dyed it. My main point is maybe it just works on different kinds of hair

  33. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon JungkookПре 13 дана

    The pink looks fucking Cute-

  34. Annette Canales

    Annette CanalesПре 13 дана

    Ok but why does the end result look nice.. like only half of your hair dyed looks nice

  35. Cosplay Couch

    Cosplay CouchПре 13 дана

    Okay but why did it turn out like a really pretty peppermint haircolor?

  36. Alexandra Georgiana

    Alexandra GeorgianaПре 13 дана

    She probably put real colour in it

  37. Anushka

    AnushkaПре 13 дана

    Wow I loved the pink colour

  38. Adriana Najera

    Adriana NajeraПре 15 дана

    Those pants though those are on lit


    SARAH GAMBINOПре 16 дана

    Me sniffing a toxic lake be like I LoVE tOxInS!?


    SARAH GAMBINOПре 16 дана

    Why do you remind me of derpslurp... Idk lol

  41. Katie Johnson

    Katie JohnsonПре 16 дана

    How did she MacKenzie get this to work? Lol

  42. Katie Johnson

    Katie JohnsonПре 16 дана

    Maybe try a hairdryer on low on cool? Instead of blowing yourself?

  43. Brookie Cookie

    Brookie CookieПре 17 дана

    I highlight recommend not doing this

  44. Heather Gibb

    Heather GibbПре 17 дана

    Reminds me of Harley Quinn hair in a way.

  45. Sunflower .x Roblox

    Sunflower .x RobloxПре 18 дана

    I think it isn’t working on the other colors bc it didnt garb that much and maybe it will grab more on real hair bc if this is plastic hair u should try real to see wut will happen

  46. Jade Flanagan

    Jade FlanaganПре 18 дана

    The pink is so pweeettty 🥺

  47. mamabear0282

    mamabear0282Пре 20 дана

    That's disappointing. Those colors would have been cute if it worked.

  48. stxrrymxddie

    stxrrymxddieПре 20 дана

    you're so funny- *bops head*



    Brad talking to the mannequin is just so freakin' cute 😍♥️💓😍🥰

  50. minay

    minayПре 20 дана

    0:52 i can't stop replaying this part omg help he's so cute. 😭

  51. Rose Taylor

    Rose TaylorПре 20 дана

    Okay but for sure that pastel pink split ish dye is like.....really pretty. Just don't use highlighter sis 🤣

  52. Lauren Crawford

    Lauren CrawfordПре 21 дан

    Interesting.. my hair was the same colour and I used Seaglass by PulpRiot..

  53. Sil Kiv

    Sil KivПре 22 дана

    Brad having a mental breakdown like 3 times throughout the whole video is my new favourite thing

  54. Rebeca Alejandra Salgado Sánchez

    Rebeca Alejandra Salgado SánchezПре 23 дана

    imma try that.. my mom will kill me, but... Life's too short...

  55. Conlie Carter

    Conlie CarterПре 23 дана

    “ your so funny!!” *smacks forehead* Me: no more hair salons for me


    COOKIES ROOKIESПре 24 дана

    Love you brad, you're amazing

  57. fun with Naomi

    fun with NaomiПре 24 дана

    you dont have to blow just pinch and it will fall right out

  58. Destiny Skaggs

    Destiny SkaggsПре 24 дана

    OMG he should try Mr.Sketch!!

  59. Black Cat

    Black CatПре 24 дана

    I'm inspired to buy a wig and dye it crazy colors like this. I have an idea in mind...

  60. Wolf-Chan 207

    Wolf-Chan 207Пре 25 дана

    Him talking to his dolls is the same as me cussing and yelling at inanimate objects

  61. Prescallo

    PrescalloПре 25 дана

    Should've put it under a blacklight so it'd glow

  62. Phersephøn Nølthstin

    Phersephøn NølthstinПре 26 дана

    I haven't watched the video yet but I can already tell you that this is going to work since this is actually an old trick for dying wigs for drag queens and cosplay but I would not at all recommend doing it on your actual hair

  63. Jasmine Here

    Jasmine HereПре 26 дана

    Omg the pink side just reminds me of jungkook 💜😂

  64. Papi Chulo999

    Papi Chulo999Пре 26 дана

    So how long does the highlight stay in.

  65. Papi Chulo999

    Papi Chulo999Пре 26 дана

    I love how you talk to your manakins.

  66. Papi Chulo999

    Papi Chulo999Пре 26 дана

    Emma sound like such a helpful person. So good job you and Emma.

  67. Isuri Weerawickrama

    Isuri WeerawickramaПре 28 дана

    I hope Miss Mannequin is okay....

  68. Gillian Powell

    Gillian PowellПре 28 дана

    She probably looked at it when it was done and sed you know what this didn’t work let’s get some die and Pretend that it was highlighter. lol 😂

  69. mushroom kombat

    mushroom kombatПре 28 дана

    you ain’t ever see two best friend dye their hair alway one of them gotta be lying

  70. Heidi’s Hair World

    Heidi’s Hair WorldПре 29 дана

    It’s the him talking to the dummy for me 🤣🤣🤣

  71. Alisa Sali

    Alisa SaliПре 29 дана

    Is it up to me or Brad is just not geting old... Hahaha man.. I was watching old videos, but he is the same... Hey beautiful - Wts your secret?-

  72. Keilani Lopez

    Keilani LopezПре 29 дана

    Watermelon hair 🍉

  73. Katsumi Bakugo

    Katsumi BakugoПре месец

    It reminds you of high lighter- that’s so funny *SMACK*

  74. # FancyFox78

    # FancyFox78Пре месец

    I want this man to do my hair.

  75. johan mostert

    johan mostertПре месец

    Oh no here we go yay

  76. Anusha Vibhakar

    Anusha VibhakarПре месец

    Hey didn’t tell me how pretty I was SCANDAL jk I just pay attention to ridiculous things

  77. sofia rapanaki

    sofia rapanakiПре месец

    Omg when he said "how will your brother know?" If james is watching this, he is probobly crying right now🙃💀😂

  78. green tea

    green teaПре месец

    Omg he punched it 🤣🤣🤣

  79. Ginger Morris

    Ginger MorrisПре месец

    I learned this while experimenting with markers, you can use a syringe to suck up air and blow the ink out. IT WORKS!!

  80. Binta Camara

    Binta CamaraПре месец

    Did ya notice how uneven her lashes were or is it just me😂😭😭😭

  81. HADY 88

    HADY 88Пре месец

    Ink’s ink poisoning.💀

  82. MC DC

    MC DCПре месец

    Brad: Pink never fails me Also Brad when reviewing himself a few vlogs after: Why do I keep using pink on me

  83. MC DC

    MC DCПре месец

    I thought it’ll turn out Harley Queen-ish if the colors worked. Haha

  84. MC DC

    MC DCПре месец

    0:53 I love that chuckle 😂

  85. Annoar97

    Annoar97Пре месец

    I'll see you tomorrow. *throws the head away* 😂

  86. R start

    R startПре месец

    His expression and eyes remind me of ian somerhalder

  87. Tanushree Varma

    Tanushree VarmaПре месец

    First i thought he has 6 thousand followers then when i checked again 6 mill Oml

  88. Evan King

    Evan KingПре месец

    Whenever he says hi beautiful my gayness goes :O GASP

  89. Evan King

    Evan KingПре месец

    Random question but are the straights ok

  90. cing muang

    cing muangПре месец

    Brad is lowkey buff🖤

  91. Kelley Salvo

    Kelley SalvoПре месец

    Brad. I have knife Me. Oh ok your doing this 😂

  92. Jaycon_Joybirb7330

    Jaycon_Joybirb7330Пре месец

    6.66m subs!?!?!

  93. Kayla-Marie Cohen

    Kayla-Marie CohenПре месец

    Maybe it didn't work because of the consistency of the hair? Idk what the hairs made of but if its synthetic it may not work as well...?

  94. Sarah Smile

    Sarah SmileПре месец

    "I'm going to be here all day blowing stuff" Brad's face 😏

  95. Doodle

    DoodleПре месец

    The way he pronounces mannequin really disturbs me.

  96. Maryann Monse

    Maryann MonseПре месец

    She used suave conditioner

  97. Brooklyn Blair

    Brooklyn BlairПре месец

    I want him to do one with the good smelling mr sketch markers. plz!

  98. Brianna Dixon

    Brianna DixonПре месец

    53 seconds in that laugh tho

  99. LBuggy

    LBuggyПре месец

    Ngl with it before washing looks like the highlighters for the book fair

  100. Danni Essig

    Danni EssigПре месец

    I mean I love her but why🤣❤🤙

  101. Plants Homie

    Plants HomieПре месец

    Omg how do I have to cut my hair like the doll 🥵